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  1. come on to dedicate this is the world class event , and learn about this project have good mission for solution all manage the disrupt the tradional art industry this is a way opportunity for all everyone want to growth the skill and experience.
  2. yeah im now understand , iam at the moment not post because iam not getting payment but i will try your word i think in monday we can start to try .
  3. the type of person is different about the think of hold , any people want to profit from trade short term and hold a long , this is only think want profit long or short , but the way overall is better .
  4. please analysis the project above if want to buy this is very difficult and if need KYC for buy must chek overall the proggress of the project .
  5. im learn MPG is still build the development , we can see the roadmap from roadmap and we need patient and MPG was listed in exchange there is way for growth. and basic on team is on property ,and real estate with more experience
  6. before join 40 bounty social media , im forget for manage with excel guys that make me forget the work
  7. do you know guys IEO so far in 2019 is better than with ICO but we still to analysis the project and exchange if the IEO on big exchange i think its not difficult to analysis.
  8. thanks for your advices mr , lets discuss and sharing more knowledge here about how to make easy for creater article. good for your action let try .
  9. paying for all bounty if after project end ,and then after the bounty manager has done for chek all work all hunter , we must to patient wait until 1-2 month for payment guys.
  10. "removing a warning point" nickname : sidik7 profil link : https://cryptotalk.org/profile/59-sidik7/ i got one point last day , i dont think so for that because so far i following the rule and give a useful content to the forum , so far i continous for following the rule , and active for give a usefull content to all friend here. hope for administrator is give able for me for give a update more usefull content , if any mistake i will repair for that.
  11. the first of crypto forum is bitcointalk guys , and on there we can find more new update of crypto and then new project and new bounty , and cryptotalk is give an opportunity for all member for want to make new earn income with a make a good content.
  12. goo analysis guys overall your analysis is very important who want to be a new of investment , i think this is very reccomendation for all friend .
  13. research is very important if wanna to be join on the bounty , yea i think if we can build a community hunter that will make easy for getting a legit bounty .
  14. that is true guys , lets for see more update on there if you are interested be part , and if you not interested yea dont be part .
  15. sidik7

    Trading or HOLD

    its different in profit guys , want to be any time or must a long to wait 2 -3 month if want to be a holder . not any different about hold and trade , only on profitable time.
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