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  1. I could not tell you what percentage of airdrop is real, I will explain to you there comes a time when airdrops become fashionable again and you see airdrops and airdrops everywhere! And the vast majority of airdrops are scam, my recommendation is to read about these projects, who is behind it, check their social networks and those who follow who publish and so you will have an idea of this airdrop
  2. A good faucet is "freebitcoin" it pays little but it is safe, there is also a kind of Lottery. In YOBIT you can also earn some coins in the "FreeCoins" section and it is very reliable! I hope I could have helped you.
  3. From the beginning I will tell you that it is USEFUL, very USEFUL! I started in 2015. I recommend that you start as much as you can, this is the future brother. You will not regret it, it is better that you start and earn some cryptocurrencies or buy when they are cheap (I mean that in the future they will be at high prices) So take advantage of there is a lot of free information!
  4. You should have placed "Other" for us to comment on what would be the best investment for me, at this precise moment it would be $TWT TrustWallet Token, without a doubt!
  5. I do not think it is a replacement as such, but if they should accept it or the government will make its own cryptocurrency backed by the dollar or who knows what will happen but bitcoin in the future must be present if they want to be relevant !!
  6. It is true cryptocurrencies have that "dark side" But I remind you my dear friend with FIAT MONEY IT KEEPS HAPPENING IN THE SAME !!!!! So they ban cryptocurrencies for what? If this kind of thing still exists with the FIAT, they only want to cover the sun with 1 finger and obviously they won't be able to, first they take out this kind of activity with the FIAT.
  7. I have always said making money is fine, but it is not only making money it is also gaining knowledge, knowledge brings money in itself, that is why I see this forum very beneficial since you can earn money and at the same time learn is a WIN-WIN!
  8. You do not necessarily need paid advertising, you can publish your reference link here in the forum, leaving the instructions to do, there are even groups in telegram or other platforms where you can leave your reference link, I hope this can help you.
  9. I don't know of another one, to be honest, but if there is one, I don't think it has as much scope as CryptoTalk and I doubt that they have as good moderators as there are in cryptotalk, if you know of any other give me their names to do my own research, but I doubt that they exceed CryptoTalk honestly.
  10. Do you still have this problem? If so, please respond to this comment and I will gladly give you some help! I'll be happy to help you! so please you already know what to do.
  11. Unfortunately many beginners believe that they will get rich overnight and maybe they will, but first you must understand the basics of the crypto world, then from one day to the next you can make incredible profits, but if you have to work hard and be patient at first
  12. It may be a good place to find out, but I recommend you better look for reviews on the internet, or even ask in the forum there are many people who can help you with any of these questions.
  13. At the moment I like Vmining more than invest box, so I would recommend Vmining in Yobit, it is undoubtedly the best investment you could make, you get incredible monthly profits, give it a try you will not regret it.
  14. I recommend that beginners invest in bitcoin, since among the cryptocurrencies it is the most stable (if it is volatile, but you should know that all or most cryptocurrencies move depending on what bitcoin does) and also has more liquidity and capitalization of market.
  15. No, it is not recommended and please do not do it, for your own good and that of the community. Win everything with your effort sooner or later it will arrive, I trust you, trust you friend.
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