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  1. You guys got that you have requested. Welcome to the club.
  2. This is what happen when you are lazy 😏
  3. UYVKF8 The above is my code. Awaiting πŸ˜ƒ
  4. I am alive and healthy still 😁 We are really growing fast.
  5. Good to see some activities from you. Are you aware that a lot of people face registration issue these days. It comes up with a message like "Registration is temp off" or something. I think we need to have a look on that to get more registration.
  6. Well not paying for it but the resources will be needed to reverse a tx will cost a lot.
  7. I am really not 100% sure but from general knowledge I know that it can be done. Even a confirmed tx can be reversed and this is why we see minimum 3 confirmation or 6 confirmation requirements. When a tx get confirmed then it's to expensive and hard that even with a 6 confirmation it does not worth to reverse a tx.
  8. I am too lazy to login and to check my account but the last time I checked was showing my last paid on 28th of last month. It's not that I am worried about this and I am not making much posts too. By the if there is really an issue with the script then admin should look into it.
  9. A miner have to pick up a transaction to confirm. Now when there will be not much fees then miners do not show interest to pick up a tx and then that stays for long time in the pool. After a certain amount of days (not sure 5 o 7 days or more) the tx drops from the pool and this way you get your money back. I never had this experience but this I learnt from observation.
  10. Do you want me to add you for that section?
  11. So in other words any warning point that has never expire status will be removed after one month ?
  12. You had it brother 😊 You have it. You too have it. ---------------------------- Come on guys! Join with us.
  13. This seems a gem brother. Thanks for the link. By the way, I have updated the OP with the suggestion from @bitcoin-shark Thank you
  14. Which section you want? If he wants then why not. I would like to hear from him first. So which one is for you? I gave you Bitcoin You have it As long as the domain is live then why not we give it an effort to keep clean. I am sure all these things will not going to waste.
  15. Guys check the op with your mentions. And let's not make this a discussion thread. Let's keep the things clean. Taking about the warning points. Well I think everyone should be giving the chance in reporting. The mods will be the one who will take the final decision. However if any mods mention anyone not to participate here then we will have to remove them.
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