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  1. Yes you are right,i see Many of topics repeat by some members when the question is already be ask by another members before but still repeat it by someone again I think monitor research before creating topic will help us if topic is already been create by some member that we will know
  2. Thanks for this explanation I think spammers they are the people that been posting meaningless posts or what is not beneficial to the section and members from the Forum,spammers are not good people because they don't want to keep Forum clean
  3. I think they are different from each others because cryptotalk pay members good amount of money on each good posts they make everyday but while for faucets side sometimes they are not reliable because they pay users few amount of money when you work on their side and it will take you some many days before you get money
  4. That is true Holding bring profits if you buy coins at low price when price increase on market sell to get interest but i think sometimes Holding a coins for many days I think it's risk because for example person can buy coins at high price but later you see price decrease down on market in unexpected times result person to sell his coins worthless
  5. of course I think there some many free coin offered from yobit to which before to earn your free coins you have to connect to the social network sides and pass link to Facebook, Instagram etc to claim your free coins from yobit side but I really prefer to make comments on crypto forum to earn cryptocurrency, thanks for sharing this information
  6. Yes agree with you mate,cryptotalk platform its the best place we contribute and share good information an ideas about cryptocurrencies which to benefit each others also to improve our knowledge and skills
  7. Trading its fun and is a good source of income because at the moment you start benefitting earning money from trading it will look really fun and feel excite but It look frustrated sometime to people when they lost their profits and will not give them good concentration because of loosing
  8. I think there some confusion come to us in different ways but depends as when we want to trade we get confusion which cryptocurrency we suppose to trade that we will benefit from earning profits or which to make us be rich faster to achieve our dream
  9. Yes that is true, trading is important and very good working give us profits from selling our cryptocurrency I mostly use the half of my interest I get from trading to do more trading with it because to earn more profit and use the half to buy good for myself
  10. Certainly,I think the reason some newbies lost some of profits on trading because I think some newbie didn't not have knowledge about trade by not seek for more advice from some trusted people that know better to learn more methods also sometime they didn't start trading with low amount of profits and start with high profits on trade I think all this can bring lose of our profits on my view
  11. Agree with you, there is some risk on trading can lead person to lose money but on my opinion I think we can minimize risk of loosing our profits by buying valuable currency and sell at the right time not to hold for so long period despite holding some coins is good advantage sometimes to us and I think it can result us to lost because the time when we are expecting the bull run will increase is that time the value will drop down on market which result us to sell our good at low price after we buy it at high price
  12. Yes,I think setting stop loss on trade is very important because you can earn good profits through and it also help sometime to minimize risk of loss all your profits at certain times but the only thing sometimes it annoyed some people
  13. I think the basic needs for trading are many, first you have to calm your mind and learn more knowledge about trade from people which are smart on trading but also you should monitor some more research through websites or internet to know the state of cryptocurrency you prefer to trade as well as marketcap,volume and price of Coins, on my opinion
  14. Base on my opinion You can increase your profits from purchasing valuable currency on market and learning trade from other experts who are very smart on field of trading help you to improve well
  15. I barely do trade with yobit exchange its more convenient to me on doing trading benefit profits from trade and exchange because the side have some many advantage available and good features that most people interested
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