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  1. I preferred to use bitcoin for investment and trading purpose mainly due to its high volatility feature to be cashing profit. Unlike others that combine making payments of purchases using BTC. I did it also but with different coins good example is XRP, ETH and LTC they are bid stable compare to BTC especially XRP the confirmation speed is faster ahead of the rest.
  2. Fine! That is my belief too because since I finalize my research and arrive at my conclusion the draft results is contrary to what most belief on about the man behind the existence of bitcoin. So till date I never admit that he is death or will remain hidden forever. Satoshi is just a name put forward to limit so many people reasoning and attention.
  3. This is amazing and reminds me same story when this current campaign was launched, going by the story one will end up ascribing to talk coin to be the best and most competitive coin at the market considering the task for it be exchange. But unfortunately the reverse is the case, what we get in return upon all the assurance and promises laid down by moderators is different. But no matter what there is always hope for it pumping
  4. Simple and direct answer for one who wants to trade litecoin to BTC. Exchanging LTC to BTC, XRP to BTC and so many examples are almost similar but the slight difference is from their withdrawal fees but transactions fees is same too. Fortunately LTC and XRP has less withdrawal fees compare to even BTC and ETH.
  5. Although even it's proves to be the most difficult task @Techman know that to convince someone you have to be patience and endurance person. The good memory or experience helps immensely in persuading them. Try your utmost to capture their attention towards the good work and opportunities that will build their future forever
  6. Since the creation of Bitcoin that has been the imperative coin and driving force behind the promotion of Crypto currencies. 2020 stand to be exceptional in terms of the remarkable achievements and progress made. Masses and numerous countries couldn't hold on to comprehend vast explanation before joining the crypto system amidst the global out break factor. The outcome proves to be positive since the curve remain dominant when compared to fiat currency
  7. The nearest in what you are asking I think in crypto it has to be done in more logical and safe approach to make a suitable profit automatically. Accumulate bitcoin in market when the price is low and save in your personal hard wallet or make use of legitimate and reliable exchange sites to invest on BTC for a long period of time. When BTC skyrocket in price just like what manifested in 2020 ending to early this year of 2021 then you sell and cash double profits
  8. Despite the fact that faucets earning sites are worthless and so considered to be waste but it is imperative for newbies to collect little earnings of currencies increasing their experiences on several Crypto coins, indirectly eqquiping them with the features of needs to be patience and persevere hard work for success purpose
  9. Absolutely right when he says bitcoin is extremely volatile coin and as such it's a discretion for average minds. But the don't forget that the world population and massive target focus on potential future currency that is replicating profits not stable coin. So to say that statement is he's narrow minded views. Joined Crypto as early as best for you to accomplish your dreams
  10. Depends on the level of one understanding and experience in the world of crypto currency. But as far I'm concerned I had already set a limit on further participation in any sites that places or claims KYC verifications as imperative measures before to be eligible for some due benefits
  11. This is great news and a welcome development to the world of crypto currencies and it users. The world is seemingly shifting from centralized currencies system to decentralized currencies. With all reputable and fascinating achievements that Crypto currency is making everyday
  12. Absolutely correct, the law states that knowledge is directly proportional to Success (earnings) provided hard work, commitment and discipline remain constant. In absence of all these significant features it is impossible for one to excel in this forum and other categories of earnings in Crypto world. Crypto deals with knowledge.
  13. Fear doesn't changes anything else rather keep someone in stagnant position. Take risks if you win you will be happy while if you loose it makes your wiser. No any successful billionaire who made it through by believing in his fears with no actions. One must strive and conquer the fear in him, take bold risks and dodged actions that is hard work before to actualize his or her set objectives, or plans. Don't sit and fold your arms this is the right time for you to change your financial situation and earn economic freedom
  14. Most of members joined this forum upon what they are invited for to come and make money. At this particular point of time that you are still a beginner let me make it clear for you that don't only focus on the little you will gaining from campain. More lucrative opportunities are accessible but depends on the experience acquired. So in view of this focus on learning vast knowledge of crypto currencies, trading and investment making, mining and other relevant features to boost your earnings capacity.
  15. Bitcoin price at the market currently is undergoing reshufflement or correction of price to rest on substantial resistance before further rising to continues. This set back is just for a while you can hold on to your savings for midst of this year the tendency for a greater price is assured
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