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  1. So sad news for every crypto lover. I am also feeling sad cause first i start exchange coin in crypto-bridge.. I love this platform so much.. When i start working on crypto world then i only know about cryto-bridge and i start exchange my all coin through this exchange.. I have so much soft corner for this exchange man.. I wish cryptobridge don't close there platform.. And mate thank you for your information cause i have some asset in cryptobridge now i will try to exchange then and withdraw them..
  2. yes mate you need member.. if your project are little then you don't need so much employee but if your project are big then you need lot's of people but you need all member are so much skilled then they know there job very much and they should dedicate there work then it help your project so much mate... if you create your own business about crypto then you should hire people who know everythings about crypto then it help your business,,
  3. i am not firstly using faucets but i know about it couple of week and i start working on it and i saw it just a waste of time then i decide to leave those.. at first i am working as promoter and inviter for different crypto currency in Discord.. and now so much people doing fake invite and most of coins mods are cheater's cause they have a team for doing fake invite and they always win there own team member's that's why i quit this job.. scammer and cheat all over the crypto...
  4. thanks for the good post, bro.. you are a good person it told your post.. i am also thinking about it.. you can make so much money but you can't buy happiness with this money but it can buy happiness just doing some little work.. if you help a poor people it just a little work for some people who have lot of money mate.. if he help a poor people then the poor give him a priceless thing and that is his real smile and always best wishes for him the... and real happiness is give something to that poor people.. poor people also deserve happiness..
  5. i think bitcoin is the best crypto currency now a days cause it price are so much high then any other crypto currency mate.. and it is the oldest crypto currency, and the most secure currency now a days.. but if you want to instant earning then you can also try so much low fees currency and low price crypto currency but trade are regular and so much trader try to trader so much money on it everyday.. you can try trx, vitae, litcoin etc..
  6. i don't think bull run is going on his way.. now bitcoin price fall down and it good for everybody and i prefer everybody to buy bitcoin now cause now it price are fall down and when bitcoin price fall down that's means it's coin again with a very good price and it will always brake his old price records mate.. i think this time when bitcoin price fall down so much then it will rock the whole cryoto world mate..
  7. i prefer you to buy bitcoin and some altcoins also and hold then in a masternode site cause they give you 1% daily reward mate. i can prefer you to trade you told that's know know about trade but not so much that's why i told you that.. but if you research about trade and knowing it much better way and learn some tricks then it's will be the best way to earn 1$-10$ daily basis mate.. so learn about trade and try to involve in trade mate..
  8. thanks for sharing your valuable thought mate.. i always use online wallet for store my crypto currency mate.. i always active 2FA for double safe my wallet mate.. and never store my asset in a exchange too long cause i don't believe exchange too much cause they scammed us anytime and hacker can also hack there site.. and i always research about ico when i try to invest on them and i never listen those who give us so much greedy proposal for invest money and earn so much money...
  9. that's a very big offer for all user and big chance to take so much money from bitoffer mate.. i like there coin offer so much.. may be i also get some from there site.. i also want to transfer some of my asset and i try to start trading in bitoffer.. but now a days i don't have bitcoin that's why i feel sad cause i missed so much opportunity.. but this time i don't wanna lose this give offer..
  10. i think when all bitcoin mined then bitcoin price will increase so much and transaction fees also increase so much.. but nobody tell about right things into crypto market cause nobody knows about crypto future.. and so many people free sorry for there luck cause they don't invest on bitcoin in right time and they loss the biggest opportunity.. i think when all bitcoin mined then if bitcoin alive then he also do something for crypto lovers..
  11. your are right everybody should take care his private key mate.. it only for him if he told to anybody then easy to hack his wallet and take his all asset.. and all exchange wallet don't have private key feature but they have password.. private key like one type of password mate.. we save our password to safe your asset and wallet that's why we also have to save our private key and don't tell to anybody..
  12. i think centralized coin also doing much good things in crypto market cause you told about LIBRA.. i think this coin rock the whole crypto world cause this coins belongs to facebook that's why everybody believe them so much and everybody try to invest on them and it's rock.. and already so many centralized coin already in crypto market and there price also much better then any other decentralized coin mate like BNB, CREXcoin and YOVI.. so if centralized give investor best way to earn then they don't hesitate to invest on this coin..
  13. one of my friend told me about bitcoin 8 month age mate.. he offer me to work with him and start to work with him this time i don't know much about crypto currency this time i just work for coin promotion mate.. then slowly slowly i learn about airdrop, ico, holding, trading mate.. he just tell me about bitcoin and he help me to come this field that's why i always thankful to him but he also cheat me but i forget him cause he give me this enjoyable and profitable field mate..
  14. yes i think bitcoin holding is most profitable in this year mate.. now bitcoin price are fall down it means bitcoin price will be increase very soon.. and if you hold bitcoin in this year it will help you to earn so much money cause so many predictor told that in 2020 bitcoin price going to the moon and i also believe that cause i saw everytime when bitcoin price fall then it comes to rules the whole crypto world mate.. and it's price surprise everybody mate..
  15. i think he is right but percentage will be increase mate cause 3000 token/ token 1% are only 30 coin or token but he already see 100+ stable coin in the market mate.. but he told so many coin will go to zero it's right cause i saw so many high price coin now completely dead that's why i think he is completely right.. i also believe on it mate..
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