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  1. Yes it is a great idea, Litecoin is a good currency, in short trades and you can take advantage of some profits from it
  2. I have not yet traded on any platform, I heard about some platforms but this platform I have not heard of it I will try it to make sure that this platform is good .. Thank you.
  3. Beware my friend from losing your money, mostly it is a fraud to steal your money, do not trust anyone before you are sure of his credibility.
  4. That's good, I haven't heard about it before today Trade and exchange in the medium term .. This seems interesting and experiment
  5. I also congratulate all of my friends who have made good profits, and I wish them to continue to succeed, and I hope to make good profits in the future.
  6. I think we have to show strength and stop the simple loss so that we do not lose much .. Here is the courage and adventure .. There is nothing wrong with some losses that can be compensated
  7. Yes, this imagination is beautiful, and it raises a lot of questions .. What is your plan that you walked to reach success and wealth, and what is the worst thing that happened in it, and what do you expect for the future of bitcoin?
  8. Thank you my friend but I do not like to open links and I prefer read more useful information in the post, time is valuable and we would love to read something useful.
  9. We don't really know the reliability of this news, as there are many rumors these days. I hope this news is true and that cryptocurrencies flourish more
  10. Thank you for your great analysis, and for offering interest here to all members .. We feel grateful and wish you more good analysis.
  11. I don't know any names of books on crypto trading ... Now I think like you, reading some good books to increase my culture .. In addition to relying on this wonderful forum.
  12. I think about buying now, I think it is the right time to buy .. I don't have much money .. But I will try to take advantage of the market fluctuations and make some profits
  13. Sorry, my friend, I did not understand your question, and what do you mean by the automatic sale .. We can benefit from the friends ’posts and their responses .. Thank you for this question
  14. Thank you my friend for the simple strategy and good information, I will try it, is it really good in the cryptocurrency market?
  15. If I were you, this situation would lead me to learn and compete in experience and I would not ask him again about trading. Maybe he does not want to give his experience and success to anyone, even if he is your friend.
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