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  1. earn bitcoin in every where sir you need only focus and diligent for earn by doing easy task , airdrop , event bounty or other so you will get more .
  2. i dont know about that , im only know how to him create best of tech and innovation in bitcoin he is anymous i think but have more fans in the world , i think him have more plan the future of bitcoin we dont see .
  3. yes you can but must to attention the address becuase very risk if you send not correct the address of coins, and attention for the fee of transfer of coins , likes bitcoin fee is very high i not reccomendation with that .you can change other of coins .
  4. before cryptocurrency for me only secondary earn income but im continoues hard work for doing better and better , and now cryptocurrency is primary income for me.
  5. yeah in this forum we can growth likes in life and financial and we get new of lesson how to build and how to make comfort all the community . in we keep for build a usefull content of post in this forum and we get benefits from this forum .
  6. i think you need try trade 5$ -10$ to reduce the risk of your trading sir so from the little by little you can get more lesson in trading and make enjoy in process learning in trading .
  7. if you have skill likes a management community , a designer , content writer and community manager i think you can work full time in cryptocurrency but if you not have a skill likes above you can doing a join bounty or event event many airdrop you join many get earn likes work .
  8. in my life main goal is give best performance to all my familly and give lesson what is cryptocurrency and together we can get succesfull in cryptocurrency , and we know we can work in cryptocurrency likes in offline jobs .
  9. i give advices for you for make this strategy find a coins in coinmarketcap with a low price and then look overall the proggress then you can starting to buy little wait until the price growth up then you will get profit.
  10. In the first i use blockchain wallet , yeah in 2015 im first using this wallet after use blockchain use other wallet likes xapo wallet. this is my story of the first i use wallet btc.
  11. because we can doing in everytime and every where and we can get big profit if skill in trading very well, but in trading is very risk so DWYOR . the world more people succesfull in trading , i want to try doing likes that .
  12. more tips on apps to earn but i will ask do you was withdraw form the apps i think need explain about your share so all member will following the step by step for your sharing .
  13. my purpose join in this forum because im very interesting to learn more about cryptocurrency and get more lesson with all people the world in here and i get chance to gain opportunity for contribute in cryptotalk pay post event , overall im happy here.
  14. earning free bitcoin reduce the risk strategy better for income better if you investment in platform or other is very risk on your fund but you can chance to get more profit from your investment .
  15. i think in crypto more people change the life , should correction in your ask , at the moment you can see the market of cryptocurrency now growth up so this time you can try to invest a little fund to get a profit , i only suggestion for who is trust in crypto .
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