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  1. well for someone like me will be better to invest in Bitcoin but you can buy altcoins after a very long time being low price compared to their past and hold for a longer time than that. It can help as sometimes they will start growing and there will be a lot of rising for a while when you are patient enough.
  2. Initially i first heard about bitcoin from my friend in high school around 2015. He also introduced it and taught me how to get it and how to transact using bitcoin but I never mind untill now when i see people making good money from it, I have to confess that cryptowold is good source of income.
  3. Personally i have great goals to earn more coins this year 2021 than I did last year 2020 through investing or from free sites I will really try my best to utilize the knowledge and earnings I get from here to boost my profits in cryptowold this year because i have good plan for my future.
  4. I hope something can be done soon because believe me the forum is not as conducive as it was few months back especially when the new talkcoin was launched back then in November 2020. Let us just keep hoping for the best if not am fed up with this talkcoin.
  5. Sounds funny man but you actually have a good point here, and still it is not a bad thing to report such people because they are not ready to help us in the development of this great forum of cryptotalk.
  6. In cryptocurrency line when you talk about wallet you mean a hard wallet or any kind of wallet, soft wallet are legit and you need to be sure you download the right wallet from his own website or Google play store but made good research as well.
  7. This field of cryptocurrency is wide and large because it contains many opportunities in addition to many fraudsters who respond to the cheating and take everything you have through methods and bad ideas they created for themselves, so be vigilant while working in this field.
  8. This is a very good idea and cryptotalk is useful to us all. I have started to teaching members of my family what Cryptocurrency means and presently, I have commence teaching them how to make post In any of the sections of the forum so they can also earn money to support themselves.
  9. I fully agree with you, we are all lucky to be part of this great forum of cryptotalk because we will earn by making posts and at thesame time we will also learn a lot about Cryptocurrency investment and trading to make good profit in our various bank account.
  10. This is correct but i think that almost half part of the world has make cryptocurrancy one of their priority and also many countrys are using cryptocurrencies as part of payment and also helping them to boast their business and economic by taxing traders in there countries. Crypto has a bright future ahead.
  11. Giving guide to someone related to trading is good but you should not give any calls for trading on any particular coins for some amount because this would be bad for you if they went under loss instead teach them or give them the basic secret of trading cryptocurrencies.
  12. My friends if you want to gain followers yoi should just always post some good contents. Users here follows you once you have gained their trust. If that happens they will follow you so that they can always be updated to what you have posted in any of the listed topics.
  13. Nowadays before choosing a topic if I think carefully and also what I do when a topic catches my attention is to look for information in order to be well informed and there if I can limit that publication and give more information that is not in the forum.
  14. Fact, by reading others posts on topics, you get to know many points of view and that makes you gain more new ideas is true that there are many members who have great experience in the coding world, so we must take advantage of their posts as much as possible and read their posts to take advantage of all the information they provide in each contributions they make.
  15. It would have been a good development to us because it will make transactions easy for business partners around the world and it will also be a good advantage to us because we don't have to be carrying about cheques or debit card which is not even safe this days.
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