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  1. I only trust in coingecko to know daily news and crypto currency prices, because this website gives true information and know in 24 hours what's happen in crypto market, because this accurate information helps in trading I think you suggests tokenmarket cap also good but I don't use this site.
  2. Well bro your suggestion really impressive maybe not now but in future this forum definitely implement this feature, because present once we complete the count then wait for certain time to regain this points , but sometimes 20 are 25 points later system errors messages your count complete wait some time, so some deserve post not got this points.
  3. This is really amazing news form coinbase itself introduced in stock market, means now we see soon coinbase in different angle and us coinbase users now trade coinbase stocks in stock market, its definitely attract so many investors who believe in crypto, maybe I think this benefits use only USA country peoples.
  4. Well mate don't worry you don't no anything about crypto currency, then you're in right place, because cryptotalk forum main purpose is to teach crypto currency, so you start following expert members post and if have any doubt's then post a topic, because our forum members gives good explanation to understand easily, and watch crypto you tube videos its also helps to learn crypto currency.
  5. You are interested to start crypto currency businesses its really great, crypto social messenger means you review crypto coins and analysis to share in your messenger, so I suggests a name cryptomania.com I think it's a good name to your messenger.
  6. Yes mate I understand when any post totally copy paste then give -5 bad reputation then i acknowledge, it's not matter because I do mistake then I receive -5 points, but its not mistakenly mate because this is not single post last two days continuesly I received this -5 points, its really frustrating me thanks bro to support me.
  7. Respected moderators and my dear crypto talk friends pls help me, last couple of days I facing a problem present everyone knows this new campaign we can't identified who gives bad reputation points in our post, but last couple of days some one giving -5 bad reputation points when I post any reaction, if you want example then pls check ""Russian vs English forum"". todays topic, where you found forum old members and new members share their reaction, but only my reaction target and gives -5 points, I have no idea who this behind but every time he gives -5 points not -1,-2,-3,-4, when I post immediately I receive - 5 points so I personal request the member who doing this type activity pls mate stop this I begging you, because now this bed reputation points destroyed my earning, if you hurt my any post then pls forgive me pls don't do this type.
  8. Is it real mate Russian section members earn extra through signature campaign, because I really don't no this update I think present Russian section one step ahead to compare English section, because they have more topics more active members and now they earn extra income also,seriously English section need improvement to achieve Russian section level.
  9. I know this thread is old and that time dogecoin show some movement, and price increase little bit then later I can't notice any changes in dogecoin price, still its trade in btc/doge pair at the prices of 25 are 26 satoshis, but one think remember dogecoin is one of the old coin and still use in withdrawal purpose.
  10. Stellar (XLM) founder burned 50% coin means they want increase this coin prices in crypto market, because stellar coin have 105 billion coins huge supply, and market theory is when we have huge supply then prices low, so stellar coin founder take good step to burn 50% coins now supply decrease then price increase, every one knows xlm good valuable coin and this type steps definitely attract buyer's.
  11. Leave this forum are work hard to achieve success its depends on our self,because in any field we can't achieve success without doing anything, its need loyalty hard work if we have this qualities then we success in any filed, if we leaves any platform including cryptotalk without doing any effort then we accept we are loser, so work in this forum full confidence and true our dreams.
  12. Honny143


    In crypto currency its not easy to say which website fake are real, but some tips follows and do research then possible to avoid this fake sites, like don't invest in starting period search reviews in Google YouTube and other platform's, mainly this fake sites gives eye catching offers where we see this offers not possible to give anyone, so if we follows this tips then anyone not scam.
  13. Honny143

    Buy BTC

    There are so many peer to peer exchange where we buy bitcoin through PayPal payment method, like localbitcoin paxful we buy are sell bitcoins through PayPal, and this exchange reliable and trustable so you want buy then use this platform's.
  14. Few months back I heard superforex gives sign up bonus but I think its need verify our kyc to claim this bonus, exactly I am not sure because I heard in forex any broker not give sign up bonus, i think you do some research before join this platform its better, because I recently sign up in octafx broker but I can't receive any sign up bonus.
  15. Well mate I need your help iam also faucet pay users, I know this faucet pay provide binary trading in crypto currency, I have doubt how much bitcoin we need to trade in faucet pay and which strategy you use to earn 0.003 sat every day, because I loss 50k sat in faucet pay I hope you give response my post.
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