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  1. English section should be giving a second chance. I feel awkward, devastated and otiose to serve the general punishment as result of SERIES VIOLATIONS by some narrow minded members among us in English Section. However, the whole section has learn a lot of lessons from her previous mistakes. Likewise, effective hints, logical ideas on how to regulate, arrest, barricade, halt or stop lawless, mischievous and illicit acts of any form in English section has already been forwarded. In this regard, on behalf of the English members and I appeal to moderators and entire management of cryptotalk to RECONSIDER English section. @Bigpat @Desais @ayatoslaw @epidemia @Alex077 ***Constructive, logical opinion is welcome!!!....
  2. @Ferymalik it's has getting to an extent that responsible members most stand against to protect cryptotalk forum from irresponsible members that are vehemently performing several violations sabotaging the effort of fellow members and progress of the forum. And reporting is the surest means to curtail such menace to the barest level. Every determine member most play such role How did you see it @DavisPabon06
  3. Very impressive worth advice for everyone @Namra Naseem this is what majority has recommended very effective to reduce the menace and threats of loosing currencies to scammers, cryber thefts. Necessary activation should be attached to the account to further protect and safeguard the account. Such as 2FA authenticator
  4. Maintain the standard of your post, you will attain the highest level of rank in this forum. Engage yourself in making research on crypto currencies this will enable you access interesting, valid and valuable information that members will appreciate and respect by rating your posts. Seek for your attention at anytime for progressive participation
  5. In reality crypto currency can change a member financial status and furthermore attain him or her economic freedom. Crypto currency system provides abundant, productive and smart means of generating large amount of money through performing specific tasks at your own conveniency
  6. Virtual crypto reality is the future potential money to dominate the globe. Hence digital decentralized crypto currency in this condition period had proven to save and enhance the global economy. Ensure circulation of money amongst individual through numerous means and other lucrative opportunities for making at comfort zones
  7. Depends on the members experience choice and confidence on handling sensitive parts of the accounts. Software approach of saving private keys is still safe and most easiest by the aid of google drive or saves. Furthermore activation of 2FA authenticator increases double layer of protection and safety to the account.
  8. Inception of Talk Coin and the new interesting, productive feature yobit investbox added in yobit exchange site necessitate me to venture in to investment. Talk coin happens to be the largest growing investment follow by BTC and XRP. These coins had really earned hefty percentage of profit to me. Invest or trade crypto coins for productive profit
  9. Prior to deactivation of rewards of Talk Coin entitled to reputation, each member reserve 50 reputations to give per day. The number of the reputation still remain intact as nothing changes but minus the reward of talk coin. So give as many you can give but accordingly
  10. Does free earnings of crypto currencies yield efficient and effective outcome? As for me, it's not. Many of the crypto sites that claims to pay free BTC, XRP or other valuable coins end up as ponzi schemes, scammers and hackers. We must come to realize the necessity to adopt investment making, learn to trade crypto coins with the little amount you can afford to make profit. They're the best and most suitable position to attain in Crypto world
  11. Perfect @Faisal 7860 and once a person understand the scenario that revolve around making success then he shall make it. First and famous no rushing in course of actualizing a set objectives. And strong determination, resilience and patience most exercise where by experience is utmost.
  12. Spending few days in the forum will prove such to you and clear your possible doubts about the conveniency of the forum. In whole world of crypto currency there is not crypto platforms that is legit, amazing, enabling and conducive, paying in good amount of currency as cryptotalk forum. I stand to be corrected and this sayings is open to criticisms.
  13. You most observe the situation with holistic approach and mindset. Cryptotalk and the partner site yobit are credible, reliable and transparent enough beyond reasonable doubt. No matter what if your post is valuable and further receive a positive reputation in 24/7; definitely must be paid both Talk and BTC.
  14. Well to me You are not wrong because you were able to realize your mistakes and able to implement the necessary corrections to avert future occurance. This scenario reveals how we learn from our daily activities and experience. Because experience must have taken place before learning should be effective.
  15. This is not part of your responsibility as such it's therefore impossible for you to ban or block some one account in the forum. Every eligible member activities in cryptotalk is duly regulated and monitored by the forum management (moderators). They're in charge of verifications, scrutinization and approval of members posts for further payments of rewards.
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