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  1. In my view, Bitcoin has given way to a lot of easy income because I think the world may be illegally accepting it or the government is not accepting it, but I think there may be more days left when there is a time for compliance online. Maybe Bitcoin will be needed , I think the government may accept these cryptocurrencies, or it may take a while, but maybe in the future.
  2. I think Bitcoin has just begun its journey, there is still a long way to go, it will go a long way, maybe a lot of people will do a lot with a little currency, or some other currency to do something else I think is a little more expensive and most current in the current world. The popular currency will be in my view, and the best part is controlling the bitcoin Most market cap holding ripto industry is very advanced and secure technology kareecharao to manage it, using chain blocks ,,
  3. It is possible for you to always protect yourself against hackers or scams. You should give your password very carefully to your website or wallet's password. Do not tell your passwords to anyone else. Do you have your wallet private or do you have important information documents? You are very secure in your purse Keep aliti,
  4. We may have no control over the scams or we may not be able to hand them over, but we can do one thing, before buying a coin you must understand and buy your wallet password very strong, your wallet private key on any site. Do not paste you have to be aware,
  5. Now maybe there is some problem with cryptocurrency in India but I think the way this cryptocurrency is moving forward I think India will start thinking ahead and I think the people of India will probably start to use it a little bit because when they see the good aspects. Then it will definitely start to use
  6. We usually do business with coins. These coins probably do us a lot of good. Sometimes I get a lot of money from them. We will invest in this website coinmarketcap for our good and for that we will understand and understand what this currency is good for. Eche a web site you can learn about them-understand that you knowingly exploit your money on coins of the currencies of some of these, but you may be able to earnings
  7. Quantum Computer That, of course, seems reasonable to me because if this computer is launched then it may be possible to produce BTC or Bitcoin in the future, or that we may or may not use Bitcoin mining or may even do Bitcoin mining very well. Maybe this new Quantum Computer is coming,,
  8. Yes of course it says right now India has banned the Kipta currency but I think they or they have a plan to create their own currency or maybe they are preparing to make their own currency. Maybe they will, by their rules, give me some of their new currency Getting Here
  9. We know what they usually do is they always know one thing that cryptocurrency is that you should always be in research, it is very important to stay in research because if you refrain from investing some money then your loss is inevitable. You have to do that and you have to run the type of things you need to do and when you see which currency rate prices have come down, You should also buy it because the next time you raise prices, you can sell them and you can make some money, so you can definitely benefit.
  10. In this modern age cryptocurrency world, the most allowable thing is that there are many people who deal with trading and require a lot of patience energy, but it seems that losing this patience might cause them to lose a lot or maybe they leave here in the middle of the night. They could have made a lot of money towards it, but without doing it, they would give it rice Using Rancy may be why I think endurance becomes the biggest obstacle in this cryptocurrency world.
  11. The thing that seems to me to be is that some of the perpetuity may change, now that we are using cryptocurrencies or maybe other systems in the days ahead, these coins may be used by other systems but in my view. Looks like there might be a new outlook We will be more digital or maybe even more advanced then we will not be able to accept our new generation as a new currency or then,
  12. I think this is the future of the day, good on the front because year after year, month after month is getting better or prices are going up. I think the year ahead can be like $ 500, I think.
  13. Yes this is good news because it is definitely going to be profitable to buy BTC, you buy this opportunity maybe you can see a lot of profits in the year ahead.
  14. I think this bitcoin will look very nice in the years ahead, maybe we will be very happy yes twelve hundred dollars is not something or maybe $ 14 ,000 -15,000 this bitcoin is optimistic we will see.
  15. Yes I want it but yes new coins should be good coins so as not to be a scam currency, many people will do a lot of damage after the scandal comes into the market I hope so that new coins are released but they are good so that people benefit. People can make some money,,
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