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  1. Read the whole post and maybe you'll understand. You roll 1 Doge, 10 times, = 10 Doge You have to roll to get your investbox payment. The dice is a small part of the whole process.
  2. Easy way to take the emotion out of it, just trade with 1000 Doge or less even. Make a goal on what you start with. Start with small goals for example if starting with 1000 Doge. Shoot for some 1% wins, do it 5 times. = 1050 Doge Keep going like that and get the feel without risking much and you'll get used to feeling like that, even when you trade bigger. Practice calm and you'll be calm when it matters. Be prepared for losses as they will happen, just keep to a minimum.
  3. @xBDT Script Also, I wouldn't recommend Egold to buy and hold or anything. This was strictly a day trade and like you said "since it's a trade it doesn't matter" and nothing more than that. Just look at the top volume coins on the Doge market and you might see something that catches your eye. There's a few. Just for smaller trades mostly.
  4. About to post the one I just finished. A nice lil 7% in minutes. I'll post in a bit as I might wanna hit it again first.
  5. Some pretty sweet day trades currently on the Doge Market on Yobit. Already made a new topic for Egold/Doge and soon another one which I just made. 🤣
  6. This was specifically for day trading only. I knew the coin was swinging up and down 10-20%. I just wanted to get a few 5% wins. So if I bought for 405, then every 4 sats is about 1%. So I put the sell at 425 which was close to 5%. No need to be greedy and go for 30% or something when you know you can get 5% easily.
  7. People have $$ Millions on exchanges buddy, we are small fish too. I never trade even close to that amount again in my life. Was stupid to make that much on an exchange in my opinion. But if you want to learn some just follow me as I post a lot of trades. This one can be done by anyone as the amount is tiny, but was nearly 10% in a day. I like to help the beginners and small traders. Everyone thinks you need to start with a lot but that is not true. You can start with $10 if you want or even less. This trade above is less than $20. Have started with 0.01-0.02 BTC and traded it up to 1 BTC quite a few times.
  8. Yes same here with $100k max. I did this whole amount in 1 trade on more than 1 occasion. Like I said, I was crazy then and it seems you also lol. $100k is a lot to have on exchanges sorta.
  9. Yeah so you got what I mean "smart traders" hahaha. Man I know exactly what you mean, as I saw these same trades as well. Not only did I see them I crushed it with those trades. Sending some 7 Bitcoins between exchanges at the time! Crazy guy I was back then.
  10. Once in a while you can find some smaller arbitrage trades. Gotta be quick as there are a lot of smart traders out there.
  11. No but I saw "Warden" in the chat and he said the IB was open again. I knew it would go up so I just was interested in trading it for some quick gains. As you can see it worked. I got lucky and saw the chat at the right time. I know what to do when I see stuff like that!
  12. Hello again, I would like to share my day trades on the Egold/Doge Market the last days. Here is a screenshot from my Yobit trading history for the pair which shows all buys and sells. Profit of around 510 Doge. Not much but not too bad for this amount which was bought with Forum Post Sats.
  13. Just a smaller amount than you had. But will probably sell soon and buy again maybe 30. Below 30 would be better.
  14. Ahh ok sorry buddy. Glad you joined and it's good to check the investbox daily to see if some new ones come back on again. Here to help if you need. Would be a sweet buyback. I'm still holding mine but 34-35 for a sell is still sweet win for me. Got mine at 27
  15. Yeah I know all about as I'm a member there and very active trader for nearly 4 years now 😁
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