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  1. yes because crypto is the most easy way to earn money. students who suffer in life must join to crypto then his suffer will be decrease and he can lead a happy life.i am a example.
  2. if china make native currency then it will be huge news for crypto because china is a big country and if they add currency on their bank then people's will be interesting to invest on crypto and price will be pumped.
  3. mining is not profitable all time bro.most cloud mining just wait for people's funds then they became scam. only easy way to make profit on crypto is trading on cryptocureency. no easy way available like this.
  4. dark website are most hidden website on internet. you can't find dark web links on normal website of google.you can search kn youtube for some links but you can't find original web.
  5. nothing sure in cryptocurrency, if people's became interesting in next time and if country accept bitcoin as normal payment then crypto currency not last anytime. but if it doesn't happen then crypto can be forever.
  6. no you won't be profitable to deposit on yobit exchange. you have to be invest on investbox. for investbox you have to trade and play dice games then you can get profit in here.
  7. Because most people's think crypto can be loss money or make money.they haven't original knowledge about crypto so they think investing crypto like aa gambling. but they didn't know people have to work hard to make profit from here.
  8. but we ar normal bitcoin user's. we haven't enough power and enough money to fight with scammers because scammers just hack people's who have huge balance. i don't think normal people's can find these scammers.
  9. not only investing can make you profit but if you want to make profit from crypto then you have to trade on crypto.and if you are a successful trader then you haven't need to work on real job.
  10. a lof of transactions made in a single minute so people's have to wait some time to complete a transactions. but if you pay more fee then transactions will complete more fast.but it is costly.
  11. both account will be banned if you use multiplied account on your wifi. because there is clearly told that multiplied account will be prohibited so you shouldn't use. use data on difference account.
  12. i think there should me more selection that we can discuss everything about crypto.example competition of exchange should be discuss because these are profitable to user at all.
  13. it will not good because there should be more admin or moderator's for local language also.if people's make unnecessary or scam posts admin have face problem to clean these.
  14. My some posts are also being deleted but i can't find which topic are being deleted and why. i have also take break to make post for some days but for i have to continue here.
  15. you should follows for beginning topic for more topic. in this topic peoples have to make only about this froum so most people's just avoid to make post here.
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