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  1. I really want to know how att forum improving their token situation because I am still confused where to trade their token. Sad but true that I wanted to convert my point there to the token but later come to know that the token has less use case. Do you have full information?
  2. Don't talk about this. I don't know why forum is not bringing use case for this token? This is forum token and can't end up like this. Can you imagine the price down from 200 satoshi to less than 1 satoshi? They said they will bring ads system here which will be use for talk token. But where? Promise is not full filled .
  3. I think, there will be an update about English section payment soon. Because within few days our Cryptotalk birthday will come. And to celebrate this birthday, they might bring use case of talk token and update about payment for English section. Because without English section, this forum look died.
  4. I am not having any hope with the Talk token anymore. Because there has no use case of this token yet. Holder who did not sell the token at the peck of price , just because forum said talk token use case will come, they are now blaming their self. I am one of them . Currently i am having 400k talk token but where its price? I am blaming myself once again today.
  5. This is still just my expectation but I hope that the English section payment might be open near September or October when cryptotalk will be two years old. To celebrate the time, they may will take step like this. But this still depends on them. Also, we want some change on the rule and especially for newbie. Because there has many newbie who made comment on different high value topic but their comment there keep no value. They should have limitation on comment too.
  6. What are you talking about actually ? If you get any warning point here then this mean you have done any mistake which is not following forum rule but what does this mean that you will be kicked out from crypto currency ? Yes , to avoid warning point what you need to do is keep following the forum rule and do not make any spam post.
  7. i think i have done my vote succesesfully with postivie feedback but i think i am little bit late .. actually i were busy last some days about some work so can not give extra time here .. have a nice day @Whited35
  8. why only doge coin?/ but almost all coin pumped like a myth which can make you feel astonoise ..even etc pumped 2x too within 1 days as like doge.i have traded etc one month earlier at 12$ but today it is 48$..can you imagine this?
  9. anyway ,did you joined that voting contest where 4 forum helding a contest about which is more active and best .that is why you can vote cryptotalk forum while if our forum get first place then there has a chance soon new advertise will come here
  10. @Afroja14 let me tell you the same think mate which is if you want to ask me some thing then you should tag me only not other because this gonna look like spamming ,,in this case just tag me only when ever yoou need to know any thing
  11. yes this should be every time but what happening now a days? all the newbie member doing post or topic by copy other member content which is really bullshit .in this case only way to remove them is report about them
  12. @Muhammad asim36202 what i wanted to mean in the topic actually did you understand ? because if you understand then i hope that you will not wasting your whole time on beginner section because if you do so then you can not learn many thing about crypto news
  13. @Honny143 yes ,this is true because if any one gonna abuse the forum rule then this gonna happen now a days ..But now a days spammer making or doing reputation cheating which is now the most common reason to get banned
  14. @Honny143 you should give this advice to user that do not waste your time into those free coin as those free coin has less value in yobit market and might you will be never be able to do trade so stay far away from that
  15. why not ? ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ this will be great step made by elon musk then because he will be able to get more profit than from the tesla ..anyway this gonna be fun if we make conversation like this mate
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