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  1. I don't think that the comparison between Bitcoin and Ethereum is theoretically correct because they differ so much. The only thing Bitcoin is similar to Ethereum is that they are a cryptocurrency, but the way to work is completely different and the goal of creation is also different.
  2. My favorite currency until 2022 is bitcoin because I think it will bring me good profits, halving has happened a while ago and the coming days will be good for bitcoin, maybe I will have another favorite currency after bitcoin rises and sells it for a great profit.
  3. There are many good currencies for staking, maybe the best one now is Harmony One and ARPA, but the profits you can get from staking are not guaranteed value because the value of the cryptocurrencies always fluctuates a lot.
  4. The referral link can be shared in the referral section and also in the signature. As for the referral link in any section, it is considered a violation of the laws of the section and you may get a warning point.
  5. Well, I guess this method was being used in the Bitcoin Talk forum Because someone who hacked someone's account cannot modify the comment quote by another member I think it's okay to use this method, but the most important thing is that everyone be responsible for the security of their account.
  6. Soon, it may mean anything that we are waiting for, and we are certain that it will come, regardless of the time of its coming after a year, ten years or more, but it is a term used to overwhelm certainty of what will come. Here, there is no room for certainty but predictions and hope based on a vision for the future.
  7. Yes, there must be a lot of mistakes that beginners make, such as excessive enthusiasm, and this is what makes them enter the market before studying it, as well as rushing to buy currencies without knowing their quality, and also before learning the basics of exchange, exchange and investment is an art that must be learned before starting to trade
  8. A person is always in continuous learning and in a renewed gain of experiences, and it is a good idea to keep a summary of his experiences and use it at a later time and not repeat his mistakes.
  9. There are a lot of good currencies, foremost of which are Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum, and it is better to invest in several currencies together and not in one currency only if you have good purchasing power and good capital ..
  10. You do not have to advise them to stay away from crypto, as it is originally a source of profit, but you have to advise them to change their way of investing, studying the market and currencies and move them up and down and enlighten with the light of knowledge to be a guide and a guide to profit and avoid loss.
  11. Thank you very much. Before investing in cryptocurrencies, we must study the market, study good currencies from counterfeits and currency movement, take an integrated idea and develop a good plan for investment so that we can pave our way to success.
  12. Despite the high fees in banks, we cannot dispense with the banks and its services ... as we cannot move freely and deal with our money only through cryptocurrencies ... I hope that more cryptocurrencies will develop and facilities will be put in all countries and all difficulties will be gone
  13. Yes, we all know that whales control markets and manipulate them as they wish, but I see this useful, and this is what drives the currency market and makes them volatile and unstable, and in this we can gain some profits from this control, but we have to be wise and cautious
  14. Currently, one of my priorities is gaining experience and expertise and learning how to trade by experimenting with a small portion of money and trading using it, achieving some small profits, and with the days I earn strong and good capital to start a good trading.
  15. Now we are in 2020, unfortunately, the conditions of currencies have deteriorated and their price has declined .. I do not think that they will improve before the year and more ... Now we are in a critical and difficult stage and in a continuous decline and cannot be overcome quickly and easily
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