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  1. Legal and reliable portfolios are the well-known and well-known portfolios, and by searching for them and from the experiences of others also, you can find out the reliability of the wallet or not, and it is better to use the famous portfolios such as Yobit and Trust
  2. Unfortunately, there are many fraudsters and they have different methods and methods that do not come to mind, and it is good to look at them and be very careful to avoid falling into scams and fraud, and some of them make you trust him and then he can take your money from you
  3. ExpressCrypto wallet was introduced due to faucethub wallet closed and has great features, safe and reliable handling, withdrawal and creativity can be made in this wallet and withdrawal fees are low
  4. The best investment ever is to invest in ourselves, so the more a person increases the skills of the person, the more money will come on their own to strive for, and also the profits multiplied by the amount he has of strong experience, so the more one tries and exerts a double effort in developing himself, the return to him with success and brilliance.
  5. Crypto currencies opened for us many horizons that we did not know before and facilitated the processes of earning money and transferring it easily from one country to another and also converting it into real money that we receive through an intermediary
  6. A human being has the preparations and powers to learn, change, succeed, and acquire experiences and skills a lot, and he must not stop seeking knowledge no matter how much knowledge he reaches, because knowledge has no end and no end as long as man is alive, and whenever a person increases knowledge, new horizons of knowledge and pleasure are opened for him together.
  7. I think the support will be light than before. Previously, every member supported 50 comments a day, but now some may stop supporting completely? Or support without counting a specific number, and I think if there is a problem, the officials will find other solutions and other methods in the forum’s policy and system, and we trust the wise management
  8. Asia is considered one of the most important countries that support cryptocurrencies, and it will be one of the first developed countries in this field. We will see important projects and developments launched by it. It is well prepared to take new steps, develop currencies and support them
  9. I do not recommend using such fake applications, which have no real benefit and may be harmful, and there is no such thing as a Bitcoin killer. What can this application do, for example, will it eliminate the value of Bitcoin !!
  10. I think politics may affect the currency injection and what happened between the United States and Iran plays a role in the bitcoin price But what plays a most important role in the price of bitcoin is whales, as it is affected by whales greatly, by supply and demand, and in all cases it is very volatile
  11. The trial version has gone through many trials and its effectiveness has not yet been proven. However, the lightning network has huge potential to improve the bitcoin and digital currencies system The Lightning Network project is working on a solution to the off-chain expansion problem that, if successful, could reduce the traffic on the Bitcoin blockchain. Through the use of two-way payment channels, the lightning network allows almost instant transactions. The Lightning Network may be suitable for smaller payments. It allows transferring values as small as 1 satoshi.
  12. At that time it was a great opportunity to buy bitcoin, during these two months we saw a huge rise in Bitcoin and exceeded its highest levels, and the price of Bitcoin is still very volatile and the market depends on the whale paying it and is affected by supply and demand
  13. dash An open source cryptocurrency that offers the same advantages of Bitcoin in addition to other advanced advantages such as instant transactions, special transactions and decentralized management, but nevertheless it cannot outperform Bitcoin and behind this currency is an active team There are many cryptocurrency platforms through which you can buy Dash currency, such as Binance or cex, and many others
  14. It is possible to invest in coded securities in the short term as well as in the long term. It is considered regular and stable. Shares are invoices issued by companies registered as securities and represent the share of the registered partnership's capital. Buying shares in a joint stock company means that you have become a partner in the company. Ensure a secure and accurate flow of information when buying and selling stocks.
  15. Everyone has reasons different from the other, and some of them became depressed from sitting at home and no longer writing despite the fact that it was an active time of work pressure and writing. Among the reasons may be the ban campaigns in which some members were banned, as well as the decline and decline of cryptocurrencies with the Corona virus ... and these, as I think some the reasons
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