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  1. Another factor to look into when choosing an exchange apart from Security, Liquidity, Market volume and Active Market is a good Customer service support. Many good exchanges lacks in this and the most efficient way to solve this is to partner with a good customer service company. Yobit, one of my favourite exchange lacks in this too. Binance definitely has the best customer service support.
  2. I don't really know how the platform is, I checked on it. It will definitely provide a better alternative to using Localbitcoin (have restricted all African countries from trading due to new AML rules) and Paxful for African Crypto traders.
  3. I can say you did well, I cannot imagine what the second case might be without your knowledge on hacking. Phishing and Unlinscensed Antivirus are the key points I learned from your story. We have to be careful with things like that and storing large Crypto in an exchange or online wallet should be avoided too.
  4. As of now and the time of this post, Amazon doesn't accept bitcoin. You can use a third party payment processor like PayPal to convert your cryptocurrency to Amazon gift card. So basically it goes like; you buy convert your bitcoin to PayPal money and buy a gift card with that and use it on Amazon, I see it as a long process though.
  5. Jack Dorsey has been very clear of his support on bitcoin and cryptocurrency and his investment in it. In 2019, he predicted a massive increase in bitcoin price this year and has been reportedly investing $10,000 every week. With more investors like him around, bitcoin is set for the moon 🌒.
  6. I don't follow airdrops on telegram, they are all waste, 100% of them. You might want to do KYC, that's your choice but make sure it is a platform guided by good customer privacy and security. You wouldn't want your information be mishandled by a third party.
  7. Well, your coin, your decision. Decision whether to sell after any slight pump in the market depends on you. I have been holding some bitcoin and Ethereum in my wallet since February and I still believe it can do more if I can hold a little longer since there is no urgency.
  8. Fake Satoshi Nakamoto keeps arising week in week out because of their one or two connection to the creation Bitcoin or its features. Adam Back is no doubt one of the famous and major contributor to the creation of bitcoin and seems like the most likely candidate for SN, I still believe he is not, time may tell anyways.
  9. And more than five months after, there is still no news about the exchange. Although I am not surprised but I am just annoyed on this kind news that tends to tame the reputation of cryptocurrency for prospectives. They are unavoidable I regretfully believe but the loss with all these scam projects can be minimised if we take proper precautions.
  10. Advertisement/Promotion. Signature space is used to promote or advertise a cryptocurrency project or product mainly or you can put your referral links. You just have to make sure it is not used to promote scams. There are certain rules before a signature can be accepted though, you will see them on https://cryptotalk.org/settings/signature/.
  11. I believe he meant digital currency with blockchain technology not digital banking, they are different if you will agree with me. There has been so much talk about digital Euro by European countries and digital Dollars in US. Maybe we could experience a blockchain-driven digital fiats sooner.
  12. Maybe the topic need to be more explanatory. A fork in cryptocurrency (hard or soft) generally is termed for a separation/divergent/splitting of blockchain from the original. It happens when there is software changes and new set of rules emerges. It might be permanent (hard fork) or temporal (soft fork).
  13. @Fzack Not really but partially. The withrawal fee increases with increase in congestion and competition of transactions in the blockchain (reason behind bitcoin high transaction fee). So miners tends to attend to/confirm transaction with reasonable fee first before other ones which means a high transaction fee means a high transaction speed. Therefore exchanges and wallets raises transaction fee to confirm transaction faster. So we can say, transaction fee is affected by demand and supply of new transactions.
  14. Free money is just another name for scam. In cryptocurrency, at one point or the other, there is always some need for at least a little of work or investment for free money. Any offer or project without any of those is a completely waste of time and a scam.
  15. No, don't trust them. PTC sites are all about profits, nothing else. I can say categorically that 90% of those ads are unverified, they don't do any form of background or quality check on them. You might want to give them a try, cool but they shouldn't be trusted at all.
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