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  1. Cryptotalk is not one of the best forum, they ban good posters and leaving new posters that post rubbish. When the new posters are good and post good they will ban them too. This is just not a good forum.
  2. Can anyone let me know if cryptotalk is still paying bitcoin. Or are they only paying talk token now?
  3. I only know trust to support phones which are both having iOS version and the android version. But I have not heard about it on desktop before. Can you give me the download link to their official wallet on desktop?
  4. Which means it is good to go for noncustodail wallets as it provides private keys unlike custodial wallet that only provide no private key because private key is very important, it claims me the owner of the coin while unlike the other that does not.
  5. How did you know that they are thinking about releasing a wallet? I do not think you are correct. If you think admin make mention of a plan to creat a wallet, it will be good to shear me the link, but I think you are totally wrong.
  6. Yomose


    To invest in money for long term can be profitable but also it can be loss. But to be more specific, if cryptocurrencies is what you are commenting about, you are fully right, when the down time comes will be the rise time the next. People should not panic because the price will surge back again after decrease and the holding will become profitable.
  7. Trading is not as easy as you think, it is more than the practice new traders made and also very hard than just knowing how to make an order. Trading need more experience and also to be very expert and good. Many people can not learn how to trade in a way that will profit them, such people should just prefer holding instead.
  8. Binance is a good trading platform according to the research I made many months ago, it happened to be the strongest exchange as of recent. It has good trading volume, in fact it has the highest trading volume among all exchanges in the world. One thing I also like about binance is that it has low trading volume.
  9. Trading is not gambling, but if only the trader is expert enough, he will be able to understand that. But with what you comment which is correct, anyone that did not learn about trading, and trading cryptocurrencies or any type of commodity or fiat, the trader is just gambling and will
  10. Yomose

    Hold or trade

    Holders do not just hold too, although trading needs more knowledge and experience about trading than holders but holders too do learn to trade in order to know the specific and the right time to buy and hold which is when the price of the coin they are holding is cheap and later increase and make profit.
  11. Because someone is not scared of trading do not guarantee that they person will not lose, even the confident new traders do lose or mostly lose. All lessons, knowledge and experience must be the first to do before any other thing else. Trading can be profitable but riskier than the profit.
  12. I do not think this idea is good and can not make a trader profit. Be it high or low amount, why not try to make appropriate analysis that will let you determine if to cut loss or wait. But most good cryptocurrencies, if you wait, a time will come that will make you gain back all your losses.
  13. I do not although get any more idea than to buy low and sell high just like you first commented. It is not easy to know when the price is truly low as the price can rise at any unspecific time. But, professionals or experts in trading can 90% have assurance that the market will increase and getting it right.
  14. Because yobit do not have stop loss do not mean that it is not a good platform to trade. Also you can not comment about the yobit interface to be bad as it is not. I use yobit for trading, while binance is the alternative for other features I want but I like yobit because it makes profit than other exchanges if you get things right.
  15. I do not think talk token can see a pump, it is not done in a way to be a good project. Now at 28 Satoshi. The coin may probably become dead later because if to tell the truth, the coin is not shit coin already and members do not like how the price has been decreasing.
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