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  1. Then if the compensation stops we hope the Price of talk token to be good when it is lunch so that when we sell we can earn good amount money.
  2. I don't encourage any one to participate in airdrops because many of them are scam while some of the airdrops paid with very low value coins. So for me I considered airdrops has waste of time.
  3. I think the second option will be better than the remaining option because any member that is active in this forum for 15 days I believed he may have something new that he will like to share with his mates in this forum or he might have a question that he may like to ask. So he can use it as a topic. l think the second option will be easier for members of this forum than the remaining option.
  4. I normally prefer to make my post in the night so that I can have full concentration on what I am posting because during the night no one can disturbed me or distract my attention.
  5. Yobit is a great exchange that has high level of security and also has one great feature for earning without trading which is known as invest box. Yobit also give free coins to it's users and even airdrops.
  6. Yobit is a Russian exchange good for making profit and also has high level of security. In yobit you can invest and trade coins. In yobit invest box you can invest your coin and be earnings 1% profit every day.
  7. Wallets are digital store for keeping crypto currency and with wallets you can also received and send coins. Yobit has a wallet and it is secured so feel free to keep your coins.
  8. Taking a break from this forum is not bad but you will missed your earnings for those days you went for break. I don't think the moderators will banned your account because you went for 1 month break. But I don't advice you to go for break because in your absence you will missed a lot things in this forum.
  9. Thanks @Calvinpriva for exposing some of the strategies used by scammers to dupe people and also for providing sites that we can easily used to trace any suspicious site in order to know whether the site is legit or scam.
  10. If the forum stop paying and you leave I think you will missed a lot of things like those friends that you normally enjoy interacting with and you will also lack information about crypto currency.
  11. I will also stay in this forum like you even though they did not pay me because through this forum I learn a lot about crypto trading and crypto investment which l plan to used in future in order for me to become a successful crypto trader or investor.
  12. I don't think it is a good idea to give the topic creator the opportunity to lock his/her topics if he wish because many members in this forum prefer to reply to post than creating new one and this can lead to shortage of topics to reply to.
  13. Cryptotalk don't only help us to earn money but also educate us on how to become a successful crypto trader and the forum also give us the opportunity to interact with people from different countries.
  14. To earn 1 btc isn't an easy task but you can join long term trading with huge capital then you can monitor the price of bitcoin when the price fall then you buy and wait till the Price go up very well then you can sell in order to obtained huge profit.
  15. Actually you did a great job to earn 30,000 USD within 3 month with 40 USD but if you want members of this forum to believed you, you have to provide a proof of payment in order to get those that can contact you on telegram.
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