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  1. Bitcoin has moon at the present time. By Moon we mean that its price has risen beyond human imagination. However, we know that the price of Bitcoin depends on supply and demand. However, the price of Bitcoin is sometimes influenced by wheel traders. But I have seen that Bitcoin pumps towards the end of the year. However, this year will cross 20K.
  2. The best cryptocurrency is Bitcoin and its next rank is Ethereum. Cryptocurrencies are all good but there is a difference between popular and demand. Ethereum is now in demand in cryptocurrencies. I like to invest and trade with these coins. However, I do not like to withdraw with this coin because the withdrawal fee is high.
  3. @Mark wood..There are many members in the forum who work in the forum just to make money. But I personally work in the forums to take income and knowledge and share information. It is from this forum that I have been able to gain all the information and knowledge of the crypto world today. I respect this forum very much. And here I work thinking of my own office.
  4. @Oxygen99...Bitcoin is now running bull. However, it is expected that the price of Bitcoin will increase further this year. However, the demand for Bitcoin is higher this year. And its traders and investors are increasing day by day and as a result its price is increasing. But when its big whale trader sells bitcoin, its price will go down.
  5. @Mark wood...Everyone in the forum should share new information every day. This will benefit all members. However, posting all our topics This should increase our knowledge. And many create useless topics and their topics are deleted. Those who create useless topics are a kind of spammer.
  6. @Projectcrypto...In the forum we can learn a lot about cryptocurrency. All information related to crypto is available in this forum. But everyone should improve the forum with new information. However, all members of the forum are respected. But those who are senior should be respected. Because they know a lot about the forum.
  7. @MuhammadSh..Trading basically requires a lot of experience. No newcomer can easily profit by trading. However, there are many good currencies besides Bitcoin to trade. But bitcoin is a good currency to trade but it is for big traders. However, for those who want to trade with less capital, XRP, LTC, Monero, Dogecoin will be the best.
  8. @Mark wood..There have not been many spammers since the introduction of talk token payments. But since its trade started, many spammers have started entering this forum. However, moderators are doing a lot to eliminate spammers. However, we can call those who create ineffective topics spammers. Many uid have already been deleted.
  9. @setifien..I don't think LTC will reach $1,000 very soon. Because LTC is a low quality coin. Its price will not pump so much but it remains to be seen whether its price will reach there in the future. However, if the price is the highest pump, then it can be $ 200. However, there are many investors and traders of this coin
  10. Exactly brother @Calvinpriva..You can learn trading on your own. It will be much better for you if you can learn it on your own. It will take you a long time to learn. Even then you can learn a lot. Experience is required to trade. So it is important to acquire all the knowledge of trading. We can choose the best sites to trade. And I will start trading in small quantities.
  11. @gourav789..This forum is expanding day by day. The number of members in this forum is increasing day by day. However there are many new members who are inexperienced. Because they are not aware of all the rules of the forum. If a member reads all the rules and pinned posts of the forum then they will get a lot of knowledge. The Forum pays for the post and arranges signatures and competitions.
  12. @Syedbesharat..The forum provides tokens for rating. Which is an additional income opportunity for all members. However our post should be verified to provide rating. We will give a positive rating to a good post and a negative rating to a low quality post. However, if anyone abuses the rating, he will be punished.
  13. @ShiNorton.. Bitcoin is not legal in all countries. However, you will find Bitcoin users in all countries. Because cryptocurrency is a very expensive currency. With which investment and trading is very profitable. However, the demand for cryptocurrencies is increasing day by day and its influence has spread all over the world. But I think in the future crypto will be adopted by all countries. At present some countries have adopted it.
  14. right @Mella..Many people use BTC to invest. However, they do not use Bitcoin to withdraw. There are reasons behind this. Those who trade know that the withdrawal fee of Bitcoin is very high so no one withdraws Bitcoin. I myself have never withdrawn BTC because its fee is too high I always withdraw Litecoin
  15. @pacific..Our forum is being updated day by day. If you look at the forums in the past and present, you will understand how much the forums have changed now. However, this forum is evolving day by day and it is advancing technically. In this forum you will gain a lot of knowledge which is very important for you. This forum now carries all the information in the crypto world.
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