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  1. When I use my own money to trade, I usually maintain minimum amount of my capital that equal to 5% , so I dont even have many risks for losing money and also i can use stop lose that may help me more.
  2. According to crypto market supplies right now, I think that is not possible for bitcoin to achieve that goal in less than 10 years, it needs huge number market exchangers or relativly more money.
  3. I really agree with you but also adding some advices such as choosing or creating you own way to build strong strategy for you self by developing tools used in trading.
  4. In my opinion, for the past years before rising of bitcoin, It was a goal or aim like a dream for bitcoin to reach even 1$ or more so now there is a chance for doge to enter the race between crypto currencies to become the best with the help of market exchanging conditions.
  5. I just look at title of topic and post i answer on instead of i got mistake of writing on non related posts, by this way i make it easier to answer others questions in the right place
  6. As crypto currencies are acceptable for trading, paying for goods or products online instead of fiat currencies, there is a need to use crypto in sharing some money with chariy online as an easy way to give money
  7. I can do most of jobs that depend on knowing more things about financial projects or online jobs because I have more experience on that specific work in crypto.
  8. Faucets are not for sure a waste of time.That depending on working in them as much as you can, I already tried them but i didn't get a lot money because I have no time plus little profit from it.
  9. I think bitcoin will take other way to reach 13000$ that is very expected nowadays , but not difficult to be down before correcting the price for going up again due to unstability.
  10. Iam not facing this problem right now but we are trying to do our best to make useful crypto world by co operate with each other and not to write useless posts or topics those wa are not benefiting from them
  11. watching dogecoin going up according to conditions of exchanging is very impressive. Maybe dogecoin will rise up in upcoming days but also have many challenges & resistance to break Its price.
  12. Thinking to use crypto currencies in your life always have some risks according to type of this currency, Its program and Its popularity so that is what you have to know, however most of crypto currencies are acceptable to be safe to use . Thats a new future.
  13. 3n4r79sjc - Thanks to Yobit exchange and CryptoTalk forum for the opportunity to earn money for each message!
  14. They May be safe or not exactly because some of them are greatly trusted such as blockchain and my etheruim wallet. But also some are not so much safe because they maybe new or not easy for us to use. So offline wallets or hard wallets are the exception they are very good to use now
  15. No, there is not any reason to be dead. Mining farms are still working properly. There isn't any problem causing mining process to be stopped. There is a competition between crypto miners to win block prizes. So they benefit from this process all the time.
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