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  1. Are you saying that now they are not allowing to add the forum email at all? Well in this case I think it's going to some other direction. Not sure why but how the system will know if the account was newbie or any other rank unless you add it. Not sure what is going on. Mine seems okay and getting paid.
  2. Well it's the way our economy is designed. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. You will never see a employee to drive a super car but the employers do. It's actually the mindset. Some people never can think of doing a self made business or to have a business when they can create a scope for others to give job. All their life they keep working for others coz their brain was washed that way. If you are a young man then I will suggest this: Be an employer not an employee.
  3. The last time I heard it was because they were working on fixing or adding something in their back office which caused this issue. But if this is still there then this could be for some other reason. Some said if anyone wants to crate multiple account from same IP then it happens but in my case it was not that case either. Have you tried checking with their support yet? Give it a try unless you are stubborn like me LOL To get the reward you will need to add your forum account with yobit. So you will need to have a yobit account.
  4. Well I will suggest you to learn it and play with it using very little money. This is what I am doing too lately after taking some advice from @bitcoworld and @BitcoinCase. This is really what I am lining in this community. We have some really knowledgeable users who are very much willingly sharing their knowledge.
  5. For some reason we had break up but I still remember her for this she done for me. It basically takes away everything from you. Your social life, job, family everything. You do not go to parties, you do not talk to your family, you do not give much time to the people in need of you but you are always with one thinking that what is happening with the match I placed my bet or which will be my next pick these and that. By the way, I was always in sports betting.
  6. This is the right thing everyone needs to do. We including me (LOL) get so greedy and think that this time the price will start going up and I am going to miss it so we buy but after the buy we see the price is deeping more. It's frustrating but with proper analysis and understanding the charts one can reduce the habit.
  7. You man the error message that says, registration is temporarily off? Well I get that when I wanted to create a test account and it was showing every time I tried. I was stubborn and did not gave up LOL I tried every after 15 minutes until I was successful and I think after 10 to 12 hours I was able to see a new window that said we sent you a letter 😆
  8. This is the fine amount that the court ordered to pay for the crime they did. These people were using the property of a research centre illegally where they were meant to work LOL If this was with anything else except bitcoin then they would also get the punishment. I think the deadline was a bit misleading.
  9. Well imagine you are saying it earlier this years. It seems until we see a bull run the coins are going cheaper everyday. So I think there are really no coin at cheap. I will only advise anyone to buy altcoin if they know what they are dealing with. If they are good at technical analysis and buying for swing trading then it's okay but to hold long term not all coins are good. One really need to be very picky to pick a coin.
  10. Well they were already nearly there. Now swinging at 32 - 33. I am waiting for them to go down further. Possibly at 24 sat LOL I was not into this doge but lately I found it interesting to have some if of course it hits the price I am looking at to buy.
  11. Well I was a gambling addict long ago and I know how it feels. You feel that in the next bet you are going to win and going to win big. You keep chasing and losing. You know you are losing a lot but you do not care. Every time you think that I have lost a lot and nothing new going to happen if I lose this bet so let's play. This mindset actually is very dangerous. I am glad that my girl friend at that time helped me a lot to over come the addiction. If that was not her then I might see my self seriously damaged my financial status.
  12. Did you win end of the day. If you won then that counts. I did not have in mind to bet today since I already have a bet for tomorrow for Ajax but when I saw that Juventus was behind and Bayern was dominating the match then I decided to risk a small amount. Good that I did.
  13. Well I do not thing this will be fair for those who are genuine. There are people who are joining and contributing in the forum and they are genuine. Just because we are seeing the bad guys does not mean we need to show hardship to the good guys. If we and the mods do our work properly then these spammers will go away in no time. I know it's extra load for us and sometimes it's hassle but for the sake of the community and the forum we can do it. I am opposing your proposal unfortunately.
  14. Well they have licensed. So they make it legal for them. Whatever they do is not breaking any low so they are free to do it. The most stupid are us LOL. Even though we know that we will get ripped but still we go there and taste the water as long as our pocket is not empty. This is very strange human behaviors I would say.
  15. I had Juventus and I was watching them no scoring. However I now they will try at least a draw but two consecutive goals actually took off all the stress from me. I was more worried for Bayern by the way in the injury times since the distance was only 1 goal. By the way, except two match so far we got lots of goals from this round.
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