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  1. That will be good for you because it by that you can remain safe from getting warning points or ban instead from the moderators of the forum so kindly work patiently and wait for the right time to receive your payment for your hardwork.
  2. The trading section is the best to visit and learn the basics of trading in cryptoworld, so take your time to make sure you achieve what you are aiming at because nothing good comes easily.
  3. Surely mate no one is above the law of this great forum and since we all know that then we should be extra careful on the way we run our activities around the corners of this forum in order to remain safe from getting warning points or ban instead.
  4. Yes my friend because it is helping us financially and as well in terms of learning more about Cryptocurrency and anything related to it activities for that we should all appreciate them by doing exactly what they asked us to do.
  5. This forum is indeed good for earning extra income and I will suggest we focus more on our daily work so as to avoid losing the account to ban or restrictions by the moderators of this forum, beneficial informations about Cryptocurrency only is what they seek for.
  6. I believed in that and that has helped me learn alot when I was a newbie like you and I will strictly advise you to avoid making silly mistakes because the mistake you may underrate can lead you to complete ban from this campaign.
  7. Visiting the about forum section is the best solution to have the basic terms and conditions of this great forum, we have to abide by all the rules if not sooner or later the moderators will ban or give warning point to suspect.
  8. For this reason you need to work hard towards reading older members posts in the trading section and also ask questions from members in this forum because to succeed in trading you need good background about Cryptocurrency since it is what we are dealing with in that aspect.
  9. With good knowledge about this field everything will be easier for you to carry out mates for that reason I am advising us to spend sometime by learning more about the forum and cryptoworld at large because the future of Cryptocurrency is bright.
  10. This is the secret of cryptoworld which many people are finding difficult to understand, we have to sacrifice at the beginning so that we can enjoy in the future, this forum is very good for learning and earning money.
  11. Nothing of that nature brother and to reduce your risk of losing kindly take your time by visiting different sections of the forum so that you can learn more about Cryptocurrency to make things easier for yourself in the nearest future.
  12. Of course we can earn good money in cryptoworld as long as we have good background about the field so just focus more on learning more about Cryptocurrency in this forum because there are better days ahead which you will definitely make yourself proud.
  13. KYC verification procedure should be made optional for users since it is for our own safety and since many scammers use it then it is not supposed to be made mandatory but optional for users in any site.
  14. You have said it all my friend, we need to avoid this listed violation for our own safety and newbies should read more about Cryptocurrency so as to know they will be running there activities in this forum and cryptoworld at large.
  15. The forums rules is very vital which we need to abide by it as long as we all want to remain safe from the moderators, our main work is to post beneficial informations about Cryptocurrency so let us keep doing the right things.
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