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  1. I have indeed gotten some tips on this contribution @Whited35 earlier made and now i am convinced to continue my work without fear. I don't want to lose my account for silly reasons was why i choose to ask and here members opinion on the issue. Thank you both.
  2. My cryptotalk friends there is this question that I want to ask and i hope i find the solution from your answers. Specifically i am making use of two different android phone which i keep one at home when going out and the other one with me everywhere i go, now my question is that can i make use of same account to work in the forum on this two different phones i am using? Because i want to resume working in the forum fully but afraid of getting banned completely from the campaign.
  3. They have many techniques they use to cheat less experienced people in cryptoworld so we should by all means get use to what I earlier listed in this topic so as to minimize the risk of falling victims to them because this is cryptoworld, no one will compensate you if you lose.
  4. This hackers have many techniques they use to cheat less experienced people in this cryptoworld which is why we all need to be extra careful on the way we run our activities around cryptoworld because losing funds hurts alot and no compensation if you lose.
  5. Well said mate because that is the only way we can remain safe from facing consequences from the moderators of this great forum of cryptotalk and I think they are right to penalized anyone who violate rules.
  6. Many of us completely change the meaning of who "Spammers" are and for that reason I write this topic to state who Spammers really are:- Spammers are group of people or an organization that do send irrelevant messages over the internet, typically for the purpose of advertisement or spreading malware to people and the common trap they use is our email address which most scammers use to cheat less experienced people in cryptoworld but to avoid falling a victim here are some ways to help you fight "SPAM" and to prevent yourself online especially in this cryptoworld where we have good number of "HACKERS" as well as "SCAMMERS". -: You should never give out or post your email address publicly. -: You should also avoid using your personal email address or business email address in online stuffs like Cryptocurrency. -: Do not reply to spam messages to avoid hackers threat. -: Always think very well before clicking on an unknown links. -: And finally make sure you download spam filtering tools and antivirus software for protection. Be extra careful Scammers and hackers are for real dear friends.
  7. This is a nice idea it should also be taken into account that some altcoins do not end up as successful in their price, and that is another risk when investing in other currencies, The fear includes being stagnant or losing because no one will compensate you if you lose in cryptoworld.
  8. That is very impossible i don't ever think that yo token overtake the great bitcoin or ethereum because yo token only on yobit exchange token and Bitcoin is very famous crypto currency all over the Cryptocurrency marketplace.
  9. Faucet is a just waste and base on my conclusion is that only an referral invitation professional can earn on bitcoin faucet, or one who has the desire and ability to hang around the clock for days on the internet to get something reasonable.
  10. Getting banned is a constant thing anyone who violate the forums rule will get and that is why we all have to abide by the terms and conditions giving to us by the administration. Avoid copy and paste, plagiarism, Spamming etc.
  11. The trading section is the best to visit and learn the basics of trading in cryptoworld, so take your time to make sure you achieve what you are aiming at because nothing good comes easily.
  12. Surely mate no one is above the law of this great forum and since we all know that then we should be extra careful on the way we run our activities around the corners of this forum in order to remain safe from getting warning points or ban instead.
  13. Yes my friend because it is helping us financially and as well in terms of learning more about Cryptocurrency and anything related to it activities for that we should all appreciate them by doing exactly what they asked us to do.
  14. This forum is indeed good for earning extra income and I will suggest we focus more on our daily work so as to avoid losing the account to ban or restrictions by the moderators of this forum, beneficial informations about Cryptocurrency only is what they seek for.
  15. Visiting the about forum section is the best solution to have the basic terms and conditions of this great forum, we have to abide by all the rules if not sooner or later the moderators will ban or give warning point to suspect.
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