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  1. We all have to be careful and follow the forums rules and regulations because that is the only way we can all be safe from receiving warning points or banned completely and since we all know that the forum prohibited this type of actions then we should try and stop it, as a good ambassador of the forum we need to abide by the terms and conditions given to us by the forum.
  2. Both coin and token are used for thesame purpose since they are both online currencies but they have some difference which make them varies from each other because coins have there own personal blockchain such as bitcoin while the tokens are under another blockchain such ethereum. I will like to add by saying any Cryptocurrency aside bitcoin is refered to as "altcoin" so take note of that my friends.
  3. For every new member that want to have good background about Cryptocurrency and it related activities in this forum i believe that the begginers section is where you need to visit and focus because most of what a newbie needs to know are discussed in the section but it is also good to visit other sections so that you can have more knowledge about other fields of Cryptocurrency.
  4. Our main assignment in the forum is to make good quality posts which will enable us to get payment later on after it has been verified and also we have another opportunity to earn extra Satoshi for every of our post that receive positive rating which is why we have to improve ourselves in sending in admiring posts that will enable members like our posts and get payment in both talkcoin and satoshi.
  5. You also have to remember that scammers can do such things indirectly to make less experienced people fall victim when they visit there site so we should just make sure we make our own personal research before believing in any suspecious news we may come across in any of the sections and you can also quote anyone who send any wrong information to the forum so that they can make corrections to avoid misleading members.
  6. Yobitinvestbox is profitable but we need good experience about the field of Cryptocurrency because there are lots of less potential coins in the investbox and only when you have experience you will know the best for you which is why i only prefer the top coins like litecoin, ethereum, xrp and other top ones because they have potential and will definitely give you profit as long as you can excercise patience.
  7. Ignorance is indeed our biggest enemy in cryptoworld because without knowledge and experience about the field definitely you will earn nothing instead you will be encountering lose everytime which is why we all have to focus in the likes of this forum so that we can have good background which will enable us to overcome any pressure that we may come across anytime in cryptoworld.
  8. The only way we can show that we love this forum is by making good contributions towards creating helpful topics and making useful beneficial posts that will help the forum including the members in it and also make the forum rules our friend because that when the administration will know you are a good ambassador to the forum.
  9. I think that will only depends on what you do that made your account get banned or get a warning point because i believe the moderators won't harm your account if you didn't violate any of the forums rule, so if you think you don't deserve the penalty you may be facing then you can appeal to the administration and thry will definitely look into your situation and give you feedback but if you violate rule intentionally then i don't think you need to appeal because nothing can be done about it and you will have to create another account and make effective corrections.
  10. @Sp19a1ma002 scammers have many way to cheat and in order to avoid giving them your personal information then we have to stop clicking on unknown link because that is how some of them get our informations and also keep off from any give away campaign that ask you to perform a KYC verification because by that we are indirectly giving them some of our informations which they will later use against us.
  11. This is a good write up my friend because this is just telling us that mistakes are not failure but a chance for us to create a brighter future ahead. We all need to excercise patience in cryptoworld because it is the major key to success.
  12. We all have to be careful with the type of information we share in this forum because sharing fake news in this forum can make some less experienced people lose there funds in one way or the other. So let's try to post correct informations and don't hesitate correct any wrong information you come across in this forum so that you can save someone from going to the wrong way.
  13. Online scammers are very wise and smarter than your expectations because they have many techniques they use to cheat less experienced people in any field they are for that reason we also need to be extra careful on how we run out business online especially in cryptoworld and here are some tips to avoid falling a victim-> 1. Do good research or ask expert before joining any project. 2. Avoid clicking on an unknown link. 3. Ignore any suspecious message sent to you by unknown individuals.
  14. Greediness most of the times lead people to great lose in the Cryptocurrency world for that reason i am suggesting that we should always excercise patience whenever we Invest on a good coin because fluctuation is the nature of crypto and you shall earn good profit when you have patient so be calm and wait for the right time to sell for better profit.
  15. Investbox is very profitable but you have to be wise in selecting coins to use because yobitinvestbox is full of coins that has no potential and that will make you lose or wait for a longer time before you may have the chance to earn something reasonable for that i suggest do some research before investing in any coin there also don't forget to invest your talkcoin there so you can earn 1% after every 24 hours.
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