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  1. And that is what is causing problem to many users in the I platform, as a newbie make sure you consult some old users of the forum before you proceed with the posting
  2. I have an account in yobit but I have not find anything like claiming free coin in the site or are you referring to airdrop yodollars claiming in telegram?
  3. To earn a food reputation in this forum, you have to make a admirable post that is helpful to members of the forum especially the newbies
  4. Yes, it is back now the site have some problem the other tome and that was what makes it displayed in such way. You can now proceed with your transaction
  5. In trading you have to be the risk taker sometimes if not you will not make huge profit from trading and it required experience and background
  6. I think it is a campaign where you create an article concerning the project under concentration and you later get paid for it if it is valid
  7. Cryptotalk has a bright future as it users is increasing in number everyday and night but all thus depends in the developers of it
  8. Bitcoin is food and that is why it rise within a short period of time in the cryptocurrency market and now it is almost $10,000
  9. If you choose to exchange to another currency then I think your money will be less because no cryptocurrency is cost than bitcoin
  10. Exactly, as a beginner all you need to concentrate on is to know the rules and regulations guiding the great forum so that you will nit be banned
  11. There are allot of site which you can purchase bitcoin and the like of the site include yobit, binance, kucoin and so on
  12. I think the only way to lessen your post being deleted is to make a positive post towards the topic of discussion and you will be free
  13. Yes, and when you are not patient in the cryptocurrency world you hardly make profiting it, so patient is the key to success in crypto
  14. I like your style, bitcoin will really give you some profit before the end of the year because it is currently above $10,000 in the market
  15. Coin has it own personal blockchain while token in made from another blockchain such as ethereum etc
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