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  1. I think taking break it's allow from if you positive things you have to do any moment you can get back but for me am not taking any break because I was very happy that am earning in this side
  2. You are correct mate,some people are making post sometimes without caring to write good post that to be understandable to others which is very bad.its very important to we should understand and work according to the rules
  3. Yeah, It's very frustrated if your post becoming deleted by admins but there is condition if that is happening if your post are not really helpful or quality enough to the forum it's a factor that is resulting a post to be deleted by the moderators untill you start making your post or topic create with quality and more good character of words
  4. I agree with you mention but I don't think all newbies are here on the forum as you said just to make a money and leave,some of newbies are here wanted to help like us on the forum with good contribution and keep the forum clean but some they don't have much knowledge, so it's compulsory for us to follow the rules and regulation give rate to person which make good quality of posts deserve and report any spammer to the moderators that we found out
  5. It's a good suggestion you bring but i think moderators are always active and verifying each of post that members make in a day, among of the post if there is anyone which is not quality enough or duplication they are rejecting them from yobit exchange side by themselves
  6. You are absolutely right,the quality of member he/she always work very hard on the forum creating and making good quality of post that will make surely bring good improvement to the forum also to make his post be beneficial to the old and new member on the forum but frankly some of people not really paying attention to make good contribution
  7. There is many that join for long time ago been old member of cryptotalk there is some of us join not long like me honestly i join Crypto in some two months ago and i appreciate Crypto for giving me opportunity to earn an improve knowledge
  8. I think Both of them are beneficial and have relationship,you can store your coins when you buy valuable coin at high cost later you notice the movement price has change on market due to this you have advantage to hold or pay patient and wait when the price rise up again an sell it.invest on coin the time price low to save the time price will increase on market then to cash to benefit more profit
  9. I agree with you Cryptocurrency can overcome economic problem inside a countries, many unemployments and criminals due to the lack of job when their governments accept bitcoin in the country this will change many people lifestyle to use the opportunity to trade bitcoin on market
  10. Thank for sharing this website with us but I think if the website it's require your post must reach a hundred character of words before you can get your payment I believe many members here will create character more than 100 require to get earning daily
  11. I think it's not wrong advice he give friend to report spammers or plagiarism to the moderators I believe the moderators are serious and will take action on everyone else that make amistake illegally, if they make research an found out who is wrong between one of them
  12. Thank you providing this elementary way we can detect spammers @Babubu609 it's our responsibility to use any methods that will help to detect spammers and report to the moderators because to make the forum clean and improve
  13. @Dark_Sky certainly, newbies on the forum really need our help and support to improve an we all have a wish that one day on the forum they should become better like us an lead and teach ones that will come behind them
  14. My future plan if I have a large digital wealth am going divide it into two category half for saving my community people build what benefit everyone of them an bring improvement to the community and the remaining half of my wealth I will use it to buy cryptocurrencies for trading make it the way through which i will be getting extra profits
  15. I think trading of our talk token will start soon on 15 October and we are going to be receiving payment from BTC before the month come I think there is nothing better than we should have patient and continue by making our post not to feel tired before we know the day will reach and get full payment of our posts we are saving
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