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  1. Don't you think your post is on wrong section as well? After all there is already a thread created for what to Add on Cryptotalk, you should include your suggestions there not create a new topic yourself, if you want to correct people then start by showing example, You can tell the person to move it but reporting them is a bit harsh is my argument, anyways that decision is left for the admins am only given my opinion, it doesn't matter.
  2. You can't report a post for all the other options besides plagiarism, you can always point them to the right place because there a new members coming in the forum everyday and some of them may decide to create a topic or thread without knowing the right place it should be. Between I think you should have post it in what to add in cryptotalk thread, it best suit there instead of creating a new thread for it.
  3. Anonylz

    No payment

    That is not the reason, you know that, according to the payment process, you get paid for post after 3-4 hours, so whether you're a new member or not those not really matter, what matters are you post are in accordance with the guidelines of post quality in other to get paid.
  4. There is something wrong with payment system I expect by now maybe it will be resolve or there should be an Announcement about it but so far nothing has come up, Well I just want to say it is hardly unlikely for 25 post made not worthy of payment, at least some should get paid even if for some reason others don't meet requirements (but I highly doubt that) And am quite sure my post is constructive and on topic as much as possible, anyways, there is no need stressing over this issue repeatedly, I hope it get resolve at some point because it feels a bit hard to watch some get paid for their post and others don't.
  5. He is not the only one, am also facing same issue, Yes I have receive payment before for 30 post for 2 days No I didn't receive any warning whatsoever I hope it will be clarify.
  6. Same here, all my post for today were not paid, if there is an issue at least the admins can let us know because some are getting paid for their post while others aren't, I was only paid for 2days, today is my 3rd day of being active in this forum and already having issue with not getting paid, I hope we can get a response from admins at least.
  7. Both of them have their uniqueness, bitcointalk is an old forum that is still relatively active and gives users the ability to earn base on their effort to put in, I agree the forum is a bit strict that's because the mods and admins have zero tolerance for spammers, cheaters and rule breakers Cryptotalk on the other hand is still very new, barely a month old, still have some things to put in place but so far forum cool and user are having a great time here, payperpost is also keeping users active in here since there are no bounty campaigns to keep users busy as well as earn. They both good in their own different ways.
  8. You are certainly entitled to your opinion but I think post quality hardly the reason why am yet to be paid, I think there are other issues technically involved, I will wait and see if this get resolved in the next few days.
  9. Just contribute meaningfully to the topic that interest you in a way people will understand you, and post can be on any part of the forum too, as long as you did not copy past or plagiarize other peoples work, you will get paid for your post.
  10. i get you mate! to each to what they capable of doing, i can only speak for myself in this regard, i know i can not afford to spend so much amount of time online coz i gat to work as well, but still i will try to be active as much as i can find the time, this forum is very cool enough to hang out no doubt, between did you notice any delay in payment? because i haven't receive any payment for the post i have made today so far, i got paid for all post i made yesterday but so far i haven't gotten paid today.
  11. it wont be easy to catch up with people like you who had already about 1k+ of post, if any new member will try to do that there is a possibility it result in spamming the forum with meaningless post, so i guess the win already belong to the earlier members.
  12. everyone just make predictions of what price they want to see in the coins they are hodling, as for eth i do know it has the potentials to grow more in price but $10,000 in 2020 seems a bit too exaggerated in my opinion, but hey, i would love to see that really happens.
  13. Anonylz


    Yeah, it almost feels like the merit system on bitcointalk is one sided, only some particular set gets good merit for every post they made, they keep saying make constructive post to be merited yet I see some post being merited without anything constructive about it, I think the merit system was introduced to make it difficult for lots of members to rank up, now it is very difficult to rank up on bitcointalk, One can literally stay a newbie for God knows how long with this merit system because no one will give you merit for your post that easily. Most accounts are stagnant for so long no ranking up, it's not right, maybe the older way of ranking should be brought back only this time the time duration of activities should be much longer.
  14. I don't know but I just don't see the potential in this coin enough for me to want to invest on it, I know it's an old coin and has come a long way and still doing great but in near future will dogecoin still be able to survive? Because everyday there are good and profitable project coming up, the competition is getting higher.
  15. I think the pay per post will be a limited campaign only that nobody knows exactly when it will come to an end, I believe as the forum grow to achieve more users the admins may decide to stop it because by then it will be huge number of users to pay.
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