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  1. Yeah, this was the announcement made by the Yobit Member on bitcointalk, although there are no further details yet about the campaign here, but i think this is a great idea to have the campaign running in this forum, it will increase the number of users no doubt.
  2. It is bad when you hold shitcoin and since over 90% of the project in the market are all in this category it is even more bad, how many coins of 2017 which has loss -90% of value has able to recover to 20%? because they were all base on hype and nothing else, pump and dump, no future.
  3. This must be the ground solution we all have been waiting for, sounds very pointed out and straight forward, i bet once everyone applies this method everything relating to scam must have been solved, bravo!!!🙂
  4. Yeah some members have complained about this as well as a friend of mine, he created a new account but for some reason he got same message as the one above, i think it has something to do with the ip, because i know account creation is free except when you encounter the above problem, you can always try with another ip if you have access to one.
  5. Well they are the mods and i hope if they care about the content of the forum they should put things into consideration, honestly, it is really not good to see people copy and paste without making proper reference.
  6. Both forum are not using yobit point of correction, cryptotalk is using both bitcointalk and yobit to advertise its forum for more visibility, bitcointalk is use to advertise the cryptotalk forum because of the number of users they have, yobit is use as the payment system because they support this aut-payment system or they have good business relation, try and know the difference.
  7. Maybe you should talk to Yahoo the bounty manager to see why this is happening and when it will be likely fixed, this forum may be the reason for the sig campaign but the admins here are not in charge of the cryptotalk campaign, so it is best to ask in btt about it.
  8. Lol! we have so many of such in this forum, members will openly copy another person's work without making any proper reference of the source, that is outright plagiarism and this are among the things the mod should really work on. Absolutely, and what amaze me most is to see such topics still active without been deleted by the mod, they are not making a good impression of this site if such act are not handled properly, in btt the mod will immediately remove such topic without hesitation.
  9. For the purpose of visibility i think bitcointalk signature campaign is still very useful, this forum is new and needs the presence of more members to be in here, bitcointalk is a big forum with huge users, so it will be very easy to attract more members with the sig campaign.
  10. who told you people are been paid? why don't you ask the thread owner why he/she open this place to report plagiarism, reporting spam post by pressing the report button is one thing , reporting plagiarized content with evidence and screenshot from the source is another, there are a lot of content that where plagiarize outside this forum, how do you propose such report be made through the report button? why don't you try and report a content here and see if you will get a penny for it😏 if you think people are making money out of this why are you just standing by and watch from the sideline, are you not been paid for your one-liner shit post? this should be an added advantage to your earnings don't you think? people like you just like to make baseless assumption without any proof, who is paying for reporting plagiarized content? anyone told you they receive payment?
  11. Really? can you share how you are able to do that? i believe @spyaquino would want to know this so that he can as well use your method to track his deleted post and be able to know how many post he need to make up for the deleted ones so he and rest of us who are facing the issue can rectify this, Although, i still don't fully understand why this is happening, if this is as a result of spam post been deleted, i don't think good posters should be affected because clearly i no i don't post spam in this forum and i equally try to make post in relevant topic, besides, i see a lot of duplicate topics that needs to be deleted but they are still fully active, same with many meaningless post all over the forum are still not deleted, then why post of good and constructive members are the ones get to be deleted, if this continue to go on, this will be the end result, payperpost is the reason that keep many members here, once this is remove or limit to some members while others just hoping on someday, many will definitely leave, there should be a better way of handling and deleting spam post without affecting upright users or constructive and dedicated posters, i also have less zeal to be here because of my recent experience, a word day say is enough for the wise🤐
  12. There is nothing to tell that you don't already know, i know you are not new in crypto which means you know the market is highly volatile so this is the market trend. nothing you or anyone can do about it, if you are getting emotional too much then don't look at the price, it won't do you any good to get yourself worked up.
  13. How did you know he has 510+ contents for payment or certain that 219 out of his content has been deleted? and i can see from his profile that his current content count is 769, so can you tell me, are the deleted post part of this numbers or not? the problem is this payment system is not very clear and the admins have not say anything regarding this issue where some members are getting paid others are not, and how to know the number of your deleted post so that you can make up for it, i think a little bit of transparency won't hurt anyone after all, beside, i don't see @BullRunBit like a user who don't know the right place to make a post or someone with low quality post, it is unfortunate that some of us are experiencing this issue and solution is not forthcoming, @BullRunBit since there is know way to tell how many post has been deleted in other to make up for them, it is up to you to decide if you want to continue supporting the forum regardless of been paid or not, but i would say, don't stop, just keep building your account like a regular member any time you can, Am experiencing same issue but that won't stop me from given my support and be part of the forum whenever i can. But i hope this will be rectified someday.
  14. What is informative about your post? really, can you tell me or point out the informative part of your post? how helpful they have been to forum members? except from having a normal conversation like every other post in this forum, it is very easy to say this things when in reality you are no better than the majority here, lets hear this great ideas of yours about the changes you think the admins needs to introduce to increase the standard of posting in this forum.
  15. Yes very important to do better research on that exchange before going ahead with the arbitrage trade, sometimes the volume you see can be manipulated to deceive traders, very important to apply caution when doing this.
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