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  1. @Calvinpriva its true that trading is same like gambling but there has a differences between trading and gambling so every one need to understand about trading if you have enough experience and research with strategy then there has chance to get profit always but in gambling no strategy work always for every one
  2. @Honny143 dont worry about it mate becuase in crypto Worlds there has lot of thing that you know but i dont know.. I think its not a big problem because if we keep share our knowledge and experience then soon we can be expert kn crypto Worlds Friend
  3. I will suggeste my friend about cryptotalk forum because of its the best Forum for noob member who has no idea about crypto currency.. So i invited them to come in this forum and learn about crypto currency easily without any pressure.. Also this forum provide payment for kind of member so if they get payments too then they will be encourage more to learn and active here.. So i will invite them ๐Ÿ˜
  4. I am totally agree with you becuase if we do any post without know the information about the topic then our post will be called as useless post and any time it can be deleted by the moderator.. Again we become unknown with the information that can be helpful for us in future.. So i think we should take a research about those news that we dont know and after gain proper knowledge we can post properly which is perfect ๐Ÿ˜
  5. @Honny143 no my friend... This auto savings feature is available in all the invision community site.. I have worked in some invision community site and while DOING post i get network problem so the page has reload.. But when i going to post again i saw the article still available that i didnt finis yet.. Hope you understand
  6. @BTC Future this forum is made for teach crypto currency all over the people in this worlds... If anyone think that it Will end soon then there must be have two logic.. Number one is,maybe the forum authorities will stop paying payment if this forum fill up with the full spammer member.. And second reason is, this forum might open a system from where member can earn easily like bounty programme, airdrop or signature campaign.. But no one sure that the forum will stop paying... So we should not talks about it..
  7. As i can guess if we give react to a topic which is useful then the writer of the topic must be happy and he might feel inspiration to make a good post..again if we give a bad react to a member who didnt make a good post but did copy or paste then we just need to give him a bad react so that from next time hr might try to make good post.. So we every one should use our reaction properly..
  8. To know that which site scam or not just you need to search about the aite in internet and easily you will be able to find out many article about the site.. And if you can make a friend from that site then it Will be MORE better for you to find out is it scam or not.. But i think search in internet is enough to know is the site is scam or not.. Hope YOU understand
  9. If you talk about Commission then trx also higher than xrp... Becuase trx take no fee to convert or withdraw.. My gambler friend always use trx as it has no fee for transaction yet.. But i prefer litecoin as it transaction fee also low around 1240 litecoin satoshi....also litecoin speed enough first you can realised if you do transaction with it too...again its litecoin is the best altcoin too..
  10. Though i am not a big trader but i can ensure you that trading can make you rich without any doubt but you have to do trading in proper ways...if YOU think just trade some ltc today and YOU Will get much profit but you are wrong....its too hard to gain profit from it while still there has a lot of chance to lose your money... So you need to find out the best time for trading like you want to do day trading then trade on some btc when you see btc price going up slowly..
  11. @Calvinpriva i am totally agree with you.. To achieved something we need to have two thing badly and from them one is luck and another is knowledge.. If from this two things one get Miss up then be sure you are lose.. By the way still we need to be aware about trading because its much depend on your luck and experience.. So usually a noob will get lose when he do first trading just becuase of have not enough experience
  12. Nice idea you have made.. But in my way of thinking is that if you are good writers about crypto currrency while helpful to noob and senior member then they will automatically Follow you and react you.. So that you will be encourage to writing more good article too.. So there has two benefit.. One is member get benefit from you and you also get benefit from them ๐Ÿ˜
  13. I am always try my best to follow your instructions.. When ever i am going to post on a topic i read the topic goodly then give react..i do the same thing when read any member comment.. If the comment useful then give a love react or +1 react... And if bad then negative react..again for the new rating system this forum going to be MORE clean and we can use our react in a proper ways..
  14. @Ch Ayyan you have shared a nice information for the beginner because it Will be helpful for them now to find out unread topic.. Also many senior member dont know about so it will be helpful for them too. But i think we should not only look for unread topic but also create new topic so that we will have lot of new topic to post..
  15. Yes i am agree with you.. And those value less topic made by spammer only becuase Their main target in this forum to earn money.. But unfortunately now its not again possible becuase the membee of THIS forum and moderator always active and try to find out useless post and spammer then block them out.. The noob member dont Understand that if they learn about crypto currency goodly then its profitable for them in future..
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