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  1. Bitcoin is the first crypto currency in crypto market and when launch this bitcoin, not valuable I think when one bitcoin prices few cents but in2011 are2012 people believe in bitcoin and invest in this coin, and few years later bitcoin prices goes high and bitcoin popularity increase, now in the market so many valuable coins listed in market, but no other gain this popularity.
  2. I don't know which exchange you gives first place but finance is good volume exchange, and so many peoples trust in binance exchange but so many exchange not safe to invest, because in online do many fake exchange available but binance is safe and secure exchange.
  3. In this forum success not impossible when you are good content writer, if you can't write topics then also don't worry just give 30 genuine comments, its enough to you but gives comments your own words don't copy any others, if you work continuesly one week are ten days you automatically knows how to work good luck.
  4. I already use this forum in brave browser and I try in desktop option also but no use bro, without VPN I can't login in my account I know VPN use not safe, and i don't want to harm my account but what to do this issue runs more then 5 days still not clear this problem, I really frustrated and I have no clearly when this problem solves still some hopes its clear very soon.
  5. Same topic and gives two time reaction its OK but you can't pay this comments, but quote some one when any one replys your topic then you quote her post its legal and you pays also, but why you give same reaction in same topic I don't say to do this because we have so many topics in forum so give separate comments in separate topics much better.
  6. ETH is second rank coin in crypto where is king in crypto market then ETH also the position in altcoin, because previously ETH also hit 1000$ in when ETH Peck stage, I personally believe in ETH one day it hits 5000$ in future,but its take some years to take position, but this coin not touch the bitcoin prices but follows bitcoin way to give good profits
  7. I really don't want to do kyc because in online no guaranteed to leak our data, its binance are any other exchange we avoid to do kyc because crypto transaction are encrypted, then why this exchange wants our personal details in our account, I don't think this exchange need our personal information.
  8. Facebook is leading social media platform so they want to launch their own crypto coin called libra, but when they announces to launch coin Facebook user so interested in this coin and so many big companies also joined like MasterCard visa to buy sell this through but what happens we can't no, but this companies leaves this Libra coin projects so present this future is struggles so I don't think they launch soon.
  9. Its not any hard work if you want to know the coin prices it's very simple we need only Google and type crypto currency converter then you see the converter and select the coin and put the quantity means how many coins you coins are USD in which currency and see the prices which coin you want that's it.
  10. Personal I use binance exchange to this purpose but yobit also good but in yobit I see withdrawal fees is high, and I think yobit server slow then compare with other exchange but overall yobit is excellent in their services and genuine exchange, so small things we ignored so I also want to switch in yobit exchange.
  11. Yobit exchange gives to invest in their investment box option and its gives daily rewards, so I think Yoda is good for this investment box because its gives 2 % percent with out any think, and Yoda coin also now cheap prices, so I strongly recommends Yoda coin to invest minimum 100 Yoda coins and earn daily 2 yoda coins when price increase you sell them.
  12. Present i want to invest in ETH litecoin and ripple because this altcoins have the potential to goes high prices in future and already invest in litecoin, I believe in litecoin in future I earn passive income to earn and ETH all know about this coin last time this coin goes 1000$ in future I think this coin once again hit the magical figure.
  13. In my country we have also no direct we buy and sell so we need brokers, and they take advantage and take percentage to brokers then we buy are sell our coins, now my country remove banned so I hope in future we transaction directly one person to another person,because so much percentage we gives this brokers.
  14. Iam from india i cannot login my account so l use VPN to connect my account, I know its dangerous to my account, but what can I do i don't want to use VPN but this 1020 error problem not solve in 3 days, so I use VPN to post this topic, i don't think my country blocks crypto talk because my country already remove banned crypto last month, so why my country do this i think crypto talk not want to work with Asia countries, because this problem face only Asian country users only, so I request crypto talk admin sir pls solve this issue soon.
  15. You are previously works in binance and their you see some coins are cheap, and in yobit coins fees little bit costly so don't worry bro its legit exchange so its common every exchange have their some rules, so they do but its not means yobit takes high fees, but I agree with you and your good trader also gives some tips to increase our knowledge.
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