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  1. No. Because all assets go through a cycle which includes bear and bull market. We had 3 cycles which are almost identically same 4 years. Now we passed 2 years in bear market. It is ready to see the bull run. Cartels who control the market will not allow bitcoin to be not-profitable for miners. The system must go on for them as they are making billions of dollars from it.
  2. The bull run hasn't started yet. We may have a year for the mega bull run. We are still in the recovery process. Be patient to get a wealth! ๐Ÿ˜‰
  3. Yes, I know that but you know. There is not such thing like enough money. Human nature always wants more! Also, I don't know how my investments will perform on the bull run. Let's see.
  4. Even though, I know this technology will change our lives completely and will be the next thing after the internet revolution, of course I am here for money and gaining my financial freedom! Sorry, a 9-5 job is not for me!
  5. This count down also gives me hope/anxiety at the same time as I am not sure I am ready for the bull run! LMFAO! Wait and see!
  6. I am not expecting anything till the mid of 2020 as the bull run is still on the preparation by whales and cartels of the market. Also, still waiting the alt-season to come!
  7. Yeah! All the politics are like that. They don't want to lose control as if they lose they will share their wealth with everyone. They are all corrupted.
  8. That is a number shows how your posts are liked by users in this forum. If you create more constructive/informative posts here you will get more love from users! ๐Ÿ˜„
  9. I think people think that it is not a scam project that steals money from us. It is a scam project in a different way but most of the people in the crypto community don't know that.
  10. Also, he doesn't have anything similar to Satoshi's Vision even he called his fork project like that. He is a scammer who tries to control the crypto community.
  11. Ah! You have a strong economy and your government doesn't like cryptocurrencies. Also, you have a great poverty and income-inbalance in your country.
  12. No worries at all! KYC is a common term in the cryptocurrency market because of the ICO boom. So, it is normal to mix up things like that.
  13. Not doing a proper research. Acting fast without thinking. Loving a coin more than it deserves. Acting with your emotions.
  14. Keeping your all cryptocurrencies in a trading platform might not be safe as we are reading news about exchanges got hacked every day. It is better to use hardware wallets for the complete security of your funds
  15. Where are you from? I may help you to open your own business. At least I may have some ideas about future trends. Let me know!
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