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  1. ffs8r6a7u - Thanks to Yobit exchange and CryptoTalk forum for the opportunity to earn money for each message!
  2. TCVOEC is my code. Thanks for the Airdrop Yobit! Always a fun and exciting exchange that innovates.
  3. Wow I didnt see so many comments until now. Very cool to see that many are interested in the Yobit Investbox for DOGE. Unfortunately, it's not available right now which is normal as it comes and goes. Keep your eyes open and check often as it will return again.
  4. The LTC halving was a few months ago now and it has done nothing since but fall. For Bitcoin I believe it will be different but not until we get close as it will be in April/May 2020. I think more downward movement before the Bull Run starts.
  5. I made a post on the section "Tutorial" with the title "How To Dogecoin Investbox" This gives instructions for how to use on DOGE Investbox. But it works the same for all the IB coins. QQQ doesn't require anything so you just put it in the IB and wait 24 hours. Every 24 hours your balance will grow 5%.
  6. Yeah I love the quick hitters, but usually I'm much less than 15%. If I'm in a heavy volume trade I like to secure multiple 1-2% wins. They are small wins but when you know you can 2 or 3 of them in a short period of time....I'm with it. For longer than day trades I like to target 10% or more.
  7. I made a post in the "Gambling/FreeCoins" Topic with screenshots of many different faucets I use. The post title is "Faucets Worth Your Time" The proof is there my friend you will see it. It's not huge amounts, but these faucets are what got my trading funds started.
  8. Good idea to start watching it again for me also. This was a bit ago but now the price is down some more. Was under 0.03 but I was trading other coins at the time. I'm waiting to see some higher volume days and then we can get some higher profit trades in. Under 400 sats on BTC market is decent buys also, so now maybe in the low 300's is a really good target. Thanks for following and I follow you also.
  9. Well said and I agree totally. Once in a while I test the waters if I see something. Just a dumb move on this one but still a small trade. Not much damage done but always a lesson learned.
  10. Not a bad place to put your sell order. If you bought around the current prices I would say sell most around 0.035 and keep some for the future to see if Hashgraph develops well and has a use. A good day trade coin when the volume gets going.
  11. I have thousands of referrals on faucet sites but only those which pay 25% or more and are online some years. Made very good over the years with faucets and Bitcoin PTC sites. And also I trade heavily for years, you can check the Topics I made about my trades with proof and all.
  12. Man I can't stand to lose at all! I am like an angry Lion which hasn't eaten yet! But again, it happens and we go on. Don't make your goal to lose them. Look at all the markets highest volume coins, watch how some of them are trading while you watch the BTC price also, and see how they trade against it. Look for some signals like huge buys or sells. Volume is what I look for to start. Honestly though, I learned more from losing than I did from winning. That goes for everything in life.
  13. Good buy on the QQQ as you are up huge with Investbox. I knew better with Egold but the IB was refilled so it seemed a good trade for me. Had almost 7 billion coins so I wanted to do the 14% IB, but too many other people did as well so it ran out again minutes after the announcement. Not first time lesson lol, as have made same mistake before. Can't win if I don't play, but should be sticking to my bread and butter trades. BTC/USD is the better trade at the moment above all else. And yes the 20% would be soon 90% haha.
  14. Yeah buddy! That's why I do what I do man. I didn't catch that one and miss a lot of trades, but I go in when I know it's right. Just a few hours from $8950 to $9440, that's around 5%. You buy 1 BTC for 8950 and sell now over 9400. $400 profit and would now be ready to buy back 1.05 BTC or more below $9K. Can make (or lose) 0.10-0.20 or more when volatility is like that in one day easily.
  15. Not sure but I don't think so. Been lower highs so far since the $3k jump up. It moves quickly as you know so if you look away it can be up or down $500-1000+ by the time you look again. I always have the Bitmex tab open so the price is always visible while trading. Was below $9k a bit earlier so that's a nice lil move it made. Probably I need to get back on my BTC/USD Trades as that was going good. No more Egold and QQQ for now hehe. "Most of the time" yes, but those few times when we do.....oh man it's great! Always I keep very low orders on some certain coins on the USDT market on Bittrex. If you search a bit there you will see why.
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