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  1. I am all hoping that this projection can soon be coming true even if Bitcoin will not really go higher than $10,000 before the end of the 2019, this can already be giving a good amount of impetus and energy which it can be able to sue in 20202 when the biggest bull run can be expected, by so many people. Go go go Bitcoin!
  2. So Alibaba is really interested with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, after all. And now that China seems to be getting more open to cryptocurrency, I am sure that Alibaba people are now so excited of the prospect of the company being able to finally deal with Bitcoin while doing business in China. I am looking forward for Alibaba to be using Bitcoin in all of its operation globally. That would be a big blast.
  3. Gambling online is one of the biggest contributor to the whole cryptocurrency business and without it there can be a big difference in the market today. No wonder there are so many gambling related projects all over now and many can be coming in the next few years. There is a great future of both online gambling and cryptocurrency and this is a partnership that will really last a lifetime.
  4. I could not understand why you are using a translation tool or a spinning tool for this post when all you have to do is to post the source of the news below which you did. There is no need to make the post unique since this is just taken from somewhere else. You in fact make your post hard to understand.
  5. I think there is that ad that uses famous and rich personalities as if they are endorsing the said program. I don't know why this is being allowed by Facebook to be on its network because obviously it is a big scam, just by reading the ad. Good thing that somebody run to the court to make it deleted by Facebook.
  6. No, I have not yet directly talked to the admin about this issue with my account. I already made the calculations and I am sure that despite of all the deleted post I have no "missing posts" compared to the ones already paid in my Yobit account so I am really wondering why as of now there is nothing even one post recognized under my account here. By the way, do you know the admin to talk to?
  7. It is a signature campaign where members are paid to past maximum of five, members have to be displaying the signature for CryptoTalk below their every post...that is the meaning of signature campaign in the forum. The signatures are all pointing to this forum.
  8. Welcome to the forum. I am just curious are you already paid by the forum without no problem or delay? I am an old member of this forum but my payments stopped for no clear reason at all. I already computed my deleted posts, the remaining post and the ones paid in Yobit and I have no backlogs or missing posts that needs to be refilled.
  9. TSNPFS Thanks for this good opportunity... Oh my, the airdrop has already ended...sad!
  10. The price of Bitcoin is hard to predict, we can only wish and even meditate that it can go sky-high but these remedies will not have any effect on Bitcoin. It is the market that determines the price up or down of Bitcoin. You can also say that it is manipulations that powered the market and I will agree with that. However, if you insist that I make a sort of prediction then maybe Bitcoin can be $15000 before the end of the year. And most of my predictions only has 30% of making them into reality.
  11. I have made the calculation with my account. Here are my numbers: Total Posts in Profile = 1373 Total Deleted Posts = 368 Total Remaining Posts = 1005 Total Paid in Yobit = 974 Therefore, I have NO MISSING POSTS yet I am still not being paid by the system.
  12. You mean spammers, right? In the past many weeks of this forum's existence, there had been so many spams and it almost went beyond control maybe the admin failed to foresee the problem and maybe were more trusting with the existing system. Now, they already learned and already implementing some rules to stop spams. Spammers should really be banned.
  13. Sorry you can NOT participate in the BitcoinTalk campaign of CryptoTalk if you are a lower rank member. The minimum requirement is that of Senior rank. I am participating in that campaign in there because I am already a Senior but sadly they reduced the maximum posts per day from 20 to 10 and now just 5. Another sad thing is that here in this forum I am one of the many which are not paid with my posts.
  14. Yeah, I think this is true. Now, it would be helping us if we can know for sure how many new posts we have to make so that the count will be starting again. I never have a single post counted since 11/08 and I already made so many news posts here after that. Maybe it is just fair for the forum to tell us or guide us so that we are not doing things here blindly. That is what I am asking.
  15. By that time, Bitcoin will have no use already as here are other competitors to the throne it is occupying. For BTC to come to that level there must be a competing reason and the reason can be that only a few remaining people are interested with the coin. I am sure that another one can come on top removing BTC from the scene.
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