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  1. I think they are still waiting for the right time to launch their coins. But im not really sure about this because i have heard this coins would be Launced on 2020
  2. Yes I think that if you replyed on your own topic for many times, it would still be counted as a new post from the yobit counter.
  3. Yes I agree on this, even if you're an expert or a newbie, there shouldn't be rankings and we should just help each other. Let's be friends ☺️
  4. Yes, being banned on this website is really bad because this have helped a lot of people already. People should be more careful when posting and just post quality contents.
  5. I too want to find good and legit airdrops but I can't find one. All I see are scams that want to get your money. If ever you have found one, kindly tell me.
  6. It's really easy to withdraw your crypto on my country, you would only need a wallet and then you can withdraw it on a convinience store like 7/11. So what country do you reside on?
  7. When the time comes that cryptotalk stops paying it's users, I think I would still post but not as much as I do before. Because this forum has a really helpful topics where I can learn and know new things so that's why yes, I would still use this site.
  8. If you have 0 bitcoins or even satoshis to even start with, pretty sure that it would take you years to earn 1 Bitcoin. If you have some satoshis to start with, then you can start trading and that would help you earn botcoins faster.
  9. I don't really know why this is happening to you because I haven't been experiencing this thing even before. But I think you just mistakenly clicked something that made you not get any notifications anymore
  10. Yes I have also stopped using this forum because my posts would just always get deleted from the yobit counter but what do you know? I'm here again hahaha. This forum really pays good so it's still better to have money than not having anything at all.
  11. I think there are some sites tht give you mBTC for payment. It's like you need to watch some ads for 30 seconds or so depending on the ad and then they will pay you by mBTC.
  12. Actually, this site stared on September 25 last year. The admin pigpat already confirmed this by commenting here on this topic himself.
  13. Yes thank you, bit so far I think this is a scam. It wants you to connect your accounts on other exchanges to be able to trade. And yes I won't deposit because I'm already doubting of this sites legitimacy.
  14. Yes thank you, I posted this question for at january and I have already known the answer. But thanks anyways. I just hope people would stop ruining other people's reputation for no reason to all.
  15. What exchange re you referring to?yobit exchange? I have seen many bad reviews on this exchange but so far for using it for almost 5 months now.i haven't been experiencing bad things with it unlike what other people have.i must be just lucky hahah.
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