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  1. Thank you for the attached instructions, but I ask through your post I hope that they attach the option to delete the post because sometimes we have written the post or comment twice by mistake. I have fallen into this problem twice and I ask the moderators to fulfill this requirement. Thank you.
  2. Fraudsters and hackers have professional methods and methods that make you believe that they are trusted in investing your money, and they can prove to you all legal proofs, so each of us must pay attention and be careful because it has become widespread and found, and in new ways and cunning methods after you transfer your money to them they disappear.
  3. The Crypto Forum is the right place to discuss any topic related to cryptocurrencies through which you can interpret anything related to cryptocurrencies, and also the main members play a great role in helping and supporting new beginners in teaching them the basics of the world of cryptography and its fields.
  4. In fact, I joined the forum through a post on Facebook, I was browsing at sunset specialized in profit from the Internet, and by chance I came across a post explaining about the forum and that it is what it offers and how to deal. I liked the idea and joined.
  5. Certainly, this will help us in continuity, because if the forum continues and succeeds, this will make us happy both morally and financially. The more the site grows and becomes popular, we will grow with it and survive with it because here we are all one hand. Our success is one and I confirm your words that we must be careful and aware of our publications.
  6. Unfortunately, one of the disadvantages of the surveys is that they are only intended for certain countries, America, Canada, and certain countries, and this prevents me from trying this because immediately they will block me from a computer's IP address, so I did not try it.
  7. There is no specific amount for investment. This lags from one person to another because it is relative and for your saving 10% of your profit this is good and I also save 10% of my profits and invest it in my own wallet.
  8. Payment has become more sophisticated, for example the credit card, and I think that through the mobile phone we can do that through electronic shopping and home delivery from the company. This is wonderful and I hope that it will be more widespread in Arab countries.
  9. My friend, I want to warn you that writing in Arabic is prohibited. Here in this forum, you should pay more attention to the next times.
  10. I agree with you that we hardly find sites that pay on a daily basis, and this forum I think satisfies all members through the rewards it offers for our posts and our posts, so an amount 2-3 per day is a good and satisfactory amount for everyone.
  11. Unfortunately it happened to me that I forgot my private key. I used to keep the password on a piece of paper in my office. I lost it and I could not find it, and I tried very hard to retrieve it, but I failed.
  12. These golden rules that you mentioned, the most important thing in trading is patience and a sense of sportsmanship and that we do not rush to make any decision regarding buying or selling. Each step must be studied.
  13. It is a great risk that you put all your capital in a single currency investment. If I were your place, I would have followed the method of capital management by distributing my capital to the most successful cryptocurrencies as a maximum of 5 Bitcoins. Ethereum and the three Etcoins I consider them among the first currencies and investing in them in the long term is inevitably successful.
  14. Investing in general is good and profitable and is tantamount to operating your capital, but in investing you have to bear the loss and profit and put all the bad possibilities before the good. I will take this step soon, but I have not decided yet what currency I will put in the investment fund.
  15. XRP currency is currently 25 cents, and I see that it is not impossible to reach 1 dollar. You only need time, and I have seen the survey chart on the rise for months to now.
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