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  1. We know that all sections contain spam. Where money is paid for work and there must be spammers. Then why the payment will be stopped in our English section. We have a lot of good members in the English section. And let's introduce a good method to eliminate spam. But I do not want to say anything about it. Admins can turn it on or off if they want to. That can turn on the system depending on their minds. But we have nothing to do but wait
  2. Of course we should all get in touch, but you should start a new payment system soon. I want the forum to be spam free and everyone to work and earn money. And let the forum grow fast
  3. This is a sad fact for many good members in the English section. However, payments should be introduced in the English section very soon. You know that now the English section is not as active as before. Now there is no payment and no good bounty is brought to this forum. If you bring a good bounty then many of us will be interested in working. And turn on spam-free payment systems Thank you
  4. It has been a long time since the payment was not introduced in the English section. However, forum spammers will never go away. However, admins can make other plans to eliminate spammers. And I have become impatient to hold the talk token.
  5. Dear administrator @Bigpat And admin @Desaisand @epidemia The English section has not yet launched the payment system. When will you start the payment? And is there any possibility of increase in the price of talk token?
  6. This contest is still running. Now we can participate
  7. @MrSpasybo..I made good money from the crypto world. Got a lot from the crypto world and it will bring very good results in the future. But now I have some coins, I'm just waiting for the price to rise. If the price goes up, I will sell it and take usdt
  8. Bitcoin was not priced at $60,000 when you created the topic. Maybe you said wrong. In 2019, the price of Bitcoin dropped to $4,000. But currently Bitcoin is running bull
  9. Talk Token does not have its own wallet. Because it's just yobit's shit token. However, the admin said that the promotion of this token will start and then the price of this token will be better. However, if this token is listed on various exchange sites, then the wallet of this token will be created
  10. Many lives have changed since the crypto world. I never thought of making money online. But since I entered the crypto world I started earning and now I am having a good time earning crypto currency. But the crypto world can benefit from doing a lot
  11. Talk tokens may not be liked by many, but many have. When the token trade did not start, but everyone got a good amount of tokens to work every day. And those who sold at the beginning of the talk token trade, they got a good profit.
  12. The forum has many useful and pinned topics that are important to us. However, there is no option to save them in your profile. But we will get them in every section.
  13. If you read my topic well, you will know a lot. If you don't read the topic well, you won't know anything. You will enter the about forum and beginner section of the forum and read the pinned posts and rules there. @Abdul Ghani
  14. You are right. Our forum will be more publicized now. Now everyone will know about our forum. You say that the bounty manager will know about this forum and bring the bounty here, but it could be so. This will benefit the members of the forum.
  15. @Sumon21..The world is improving day by day. However, the use of cryptocurrency is increasing day by day. However, the use of Fiat will be reduced a bit. But Fiat has requirements
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