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  1. I will give people such advice too, but I do not know talk token can be used to gamble, or not right? And there is an option on the investbox for yobit to invest the talk token, 1% daily reward.
  2. It is no more working, it was fine one point in a time when the rating system started new, just in order for people not to be able to use it to double earn from the forum. But now, no double earning again, you will be paid according to your number of posts.
  3. You are right, criticism should be positive. This will really help the forum, but I noticed some members will be corrected but will not listen, thinking they are right, but that should not stop anything topic or post that worth criticism not to be criticized.
  4. Well, good movies. I really liked the ones that showed the history of bitcoin. I couldn't believe I can recently know bitcoin, leaving the time it was increasing unknown to me. I hope not to late for me though.
  5. Bit I noticed posts are not getting deleted like when we were paid bitcoin. I also noticed most of not all posts counts now for payment. If posting quality posts, no post will be deleted.
  6. Dead coins are shitcoins that never rise but always getting low to an extent it gotten low and never rise again. The marketcap of the coin worth nothing and nobody is investing on such coin again. You will have to analyze coins yourself to actually know if it is dead or not.
  7. You will need to read the pinned messages in about forum very well, after, you will need to visit each boards to know how what people are replying. Do not have more than one account, else all your accounts will be banned. Also contribute meaningfully to the forum. You are welcome.
  8. I think you are not serious, if you are serious, you will not reply to bad posts, instead, you can report such posts to moderators. Else, the post, or topic including your own comment could be deleted by moderators.
  9. As you implied, that was the old system, the new way is now different so much, no one will know who gives him rate, be it good or bad rates. But, the moderators can see all these, so giving ratings appropriately is very important.
  10. Yes, we are helping the forum, but not also help, because we are motivated by the payment. Although, not paid now, but our happiness is in September when talk token trading begin. I am saying we are not helping the forum because we are paid for the work we are doing.
  11. If a member quoted a post inappropriately, I will like moderators to be deleting such posts. There should be good ways to quote. Some members will quote a very long topic or post, and we all know how this can make a thread so frustrating to read. So, why the quote.
  12. You are very right, in addition to the last comment, typo error can change the whole meaning of what someone is posting about. It has to be corrected in a way our post should be free from typo errors.
  13. This forum is not about the payment, it is about contributing and making others to learn from your ideas, about the post count limit, there is nothing bad in posting as many as possible as you can in a day to let people gain from you.
  14. If the posts are authentic, it will not be deleted from the forum. Especially, if the topic is authentically created, it will not be deleted as well. But, if a post is repeated with the same contents, it will surely be deleted, but warning point can be the punishment.
  15. You are right, but people you are referring to are anonymous users, they did not even bother to register at all before learning on this forum. But for people who registered, they are here to earn, not only learning.
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