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  1. Hi friend XRP is not only good because it has a low fee , bit just think what it can do better than bitcoin. It can process 50000 transactions per second with new update, while bitcoin only 7. Most banks are already using XRP and many others. More use = more adoption.
  2. It is still a new coin and only God knows what fate could come to a new coin. It also depends on the creators of the coin , if they have a very valid and promising project.
  3. So then i believe that topics only get locked manually and by authority of the admins If i am correct. If so well i think it is ok like that.
  4. I am a veterani investor as i have invested many years in stocks and now i have nice portfolio of crypto since investing during last bear market, but you beginner and new to crypto , what coins do you prefer investing in ?
  5. Friend you have a very interesting question here. I will remain with this question for the rest of my life because first heard on bitcoin in the summer of 2017 , bit was not convinced to invest at that time, but later in dicember near christmas of that year i started investing my first small amounts. Then prices spiked in January of 2018 , but i still had invested only a small amount. If i had started investing a little earlier i would have made a fortune when bitcoin would then have rised with investing more money.
  6. Everybody has his own style and way of writing posts and creating constructive arguments about bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general, the important thing is to follow the rules of this forum on how to make these posts elegible to be counted as valid for payment.
  7. Well i will be holding and increasing some more my bitcoin holding as i wantvto buy as much as i can while prices are still low compared to where they could reach.
  8. On these auctions you can find bitcoin that has been confiscated by authorities of a certain region. Participating in these kind of auctions, requires that you have a certain amount of money before you are able to enter the action.
  9. Yes exactly all of which you have mentioned are the most important factors that this forum is good for. I have not seen another better place to earn and to learn about latest news or trends of how people think about crypto.
  10. Well i think it's not easy only for some countries to buy bitcoin and cryptocurrency with your credit card, since their countries do not permit you to do so.
  11. You can buy bitcoin easily by first sending your local currency to an exchange and then go to the pair BTC and your currency. Once you have bitcoin you can store it offline on a ledger nano for better security and hold for long term.
  12. Well this could be a problem but could also be' easily resolved. If you think when you are on an exchange , for example binance, when you make a transaction, after you need to confirm it on email, so when you go to the email you check it correctly if the address has changed , if it has with that malicious program , you just do not confirm transaction.
  13. That's right if you follow exactly all the rules of the forum , you should have no problem in getting posts deleted. For one thing you should never respond to a post made with a word or two, because that post will be deleted and so your response post.
  14. Are you sure that you are the only registered user that loves this forum and to make posts here and earn money? I am sure that almost everybody that is here loves the forum and the campaign that has opened for all of us. Here i find myself happy to post everyday!
  15. Hi just download the app on play store it's called and it's free . There are 5-6 different cards and every card has it's own caracteristics. They begin with the basic one to go the black one. You can use the app to earn interest on bitcoin and to buy it. Then you can apply for one of the cards inside the app.
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