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  1. That is a good idea mate because many of us when inviting our friends don't use to tell them the right thing which is why they mostly join and make useless posts in any section they visit which is bad, we should always tell them the importance of this forum and why they need to post beneficial stuffs here and by that most of them will be serious when they start.
  2. @Honny143 I think we currently have 5 active moderators which include @Desais, @epidemia, @Alex077, @ayatoslaw and @Bigpat . These moderators are doing there best towards monitoring the forum which is why we need to give them a helping hand by reporting any violator we see in any section of the forum. If we all cooperate and work as a team definitely i believe the administration will create more ways of earning in the forum and i am looking up to see more earning opportunities such as signature campaign, bounty campaigns and many more in the future, so for anyone reading this let work and give the forum the best.
  3. It will surely be nice because we will always be cautious at everytime and in which ever way we may find ourselves in cryptocurrency world, this is why i like this forum the more because when you are going the wrong way we have lot of good members to guide us back to the right part.
  4. You are right mate because only by that we can make good profit in the future and let hope that the talkcoin give a good value in October so that we can also convert to the likes of bitcoin, ethereum and other good coins to hold before the new bullrun comes in few months coming.
  5. I think it won't be a bad idea to invite those type of people to this forum as long as they will give there best and since our forum is still under development then i think we can invite more members so that we can have a better environment for learning and earning at same time.
  6. Sure mate because only by that we can be able to make a successful future and i am also advising anyone reading this post should try to know there problems and make good corrections because it really hurt when you lose.
  7. Experience really matters allot just the way you said and that is why we all need to acquire more knowledge about Cryptocurrency and it related activities in this forum so that we will the best time and coins for us to earn good profit.
  8. Sure mate because even this forum in the future will be something that will be difficult for some people to join since the forum is still growing and the earlier the better for us all.
  9. Yobit exchanger the site i mostly run my activities and the best cheap coins i make usenof to accomplish a transaction is litecoin which is 0.002 equivalent to $0.094 and not even upto a dollar. I believe in it more because it is popular in every exchanger you visit and we also have the likes of wave, ethereum and xrp, so it left for you to decide which will suit you to accomplish your transactions.
  10. All what we seek in this forum is good knowledge about Cryptocurrency and it related activities and for us to achieve such thing definitely we must follow the footsteps of good members of the forum, it mustn't be someone with higher rank in the forum just make sure you observe well because there are so many good contributors among the lower rankers so be wise about choosing who to follow, forget the rank and follow the quality.
  11. Many of us here are planning to make crypto as a full time job and i think this is the right place to begin your career because there a lot you can learn in this forum which is why i suggest we focus and learn more in this forum believe in yourself because it is never too late to learn, just focus and follow the forums rules and regulations so that you won't be restricted completely. Be courageous and believe me you are one step ahead.
  12. Cryptocurrency investment/trading is a very comfortable job that offer experienced users to make good profit in the field and i believe it is currently one of the best ways to make it in life because the profit being made in this field is more than what some of us received in our working places which is why i think it is not bad to make it a full time job.
  13. Many of us do fall victim of scammers due to our greediness forgetting that scammers have different ways of calling attention to there place, to avoid being a victim of scammers i suggest you make research before joining any new site and avoid clicking on the link that you don't have idea about because that is how some of them get to know is better. Prevention is better than cure, so remain vigilant and ignore any suspecious message from unknown people.
  14. Making mistakes is the nature of every living soul and i don't think there is a being that will ever succeed without making mistakes because that is when you begin to know the value of things and make effective corrections to avoid. When you make mistake don't give up because that doesn't mean you have fail but it is a chance for you to plan your future well. No one is 100% perfect even the professional traders because they also lose in the field.
  15. Definitely "NO" it is only recognized as a vote by the administration. The current payment system stated that we can only receive payment for making good contributions which are valid to and they include;;;; 1. Verified posts. 2. Creating valid topics. 3. When you give like or dislike to well deserved posts or topics. 4. When your post receive a positive rating from other members. Aside this listed ways i don't think there is any other way you can earn from the forum.
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