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  1. With your illustration, we can make most of us believe that anyone, no matter the level of expertise might fall q victim of Panic buying or selling, it strongly depends on traders emotions. The high level of volatility in cryptocurrency is the main cause of this. Panic buying and selling doesn't so much comes into play in Forex.
  2. Agreed. For a starter with enough investment capabilities, long term holding is better and less complex then with time he can choose to learn the art of trading to diversify. I will like to know more about about the freelance sites you mentioned, possibly you can explain more about this. Let's know. Thanks.
  3. Isn't this supposed to be too good to be true? I don't think it is a good Idea investing massively on this coin, no enough information. If you wish and insists, do your research well enough and thoroughly, don't just believe and follow YouTubers blindly. Some might be payed to promote on their pages. Be careful.
  4. Thanks for enlightenment more even though the author of the topic didn't mention it. I was actually finding it very interesting after reading the topic and considering giving it a try before I read this comment. That's the major issues with this and the likes, they make first withrawal so easy and inviting, in subsequent ones, they shows their true colour. I don't think I am interested anymore.
  5. As long as the application doesn't require or have access to inside personal Exchange account (which I doubt), with a lot of positive reviews on the app, I think I can give it a try sometimes. If not, please excuse me and thank you for introducing this app but it is not safe for my cardiac heath.
  6. I don't see a reason for anyone to use an article spinner or rewriter if not for the sake of copy pasting (plagiarism). It is not allowed in the forum and any account found wanting of such offence will be receive WP or be banned if it doesn't cease. All of the people using these apps can be safely considered as spammers in the forum.
  7. I doubt there is any other wallet to link to Ecoin except from Wombat wallet, that's why I seriously doubt the legitimacy of that particular Airdrop; I abandoned it. And please DYOR on the wallet, don't take my review only as the determinant. Me and the forum will like to see your reviews on it later.
  8. Huge commendable step mate. I respect you for you are one of the few members which not only creates excellent stuffs, but also love and develop the forum. I think if few other members can follow the step and promote the forum externally, it will help it to grow; more languages will just need to be added as promised by the administration. We can also not disappoint the newly joined quality content creators by keep creating quality posts for discussion and avoid spamming. With that, the forum is destined to be great and talk tokens to the moon.
  9. I personally think DOGE is the most realistic for a start but that might mean a low value of the coin, the best we can expect and the one I wish is BTC pair, if we could have a hundred satoshi for each token, it will be very great for a start. It is only a few days away so let's wait and hope for the best. I personally think DOGE is the most realistic for a start but that might mean a low value of the coin, the best we can expect and the one I wish is BTC pair, if we could have a hundred satoshi for each token, it will be very great for a start. It is only a few days away so let's wait and hope for the best.
  10. I have been playing blockchain games since 2019, cryptokitties particularly. Sometimes I feel why aren't they discussed on the forum, maybe because it is just a game?, I don't know but since you mentioned it, it should be given attention as one can earn some few crypto with them, it will help both the forum and blockchain gamers.
  11. Definitely, that's allowed. You can make posts on old topics if you have some contributions to make; as long as you aren't spamming with them) and still receive tokens for them. The moderators have the right to lock any old topic however if they feel, contributions and discussions on such topics are not necessary anymore, such posts are the only ones you can't comment on.
  12. The forum also thought the same and set 50Talk tokens for each new topic created, I am not sure if it's implemented and members are already recieving it. It is enough for an encouragement to make good topics I think. @kyoukage01, thanks for these informations. They are interesting.
  13. One of the very unique and good properties of offline wallets. It is available not just for bitcoin only and present in most offline wallet. Alas! When using this, you have to be very careful and considerate for the amount of fee you input because it will determine how fast your TX will be. A very low TX fee might see your transactions taking forever to be processed.
  14. Yeah, I expect a better-than-before scenerio as well but maybe not immediate. The token will be used for advertisement and a couple more of thing, it will turn out good considering the popularity of the forum in the crypto sphere. Many other forums adopted this example BeerMoney and it works perfectly for them. We have to patient with the system though and expect the official coinomics from the forum.
  15. I can't see any security review of this app, you didn't mention it either. In choosing a wallet to store assets or exchange to trade, I believe the first thing to consider is security, I don't think it is safe to use this wallet (I am not ruling it out completely, just my view; maybe you can provide some information to change that. I will advise you to stay away from Wombat wallet mate. Personally, I don't have any experience with it as I haven't used it but there has been a lot of bad review in it (might not be true and can be). To be on a safer side, I avoided it and I can advise anyone to do the same if they ask me.
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