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  1. Hello admin, I receive warning point and already expired but still visible in my profile. Need solution about this and for your attention thank you very much.
  2. You have the complete list and I'm sure you are an expert. Actually, people can decide use type after doing trading for several month, by the time character will built and take type as their habit. We can't push people to take or become something and that's why speculation exist as their type.
  3. There's no best project we only can analyze and predict. I think invest into project such us like follow ICO/ IEO is risky, more saver if you replace money on popular coin and hold it in your wallet. The priority is btc and alternative is eos and xrp.
  4. We should have knowledge, fund and friend as sharing partner. After that make good plan with risk management that fit with your target. People ignore risk because have big money and only have optimist. In crypto we can rich and poor in minutes, have plan to reduce loss is rules.
  5. I just don't agree with this rules because market is unpredictable, can turn back without permission. Like or not I must say this is greedy, meaning you break rules for profit. For me limit is limit, follow it for your safety, sorry if I disagree with you.
  6. If crypto pair with currency everything on your list is right but if not, depend sentiment and developer progress. Many people connect crypto with every economic issue around the world, that fact even sometimes it just rumors. History chart still become popular indicator to see market movement, leave issue because we are not a gambler.
  7. We don't know the future but I think will stuck in $ 10.000, wait for halving and crypto user respond about that. People need bull run to keep positive and stay with bitcoin but as we see, bitcoin will giving us proof step by step. Patient to wait but use d for make money on line.
  8. Not all people can get financial freedom in two months, even they have library and join many courses, we don't know the future. People interesting join trading because there's promotion sentences like your post. Mostly I agree with that but do fair, you also need to share the risk.
  9. Report spam post will never give negative impact into your counter, maybe Yobit have problem with bot or admin delete your post. In this forum report is our way to help admin clean the forum and should be used, don't only look it. I agree with report spam post because this forum only need valuable post to keep running.
  10. This is popular analysis and used by trader to read market movement and replace the money. I just don't understand with number 2 and 3, for me that is psychology training/ tips to avoid bigger lost. We need analysis market and control our psychology to keep stay with plan.
  11. You already know the answer, secure asset always become priority. Doing analysis depend your knowledge and take investment program from exchanges, join IEO to get more buying discount. About date in your post, is this copy paste?
  12. You need to know what is wallet and the function, various wallet should not confusing you. I think you need friend that can explaining about earn bitcoin because every information already exist in this forum. You only need to explore every section and write valuable information for your purposes.
  13. I think $ 7K is the right limit for stop loss, this 2020 bitcoin have halving and most of us believe halving increase value, that's why this time market goes green. Stop loss and take profit point is depend your open position and target, you also need to calculate risk to reduce lost.
  14. IEO, ICO and STO is same the different is only about model. That is big event and mostly release on exchanges, the reason is to create positive sentiment that the event have system and fund to give members good services and income. Binance is one of them but if they fail Kucoin will replace their position.
  15. You can do something else like make coffee or collect valuable information about crypto world to make blog, etc. Every day a lot of people join crypto world and delay is part of transaction. You should find real information about confirmation and use it as reason to use another altcoin for your transactions.
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