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  1. me too. Always double-check several times to make sure the address is correct. even so, I made a mistake accidentally, i was wrong to send the token to the contract address. funny indeed, luckily the admin of the token wants to resend my token.
  2. Where is the link? it looks like the OP has to edit this post so that the information to be conveyed can be maximized. After that it is very important to check the exchange rate, related to volume and visitors, the more crowded the profit opportunities are big enough. You can analyze it using coinmarketcap. Or use the following analysis results for consideration.
  3. You catch the point. Some people are already affected by rumors and negative news about cryptocurrency, without checking the truth on the ground. However, if studied deeper, there is nothing to fear from cryptocurrency, the risk of loss and volatile prices is a natural thing that can also be related to various investment tools. that's the importance of understanding the cryptocurrency ecosystem. All actions, sell, buy, hold, must be based on analysis, not just FOMO and affected by hysteria. This is usually done by a newbie, influenced by FOMO, bought at the top, then dumped. What happened? they only blame that cryptocurrency is dangerous, the price is easy to change, even though it can reduce the risk if they want to learn first and not just be emotionally influenced.
  4. jumail

    FBI and bitcoin

    too many secrets there. I don't know, I don't care too much about where and for what FBI gets and uses it. I only see from the other side that, bitcoin is indeed a potential, until an institution like FBI chooses it.
  5. that is true, only a few are concerned and aware of the importance of market analysis, while most others are only carried away by market currents, hype, and carrying out activities without understanding the basics. That's what happens to most altcoins, even though the strong ones are bad dumps, but if "something unpredictable" comes it will be a high bounce, and certainly will be money for the lucky ones to hold back and be patient with it. Just like you, I prefer BTC to be held for a long time, at least the risk is not too big compared to holding altcoin with very extreme changes as you explained.
  6. You are right. Although difficult to predict does not mean that it cannot be analyzed, which is why there are indicators. It all depends on the timeframe set by each person, right? As a strong coin, there is no need to worry about BTC price movements, as you explained. the dilemma is that the timing is right, the time and the moment is very relative. Some decide to invest in the short and long term, depending on their individual needs.
  7. I am a day trader, to analyze the market and to enter at the right timing, I combine the two analyzes, technical and fundamental. For technical analysis, the source of the data examined is price movements and trading volume, I usually use the MACD and BB indicators. While the fundamental analysis, the source of the data examined is intrinsic value, we can check it from rumors and news circulating, so we can determine whether the coin has a good market capacity or not. So, combining these two analytical techniques is very important because we analyze them from many interrelated aspects. Buy at low prices, sell at high prices, buy on the rumors sell on the news, that's what we often hear.
  8. @Admin I just want to give advice for General Rules in this forum, because the thread that discusses it has been locked :) this is related to uploading images, because after I read here it has not been discussed.
  9. cryptocurrency investments are indeed risky, as with other types of investment, there is always risk. But that is no reason to back out, instead make it as a motivation to provide protection for your investment. Big risk - big profit. One of the most popular cryptocurrency risks is that the price is very volatile, but this can actually be an opportunity to get big opportunities, so it is important to understand the market ecosystem and master the analysis techniques to be able to determine the right timing for buy and sell. The next risk related to security, use a secure wallet with multiple security.
  10. How can you be sure to give a 100% guarantee? please strengthen your conclusions with your analysis. Because we know that cryptocurrency is very volatile, if the timing we take is not right then it will end in vain.
  11. That is the fact. Too many things are unpredictable and unthinkable in this cryptocurrency. I often regret having made the wrong decision, but I did not give up even though it took time to recover mentally. Because we already know this is profitable and there are definitely opportunities, we still want to survive here, in the world of cryptocurrency.
  12. There are already topics that discuss similar things, please use the search button to check whether this topic already exists or not. Next time please do an analysis before creating a topic :)
  13. For those who already understand the cryptocurrency ecosystem and bitcoin movements, changes in price up and down charts are not a problem. Because we know there will always be a bounce someday. Like the chart pinned OP. Only need to wait for the right timings. I also do not want to be a person who regrets by wasting this opportunity. As much as possible hold BTC from existing profits.
  14. I just found this out. oh, faucet, it really isn't profitable right now. The rewards are nothing compared to the internet data packages needed. Lol But at least it can be a fun experience to get btc for free.
  15. Not that easy. After all fiat and cryptocurrency are in different ecosystems. I don't think we can replace each other, but complement each other. moreover cryptocurrency especially bitcoin is still prohibited in some countries due to various economic and security reasons.
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