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  1. It's not easy to write a blog post. Of course, certain people are capable of doing so. The most important thing is to keep track of your own content's availability. I'm willing to try to come up with a theme, but I'm stumped.
  2. I've never had this experience, but I believe they are safe; in fact, I once left some coins on a yobit wallet for a long time before joining this forum, and nothing happened to them; yobit is a stable market, and I assume you are fine with it; don't be concerned.
  3. That's right. Many members have also mentioned in their posts that they do not create new topics because they believe their most recent topics have been removed. I agree in some ways, but I'd like to ask everyone if they agree that it's important to build new ones.
  4. I also spend a lot of my time, energy, and money on bitcoin faucets that aren't worth as much as the time I put into them. Imagine working on faucet sites for three weeks and just making 2.5 dollars. Any other method of earning bitcoin, in my opinion, is preferable to faucet pages.
  5. I'm not sure how they compare, but what I do know is that a coin is a cryptocurrency or a cryptocurrency that we use on websites, while a token, I believe, is what the drops provide after a series of requirements have been met.
  6. Never, ever, ever consider ourselves to be intelligent. This is a form of arrogance that leads to loss in the majority of cases. As a result, we can read all of the topics and gather knowledge from the seniors, as well as strive to learn from all of the sections and scroll through all of the pinned messages. So that we can develop our learning abilities and provide useful information to newcomers.
  7. What's up? I'll go over all of these coins with you and see if there's something we can do with any of them. The first three you listed have been on the market for a long time, and they are, in my opinion, one of the best options; you should carefully consider them. There's always a lot to see with Cardano-ADA, just wait and see! Please accept my heartfelt gratitude for your contribution.
  8. To be specific, the cap on the number of Bitcoins in circulation (21 million) and block halving are built into the blockchain to avoid inflation and boost the coin's price. Let's wait for the halving, which I assume would permanently affect the price and current run of Bitcoin.
  9. Yes, I have already done so, and many of the members here have benefited greatly from the topics you have introduced, and I hope the moderators will consider them for inclusion at the top.
  10. Crypto currency was created with the goal of allowing people to transact quickly and with low fees. Although crypto has achieved this goal, it has not achieved it completely because many countries are afraid of this new system and have prohibited crypto in their countries. Many advanced and developed countries have also refused to accept crypto, however once everyone allows crypto, it will undoubtedly change the world.
  11. This is a very insightful post that quickly explains the functionality of this platform to all newcomers in the best way possible. I hope that this post has reached as many new users as possible, as it will be extremely beneficial to them in gaining a general understanding of this website. Also, if you break any of the rules, the moderators will give you warning points or even ban you.
  12. I agree with you; many members used to give feedback solely for the sake of earning money, and this is the biggest mistake. For me, I give a positive rating to the most noteworthy comment in each article, and I believe that everyone should do so.
  13. Well, thanks bro for posting this topic to prevent any members from making this mistake, because moderators strictly enforce those rules in this forum, and anyone who violates these rules will be immediately disqualified, so please function honestly in this forum, because this forum only allows Russian and English languages, so write only in English.
  14. Working on this platform has two advantages: financial gain and profit, and gaining valuable knowledge in the field of cryptocurrencies. As a result, we cannot dismiss the advantages of the trading department, for example, or the fantastic trade department, from which I learned a ton.
  15. Why do we write 30 posts in two hours when we have so much time to write around 24 hours? Why don't we do anything like this 10 post in one hour and offer some time around 3are 4 hours in the second session?
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