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  1. Most of the people who have no idea about decentralization think that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are scam. If they knew even a little about the blockchain technology probably they would sell their everything and buy some bitcoins. LOL.
  2. Yes, and it is too risky. You cannot earn money easily these days. You have to be careful while spending it. As there is a saying "House always wins"...
  3. Same here. I don't know what is going on. I haven't getting paid for 3 days. Maybe there is a glitch on the system. I don't know.
  4. There are thousands of projects that can easily get the Bitcoin's crown. However, Bitcoin is the first and the oldest blockchain we have. Unless Quantum Computers arrive Bitcoin won't fail. Don't worry.
  5. A useful and comprehensive list. Thanks for sharing. Also, I am using google news to be up-to-date. The news feed is based on your search history and you can opt-in/opt-out any news/subject.
  6. Thanks for sharing this buddy. Betting is not my cup of coffee but it is always good to try new things. Let me check the website. Thanks again!
  7. You are welcome. With these differences you can make lots of money (arbitrage). However, you need to calculate your actions well because of transactions fees.
  8. It is called free-market. Also, some exchanges have big withdrawal fees which make the Bitcoin price more isolated from the rest of the market. However, somehow the price get balanced if there is a decent amount of trading volume.
  9. Yes, research for security measures. Always be up-to-date about them as hackers have lots of new tactics every day. You would be surprise how they are trying to get your hard earned money. Be aware, my friend!
  10. Yes, that why I never put lots of money into the exchanges. Maybe Binance as they have some kind of hack insurance fund which can cover your loss. Others I don’t know anything about it.
  11. Exactly! It is good for the scalability of the system as Bitcoins transaction per second is only 7. With only that Bitcoin won’t be a global currency. It could be only a digital gold with its store value.
  12. Using multiple addresses might be a good strategy for the security. Also, using multiple platforms to store your bitcoins is OK. Like hardware wallets, reputable online platforms with cold wallets, etc.
  13. Yes, that’s right. You need to find a promising project with a decent technical team and community to invest in. There are lots of abandoned projects right now in the crypto market because of bear days.
  14. Yes but you always need to be careful as you may end up losing your own portfolio. Those times are for really pro traders who know their stuff very well.
  15. Almost every coin/project got rekt from this bear market. You need to be patient to make some profit, my friend. Wait for the next bull run! 😉
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