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  1. Confirmation post:”Name” of campaign:Signature. Cryptotalk username: Dorjoy12 Link to Cryptotalk: Telegram username: @Riad2013 BetFury nickname: Dorjoy12
  2. @Honny143 i have lil bit doubt About this negative rating because once i saw a message in a group where member said his yobit got avg rate was (-) but he still received btc and talk token payment.. This make me confused that is still rating system work or not.. I will talk about it with Moderator..
  3. @Honny143 this is good idea and i suggest you in this way my friend.. Its look lil bit bad if we messages some one directly about his did the right thing by tag him plus show him the right information.. I know still many member unknown with our payment update so they should read about it in as soon as possible..
  4. @Honny143 i asked you to contract with him and correct this mistake because one of my friend give me the same advice that dont share wrong Information in forum as still many member learn your news... But its okay too that You have mentioned him and explained him the right information.. Just keep work like this friend..
  5. @Honny143 nothing to do but as usually we will find out spammer and if we get any suspicious activity from any member then without any delay we will give them negatives react plus a report.. But we shouldn’t do anything without evidence and deep check.. Hope you understand..
  6. @Emma William when the market is down then we should wait for the price drop till it dont find out any support place where the coin price can be stable.. And that is the right time to buy the coin while trade on it as you said.. But dont it risky for us to earn profit in short term? Because when market go down trend then any time it can be stable or again down..
  7. @George10 somtime topic become duplicate but in those duplicatee topic you can find out two kind of information which lead sometimes Moderator dont deleted those topic.. But especially copy same topic called duplicated and will be deleted.. But its not mean they will received warning or Banned bro..
  8. @George10 day trading is good if you understand About the market conditions.. Such as now market is crash so if you do now days trading then surely you will get lose your money.. The best time for doing trading is when the Market conditions is up trading.. Yah if you want to do trade now then do trade for long term condition.. Hope market will recover soon..
  9. @Mark wood maybe like so but i dont prefer bounty any more.. Its better to focus on our forum pay per post campaign plus different signature... Because this two ways of earning give us much money than doing bounty.. In bounty higest you can get 200 usd or more in a year while lot of task for bounty participants😆
  10. @gourav789 if you are expert in trading then its okay Because you can easily analysis the market up and down trend plus understand the signals too which will lead you to easily earn profit.. But those member who dont know even about signal of trading then how they can earn profit.. So they will need much time to learn trading..
  11. @Mosharraf dont talk like this 😆 because mostly bounty project is fake now.. You said this because you might didnt join in bounty project but i joined in some bounty plus telegram campaign which was totally scam.. Yah bounty was profitable but not now again actually if not you able to choice the legit one.
  12. @gourav789 its quite interesting as i heard too that amazon started accept crypto currency.. But i cant find someone still who buy book from online by crypto currency though its necessary for many People as they buy book from different place with high cost.. Though my idea is same as you about online book purchase system 😆
  13. @gourav789 that is why many bounty hunter start to leave bounty Project while going to learn new thing such as web designer, about Smart contract and blockchain work because from this section you can earn 40k usd plus in a year.. So its better for them to learn about blockchain than waste time in bounty..
  14. @gourav789 is there has any method by Which we can purchase online book by crypto currency?? Then it will be great news for some member who love to read book from online... But as far as i know we dont need to buy book from online by money as we can easily download the pdf of that book.. What do you think about it?
  15. @yonkii there has lot of gambling site and game site where you can earn btc for free.. Such as roller coin game site where you will be able to get certain amount of satoshi Every 5 minute later or lil bit.. The more time you will spend their and pass your level then the more your earning will be.. Also you can choice btc faucet gambling site..
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