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  1. Investing is always a very profitable option since with it you rest from the stress caused by the financial market and in short-term trading operations, apart from generating profits passively, which is the freedom that every trader seeks as a goal.
  2. Weekly Report (Week 12: 5 January - 11 January) Date 10-01-2021 Cryptotalk username: Marks33 Link to Cryptotalk: Telegram username: @Marks33 BetFury nickname: marks33 Links to your posts : 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18.
  3. The contents matters a lot because it has to be useful post not just 100 characters. Then for us to enjoy working here we have to obey the forum rules. So that we can stay long learning and earning at the same time.
  4. I think the reason why the number of post and topics in Bitcoinstalk is more than the number of post and topics in cryptotalk is because Bitcoinstalk has been in existence before the creation of cryptotalk forum but all the two forum are good for learning about crypto currency.
  5. If your payment is low you have to work harder because the more your post get positive reactions the more you can earn Satoshi but note: the maximum paid Satoshi daily is 20,000 for receiving positive reactions from your post.
  6. If You wish you can trade with binance or Olymp trade app all through your mobile phone but I suggest you should continue using cryotomenda from your PC because PC has larger screen than smart phones and I think that can make your trading easier compared to mobile phone that has smaller screen.
  7. Actually we can increase the chance of our prediction by studying the behavior of the coin we want to trade with, because the more we take our time to study the behavior of the coin the more we can give correct prediction about the coin's price in the crypto market.
  8. Cryptotalk has many number of people that are working daily that is why the Moderators dosn't bother about the payment for referring someone to the forum. I think most forum or platform that paid for referring doesn't have many active members as cryptotalk does and they are not as popular as cryptotalk.
  9. If cryototalk launched a smart phone application, it will be great improvement to the forum and for all cryototalk smart phone users because many smart phone users will like to used the application because I think it will be faster than the browsers we are using to log into this forum.
  10. I think the reason why some topics were locked is because many members have already answered the question correctly and the moderators don't want anyone to post useless comments on them. That is why they decided to Locked them.
  11. I think rank and experience are the same because the more you post the more you learn and the more your rank will also improve. so should try as much as possible to contribute positively to this forum so that other members can also learn from our experience and knowledge.
  12. Of course, Crypto has change my life, because through crypto I earn profit in trading and investment and that makes me to buy most of my wants. Crypto has also makes me to know much about crypto world. So Crypto has impacted positively to my life.
  13. Thanks friend for elaborating more on the uses of the search button because some members might not know it's uses especially the Brand New and Newbies.
  14. It is possible to transfer your Bitcoin to your coinbase wallet but I suggest you should convert your Bitcoin to ripple coin first. So that you will be charged less fee for the transfer. After you have converted your Bitcoin to ripple then click on wallet in Yobit then search for Ripple coin. After you have found the ripple coin then by the right hand side of the ripple coin there is a minus sign (-) click on it then fill in the necessary information and then click on withdrawal request. It will successfully transferred your ripple to your coinsbase wallet within short period of time.
  15. If you want to post correctly then firstly you have make quality post (which is not less than 100 characters). Secondly always make research from external source in order to post unique, useful contents.
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