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  1. My dear, I agree with you, and we must stick to our dreams while we are here to gain experience and some information about cryptocurrencies and enter their world, but in our public life we must not give up on our dreams at the first failure we must try again
  2. I have not tried it before but I heard that there are some games that do these ads and attract attention to tricks, so my friend I do not advise you to use them
  3. You can reach a good level and get positive responses and high ratings as I said by supporting senior experts here in the forum, but in return you have to develop your experiences.
  4. These tips are very suitable for beginners and young adults. I think they should always be attached to the top posts.
  5. I think you are wrong. I think that the money provided by the forum is suitable for your daily income. Certainly, you cannot rely on it as a whole job. You need additional work.
  6. I think it is safest to monitor your currency and draw a chart of its rate of rise and fall during a week, for example, and then you can predict its condition.
  7. This is smart, my friend. I believe cryptocurrencies are the future of global currency, so the more experience you gain in this field, the more you will be the winner
  8. Everyone here looks forward to a bright and distinguished future for the forum, in accordance with the goals it set and strived to achieve. Personally, I see her as a quality teacher who uniquely teaches her students.
  9. First, I welcome you, and secondly, my friend, you cannot enter this field without knowing all its risks and taking care of them in order to avoid them. Try to follow the advice of the best experts here to get the best advice.
  10. Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies are all for me a path that I would like to explore for its risks and aesthetics Others' experience in this is not enough for me and it doesn't tell about my happiness, so I need to research for myself.
  11. No, dear, I do not agree with you, but they know the risks fully, but the joy of success and gain is more beautiful than loss. The more they know about currency conditions and the types of piracy, the lower their loss rates.
  12. It is really one of the advantages of cryptocurrencies and that you become without the need for papers, spreads and transactions, but this also increases the rates of fraud.
  13. That's right, English Professionals definitely spend half of the time they do on getting the work done, but there is no need for all this anxiety that you will gain experience over time.
  14. My friend, firstly, welcome. Secondly, you can search in a section about the forum to find some information, then search through old and highly rated publications to learn as much information as possible that you need.
  15. You may not have enough experience yet compared to the ancients here .. It is not enough to liberate your character without knowing the subject matter of your nomination for support with a good reputation. Don't be sad, you need some time.
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