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  1. One day is saw about 750 members online .I think this is the maximum number.
  2. Thanks for tagging me my friend @Iqra 220 . This tagging is a great feature my friend ,I use it a lot ,you can see this by checking out my posts .But don't use tags for tagging the members that don't like to get tagged ,there are some .Only tag to those members whom you think will read your post and also reply .You can get this experience by tagging members at your start in this forum .
  3. You are right @luis2020lemus this is the most incredible feature of Cryptocurrency ,they are almost impossible to hack into .While it's easy for a hacker to hack and steal someone's fiat currency .Seeing it's security many people are turning towards cryptocurrency instead of fiat ,and this is the main reason why many countries have started accepting cryptocurrency.
  4. You are right , @Maaz sultan the miners have stopped mining Bitcoin because of it's high price now and due to the shortage of Bitcoin in the market the value is going higher and higher .I myself was thinking of Mining Bitcoin ,but now as the price is gone a lot higher I will mine other coins.
  5. Yeah you are right @tienda, If you want to invest in coins with bright future then the coins at the top of the market are best for trading ,Like Bitcoin Etherium ,Ripple ,USDT and many more as you mentioned .These are less risky coins because many people are doing trading in them they are buying and selling them everyday so less risks .While if you do trading of risky coins in which only few traders are interested then you will be at risk of loosing your money.
  6. My friend @RonaldB mining cryptocurrency is also a good way to earn crypto and ultimately cash .You just need to have enough money to make a mining rig .You can just use your pc for this .Just buy some graphics card and install it on your pc and start the mining software .You will get passive income from it .
  7. You have caught quite an amusing word mate .People with 50 plus age are adults or you can simply call them adult .The older people always talk about the things that happened in the past when they were younger ,they talk about having less technology and many more things .I think you are right with the passage of time they will accept technology and among the technology the biggest is of cryptocurrency.
  8. No doubt @BrolySSJ that Tis pandemic has been a cause of increase in attention towards Digital currencies especially cryptocurrencies .Among them Bitcoin is the most to attract the most people .As the popularity of crypto has been increased ,the numbers of scams in crypto are also increased .I have been through a lot of scams in this particular year and it was almost double then the previous year .
  9. The method to solve this mistake is very easy @Frodler .First read your post carefully in order to reduce these kinds of mistakes .Suppose if you made such mistake ,then the only solution is to click on edit and then remove the name of the tagged person . My friend @Ezra has explained it nicely .
  10. Yeah it's very small @Admi88 .I think it will be good if the moderators increase it to about 2 % .It will really help in the increase in price of Talk token .The reason is that if it is increased the members will start holding these coins for investment and hence the price will increase .
  11. Bitcoin is a coin made for long term investment @Cleaner .Experts from all over the world are saying that the price of Bitcoin will become 30,000 USD in 2030 or 2025 .It means that we can invest without any doubt in it .Over the years it has proven that it is always a good coin for long term investment .
  12. Almost all the African countries are poor @RonaldB they are struggling for finding a job and make money .But Through social media I have come to know that many youngsters from African countries are earning from the internet ,like through YouTube ,Affiliate marketing and from this forum also .I think these youngsters are the hope for the digital development of these countries .
  13. No my friend it really matters @RonaldB .If Bitcoin exceeds this 20 K USD mark then it will experience a huge increase in price ,because the 20 K barrier is blocking it's way ,Bitcoin want's to increase more but the barrier isn't letting it .So If this barrier is broken many traders will start investing again and grow it's price .
  14. Yeah the investors want Etherium to rise up to Bitcoin @Frodler .They want to balance the crypto world .That's the main reason many of the big investors have stopped investing in Bitcoin and are not letting it go pass 20 K USD .It can be good I think because every coin is made for investment not only Bitcoin .
  15. My friend you are doing some mistake @tienda ,In cryptocurrency there are two different things a coin and a token .A coin has it's own blockchain while token uses other coin's blockchain .Examples of coin is Bitcoin ,Etherium etc and example of token is Talk token ,Minex etc .The topic creator @LUISAHG. has made a mistake and I have tagged him and i think he will correct it .
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