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  1. @Ghazalmershed changes are common in any sector this forum also change so many rules to control spammers, but the percentage of spammers increased, so now this forum stopped payment but it was temporary hope soon we hear good news from forum official's maybe next update they increase our payment reward.
  2. Yes @shakeelsherpao yobit one of the best exchange to store crypto assets and also good secured, this exchange another good quality is they charge very low transaction fees, they provides a chart where we see different coins and their fees, just select one of the coin which coin suitable for us, for ex ltc, usdt ripple tron.
  3. @Chief executive officer band you're absolutely right there is no dought, if anyone try to cheat rating to earn more money, then this forum higher officials banned those accounts, this forum officials always monitor this forum closely, whenever they thinks spammers active increase and they earns money illegal way, then forum officials immediately stop paying rewards and start banned spammers accounts so everyone must should be careful and work under forum rules.
  4. Yes @Sumon21 now in this new campaign post deleting problem almost controlled, but when we are worked in old campaign that time most of members faced this problem, because forum official take couple of weeks to remove duplicate topics, we have no idea which topic original and which one is duplicate, so as usually we gives our reaction, but when those duplicate topics removed our posts also removed, but now forum officials working very well that's is the reason now no one facing this post deleting problem.
  5. You're absolutely right @Dorjoy12 forum old members know this fact but our forum new members don't no, they thinks these free coin's valuable, so they want to collect those free coins that's why I give some tips how to collet those coins, but as like said its just waste our 10 to 15 valuable minute's.
  6. Yes @Dorjoy12 now a days reputation cheating are spamming common in every forum, but I think our forum facing this problem more compared to other forums, that's why our forum official taken strong action and they reduced our payment, now spammers leave this forum but from this action who are working honestly they are suffering because now no one earned more then 1$ dollar.
  7. You're 100% right @Amor33 taking experience person advice always beneficial for us, especially when we works in crypto world then it will be very important, because in this field so many scammers always ready to loot innocent peoples money, there are so many examples about these type scams, so without any info don't click unknown links are open sites it will harmful for our wealth.
  8. Sorry to say my friend @Sania mirza... where you searching these free coins link, there is no link these free coins we gets in yobit exchange if you are facing problem to found free coin's option, then I will give some tips it will be easy for you, first open yobit account their you see a man icon means our user name click on that icon, there you see so many threads opens I think middle are lower there you found free coin thread click on that tread and collect free coins, but remember share that free coin page in social media platform its necessary.
  9. @Raauf QK exactly online so many bitcoin earning methods really waste our valuable time, seriously if we want earn bitcoin then investment and trading are very good methods, but these two methods not easy as like everyone says these two methods need well experience and knowledge, so first learn everything properly then jump in these fields.
  10. That's true my friend @Alina42 Patience hard work necessary if we want achieve our goal's, as like you say in this mission if we sacrifice few things then it doesn't matter, because once we successfully achieved our gaol's then after we enjoyed so many beautiful movements in our entire life.
  11. Well said @Science student everyday different country visitors visit this forum, if we write low quality are spelling mistake posts then this forum reputation decreased, so always post good quality posts and as like said low quality posts deserved negative rating, plus this forum officials banned those post creators accounts also so be careful.
  12. I'm totally agree with you @Gimini this forum really better then faucets and airdrops, present this forum decreased our earning amount but still its worthy for us, and as like you said another extra earning way bounties also good for to earn.
  13. @abohasnn9 its true yobit one of the leading crypto trading exchange where we have different pairs to trade, and yobit secured also so without any doubt deposit funds in yobit, but one thing most of leading exchanges charge 0.2% as per trading fees, so I recommends use other exchanges for trade like binance bitrex kucoin etc, because these exchanges offer's different type trading options like margin, spot, future.
  14. @Jojo01 my friend this forum still paying bitcoin payment to our every positive rating post, but the payment of bitcoin amount reduced because of spammers, few months back this forum pays us 1k satoshis but right now the amount is 200 sat, but don't worry current bitcoin price is too high so these 200 sat also very good amount, so keep hard work and collect satoshis and talk tokens.
  15. Well @Siam50 I would like to say some words about v- mining project in yobit, this is the fact that v- mining project is not good for beginners even experience persons also, because through v- mining we mines minex coins current minex price is 2 satoshis, and the cost of this mining basic price is 0.01 satoshis in our entire life we never recover that amount, so my advice is keep distance of this project.
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