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  1. Hi friends and cryptans. After a long break, unusual, I am back here and active once again. 

    Missed you guys. Hope y'all are good.

    Feel free to quote and mention me when necessary and as when you see I will be of help or it will be of benefit to me. 🥰

  2. Yeah. Surprised you are just coming across the thread for the first time. It was so deep into pandemic and its effect has visibly eating into the economy even in the world strongholds with the exception of China. Resulting to massive sell off in crypto, especially the bitcoin. Well, it is all over in less than a year and BTC shown good resilience hitting all time high after all time high.
  3. This platform almost provide it all. Almost that is needed to keep going strong in the crypto field, making some profits in the process. To me, it is a good, rare opportunity. Just so we can all make good opportunity use of it.
  4. Possibly. But what is somehow surprising to me is why Binance only and Binance particularly?. I want to believe there are several other exchanges that are not Russian based, but also must follow through the same regulations. Well, all in all, this is just a good news. Time not be wasted reflecting on the past especially of when the wrongs have been corrected by relevant authorities.
  5. A credible exchange won't offer a scam IEO or and one without support. Not totally but mostly. So it's more like choosing a good exchange for investment. Think most scams comes in form of ICOs instead. That probably doesn't require exchanges except in listing procedures.
  6. Binary options isn't an easy way to multiply your bitcoin in seconds. If you choose binary options for quick profit, you had better prepare for the big loss too. Just a slight projection will lead to loss more risky compared to trading. It is just another name for gambling in my opinion; but more technical.
  7. So long as they are regulated by the Spanish government, they need to get sued in my opinion. If not, it would be hard for investors and traders to get justice and recover their funds. With the rampant hacks and scam exit common with exchanges, I believe traders needs to be very careful in choosing the safest. Regulated exchanges with insurance needs to be considered first.
  8. And it broke to $1689 all time high shortly after with market capitalization of over $185billion. So many reasons could have promoted that. From DeFi to ETH 2.0, etc as you have mentioned, resulting to high traffic on ETH network. As much as I am quite happy for this new milestone, the increasing gas fee has been giving me some headaches.
  9. Undeniably, there are so many advantages of decentralized blockchain based financial system compared to the conventional though half of them under scrutiny of the government and regulations/restrictions. And I think that's the main point. Cryptocurrency with its properties promises financial transparency and freedom, one which can't get in the good books of the government except is some rare cases. Crypto is inevitable but to think there will be total precedence on fiats isn't logical so long as both are under governmental regulations.
  10. Are you living in my mind? 😅. Exactly what I intended to ask? Firstly, I see no justification of keeping Binance on the blacklist in the first place if they are still in compliance with the country's crypto recently passed crypto law. Gotta be some politics playing in the background. Binance can now take legal actions if they still unremoved after the court rulings.
  11. It was taking longer than ever and I guess everyone was turning impatient. We have to understand the forum is filled of spammers and balance isn't going to updated until all of them are blocked and removed from the campaign. Desais said we should expect it by the end of this week or early next week. https://cryptotalk.org/topic/586-проблемы-в-работе-форума-cryptotalkorg/?do=findComment&comment=13160116
  12. It isn't directly connected to the exchange account. It is stand-alone. Deposits or transactions made on there doesn't appear on the log in the exchange. I think there other many similar telegram bots too. To me, it is decent.
  13. You also ever think how do brands sales get affected by influencers and celebrity actions on social media?. Might not be totally, but it is closely related. Bitcoin, or cryptocurrency in general apart from the stables are affected by speculations and to me that's flexible enough to be affected by any slightest of news, positively or negatively. Elon Musk is arguably one of the world's leading investor every other smaller investors looks up to. To say something positive or make positive actions about bitcoin automatically to the large percentage of investors, is a green signal.
  14. I don't think so. There is no clear evidence he is holding some Bitcoin though he later said in a clubhouse meeting - "I am late to the party". I only see that as prospect investment and just announcement of support to bitcoin particularly which was very vital.
  15. Exactly as Ridam said. To me, more definitely you have been scammed. Since they provided a code which you couldn't redeem. My advice is getting a lightning network explorer, get the evidence and contact the support of such investment company. That's mainly the problem of running a LN, it might not be totally safe.
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