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  1. Well said my friend you're still new member in this forum, but you have good thinking about this forum really great, because in this forum.some new members not understand this forum rules and not take seriously, their main intention how much speedily complete 100 post task, and earn rewards so they posts meaning less posts, but they forgets forum.moderators always active and deleted those meaning less posts and their accounts also, so work genuinely and earn rewards genuinely.
  2. You mention three security tips really useful because present scammers have everywhere, so our accounts need strong protection to avoid scammers, not only these three things but we take extra care before installed any file in our device, and check unknown links before click, because these all thinks welcomes malware virus in our device, so be careful and protect our accounts.
  3. Actually its not easy to say when someone leave crypto its all depends on that person experience, for me I'm recently join crypto I have some targets to complete in crypto, like everyone have earn lot of money like that when ever I earn money, then I will leave crypto but present I have no plan to leave crypto.
  4. Well you will be very lucky because where you lived a country there bitcoin totally adopted, and your country government installed bitcoin ATM for crypto users convince, but it in my country there is no any bitcoin ATMs, but I heard bitcoin ATM's charged high fees when we made any transactions, but anyhow this ATM concept really good, hope every country adopt crypto and install bitcoin ATM's.
  5. Well @Dorjoy12 you're right bitcoin limited supply also one of the reason to made bitcoin valuable in crypto market, because we have only 21millon bitcoins for trade, and in this 21 million supply already crypto market lost 3 or 4 million bitcoins it will be crypto experts estimated figure, so we have only 18 million bitcoins for trading, and the most important bitcoin halving every 4 years after this event happens in crypto market, When this bitcoin halving happens then after bitcoin mining reward decreased, and recently in 2020 bitcoin halving completed and set reward per block 6.25 for miners and next halving held on 2024 and mining reward also decreased around 3.125 bitcoins per block, these all things do bitcoin mining complicated and supply reduced that's why bitcoin more valuable.
  6. @Babubu609 your every topics really useful for everyone there is no doubt, but particularly I think this don't trust any unknown persons message really useful for new members, I will personally recommends new members to read this topic, because mostly scammers send scam messages are unknown phishing links, once we open those links maybe any thing happens with us, so this topic was really important to know how the scammers try to trap us through these messages.
  7. No these three Electroneum phoneum and pi network mining applications, not use our phone CPU then how these apps drains our battery, I personally using pi network app to mine pi coin since I install this apps I will not face any problem, just everyday open this app and start mining button, then after we disconnect our mobile data are switch off our mobile, then also mining continue so these mining apps not effected our mobile.
  8. Well first welcome in our crypto community in crypto world there are several earning methods, like investment, trading, arbitrage trading, etc, but first you will be need to learn crypto properly, because in crypto our every step more important if we do any mistake then we will lost our capital, so this forum best for learn about crypto, spend some good time and gain some crypto knowledge, then according your interest select any method to earn.
  9. Thanks @Calvinpriva my friend remind this spam posts and spammers cleaning process, yes we face this issue in old campaign in that time our send my talk token button was not works few days, but this step really useful for this forum,because so many spam posts deleted and spammers accounts also removed, I think soon we will face this once again because this new btc payment system after, so many spam accounts created by spammers and with these spam accounts, they post spam posters so soon are after surly forum clean this forum, hope forum administration take strong action against multiple account creators also.
  10. Of course if anyone want survive in this forum then they must should follows forum rules, because most of new members their earlier stage not follows forum rules and their accounts banned, once we survived in this forum then after slowly we learns everything about crypto, because we have so much space to improve ourselves.
  11. Anyone write good comments are achieved good ranks, its not mean that member expert in crypto, because crypto is not a small part its like a sky there is no starting and ending points, in my opinion real expert's when we facing any critical condition, at that time who gives proper solution that member called expert in crypto, he knows most of things in crypto and they have good experience in crypto.
  12. Indeed in this new payment system positive reputations need to earn talk token, so show kindness when we notice any useful post then give + reputation, but don't show kindness in every post if any post useless then don't hesitate to put that post - negative points, because earn these talk tokens which post deserves not spam posters.
  13. Well that's true this forum provide three thinks we really need in our life, first learning its crucial in our life because without learning we never improve our ability, second earning everyone knows how important to our financial wise, third meet of new friends if we increase our friends circle then our communication skills improved, if we discussed any topic with our forum friends then our knowledge also increase, these three qualities really helpful for us.
  14. Its OK @Abuyaman my friend i know you're a good member in this forum, and I read your so many useful posts, you didn't post ever any spam post in this forum,.but I quote your post because present you know reputation points how much valuable, if anyone read you're post and give -5 points then these points effected your earnings, so don't be think negatively about me.
  15. This topic really full package for new members because you almost covered every single useful point in your topic, if any new member have confusion how to work in this forum without breaking rules, then this topic really useful for those members, thanks @Babubu609 to create this topic, and this topic really useful for everyone.
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