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  1. if you the first you can join on telegram channel airdrop i think there offering more categories airdrop, completed all task likes doing retweet , likes share its easy i think for beginner to join to get earn crypto from airdrop .
  2. if we have a good skill for know detail in crypto project we can participate in AMA project on telegram this is very legit but the competitor is very high so you must have basic detail in crypto . i reccomendation this or you can join in event rain drop on crypto project
  3. yeah if you know all about crypto you will get suprised from crypto ,likes a get extra income , get education of crypto , get jobs in crypto or anything so sound good if you know all about in crypto .
  4. i think admin moderator will cheked sir the activity we are trust with moderator here so dont worry with them , we only keep up to make usefull post and make this forum clean with usefull information .
  5. if the exchange have good reputation i sure for make KYC but if the exchange , we must selectif for make KYC in exchange because its very risk .
  6. you give a lot of strategy to get more earning money that good jobs sir i give reaction on this post because this is very usefull for all beginner . and i think beginner get more lesson read on this topic same with me , i get knowledge can you give spesific tips for all beginner here , likes share step by step or other .
  7. patience + work hard + humble the point set important key of succes i think this is very recommendation who all new in cryptocurrency if wanna to be a succesfull , but we must pay attention in enjoy the procces .
  8. i dont know about it because many people in my country silent , but in my country new project very high entusiast from all new member in my country with high support . so for the pass on ask , in my country have high community entuasiast in crypto but im dont know in every place its overall .
  9. if we lost private key if not save in note or other we cannot back the crypto coin because until now no new technology solved about that , manually solution only recover private key if you save in note or paper .
  10. yeah we must give reaction to another people on this forum because they make a usefull post or topic , you can try it to get reaction from member here . try to create more usefull topic and relevan with section you create i think people want give you reaction more .
  11. the best time to trade i think you can try my advices you need to see the price of coin on exchange if the price of coins on market is low , you can start your time to trade buy more if have more fund. more people use strategy time likes above hope you can try it .
  12. i know about it , but if in cryptocurrency still more people intersted and demand still high in every where and every time i think its no worry about that.
  13. i aggre what you say sir , a lot of people create post or topic not relevan with a section so moderator is very fast for deleted the post , i think this is the great lesson for all beginner if start to create a new topic on this forum .
  14. the organize team on this forum is very well , and we know about that so all the mistake in every post we create will cheked by moderator so pay attention about in create of post or topic , in this forum we not only get earning but we can get more overall we want meet all people the world and get lesson education in crypto and more .
  15. until now i still invest doge coin and XRP the reason this coins still stable every time and hold for long term we can get more profit . two coin above have a unique potential the future i think reccomendation for all friends here.
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