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  1. Its really glad for me @Projectcrypto you ask my opinion about yobit v-mining plan, recently few days back iam also buy a micro plan to spent nearly 0.01 btc, but now I think I did a mistake because when I buy this plan then minex coin price around 1000 sat, but now minex price 170 sat means you understand how much minex coin price decreased, if we want 18 minex Every day then we need to buy yo power every money its extra, but still I believes this v- mining plan profitable, because this plan behind reputed exchange working, so they do everything to made this plan profitable for their user's.
  2. @Dorjoy12 Surely its our duty this mistake looks very Small, but according forum rules this mistake very serious and forum moderators also strict against these rule's, if any new member not follows these rules then we suggests them and correct their mistake.
  3. @Dorjoy12 financial discipline make major impact on our investment, especially when we invest in crypto currency then we take extra care, because this market price pump and dump within short period, so invest amount how much we affords and select good currency then we earns decent amount.
  4. @Calvinpriva no one can be expert by birth their learning ability made them expert in any field, in this forum so many members join to learn crypto, as like you mention if everyone share their experience and knowledge then other members also became expert in crypto, that is the reason this forum different and we achieve good rank even expert member tag, but need to do hard work and learn different information from different sections.
  5. Of course my friend @Cleaner this forum not only a forum, it is our office and we are all workers, if we are all work as like team then this forum reach good level and get famous in crypto world as like bitcointalk, I know that achievement not easy but if we do hard work then it's not impossible.
  6. @Kenan12 It's true in this forum some new members not obeying this 100 characters rule's, but it is most important rule our post must should contain 100 characters then that post eligible to receive payment, if we can't write 100 characters in our post then that post get deleted by moderators, and those members complaints moderators deleted their post, but they don't understand where they do mistake, so everyone must follow this rule if we want avoid post deleting problem.
  7. @Cleaner you're absolutely right every platform have their unique rules and regulations, if we disobey those rules then our accounts banned like in this forum we see so many times, and online there is one other platform like this forum and I totally agree with this point, because on this forum we earns money plus knowledge at same time, so its our duty daily active on this forum.
  8. Weekly report : 17 Nov to 23 Nov (week- 5) Cryptotalk username ; Honny143 Link to cryptotalk :https://cryptotalk.org/profile/26133-honny143/content/ Telegram username : @Honny143 Betfury username ; Honny143 Campaign : cryptotalk signature Links to post/ repost 1)https://cryptotalk.org/topic/322686-newbies-read-before-posting/?do=findComment&comment=10375271 2) https://cryptotalk.org/topic/26804-cryptp-vs-fiat-where-are-many-hackers-and-scammers/?do=findComment&comment=10381045 3) https://cryptotalk.org/topic/289300-how-to-identify-a-scam/?do=findComment&comment=10374408 4) https://cryptotalk.org/topic/323972-what-if-we-stop-posting-for-a-few-days/?do=findComment&comment=10351143 5) https://cryptotalk.org/topic/323972-what-if-we-stop-posting-for-a-few-days/?do=findComment&comment=10351143 6) https://cryptotalk.org/topic/325540-do-you-still-hold-talk-token/?do=findComment&comment=10343927 7) https://cryptotalk.org/topic/106345-3-years-in-crypto-what-have-you-gain/?do=findComment&comment=10280339 😎 https://cryptotalk.org/topic/325057-no-reputation-in-other-sections/?do=findComment&comment=10233131 9) https://cryptotalk.org/topic/324672-can-i-post-in-arabic-or-french-in-this-forum/?do=findComment&comment=10225952 10) https://cryptotalk.org/topic/91286-are-stable-coins-really-advicesable-to-invest/?do=findComment&comment=10218054 11) https://cryptotalk.org/topic/101097-time-to-cash-your-income-before-its-too-late-for-you/?do=findComment&comment=10217755 12) https://cryptotalk.org/topic/91578-sim-change-effects-my-account/?do=findComment&comment=10171873 13) https://cryptotalk.org/topic/110989-reputation-points-really-judge-any-post/?do=findComment&comment=10143266 14) https://cryptotalk.org/topic/325549-my-thoughts-about-utility-of-talk-token/?do=findComment&comment=10280687 15) https://cryptotalk.org/topic/322538-a-little-help-for-your-new-friend/?do=findComment&comment=10274742 16) https://cryptotalk.org/topic/101803-learn-from-experience/?do=findComment&comment=10249598 17) https://cryptotalk.org/topic/324852-how-much-did-you-earn-from-cryptotalk/?do=findComment&comment=10242427 18) https://cryptotalk.org/topic/242373-the-binance/?do=findComment&comment=10223727 19) https://cryptotalk.org/topic/109251-my-way-of-creating-topic/?do=findComment&comment=10219523 20) https://cryptotalk.org/topic/326047-my-comments-is-being-deleted/?do=findComment&comment=10341246
  9. @Cryptonas if you want make this forum better then first write proper100 characters post, because it's basic rule but your topic not contains 100 characters, then how your contribution useful for this forum hope you understand my point, it's my humble request for new members write 100 characters post and respect forum rules.
  10. Yes @Dorjoy12 of course our forum open forum as like other social media platforms, but the difference is our forum crypto currency related and no one force us to always active on this forum, its our choice if we do not want to work are any personal problem to inactive then it doesn't matter, but if we inactive for long time then we miss so many benefits like I miss in recent time.
  11. @gbfisher this is the main disadvantage in crypto where someone stolen our crypto assets, then we don't trace that person only trace wallet address, that is the reason so many crypto hacker's attack in our wallets and successfully stealing our money, But in fiat these type hacks not possible but some banks higher officials and big personalities create fake accounts, and send fiat currency for their personal use, but if these scandals exposed then that country governments take the responsibility and recover that fund, So I think in crypto we see more hacks compared to fiat.
  12. @Kenan12 basically this forum made purpose is to learn crypto currency, so our crypto community members published their experience through these topics, if we don't read these topics totally then how we should learn their experience and knowledge, if we want became good crypto investor are trader anything else, without this knowledge we can't achieved.
  13. @Kenan12 in online there are so many crypto learning ways available, but those Way's not gives us earning opportunity but cryptotalk total different, its our teacher plus as like earning machine also where we learns crypto knowledge and also earns good amount, this forum even more then teacher, if anyone crypto knowledge lower then I prefer this forum for those members.
  14. @Binfahd of course me must should read topic content not just topic head line, because some members asks question what is bitcoin ? and some members gives proper details about bitcoin, and their topic headline also similar like what is bitcoin, if we do not read whole content then how we understand what exactly have in that topic, and we gives our reaction regarding that headline then we miss leads our crypto community its not good for new members.
  15. You know basic knowledge in crypto its enough and you should be invest in crypto, but not in investment plans because most of investment plans scam, you need enough knowledge to understand these plans, but buy and sell crypto coins there is no need good knowledge, but I advice you only buy and sell well known crypto currencies, and another important message as beginner avoid trading.
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