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  1. I think there are other sources on this forum to earn money by taking part in compain as well there are some bounties which comes time by times and as well airdrops. You can earn money from compain, bounties and airdrops as well from trusted forum.
  2. @UprightYou're right and my best wishes are with you that you will be a good crypto writer in future. Yeah this is true that if you work hard and keep learning about cryptocurrency and you take help from google for additional knowledge about crypto currency then definitely you would have enough knowledge about crypto to write down it in crypto articles.
  3. You are absolutely right and as I'm struggling on this forum to be senior member but as member I'm trying to do my best to share my valuable ideas by posting useful, informative and knowledge based topics about crypto currency for my juniors members who are new on this forum.
  4. @Cammer you are doing good to earn valuable money through cryptotalk forum. Please keep it up as i tell you i am not owner of any website because i don't know how to create a website but in future i will think about it to make a website.
  5. Yeah obviously no one is perfect so may sometime you are wrong so you should accept criticism and also accept negative reputation which you get on wrong step sometime may be your content is not of good quality and some times your post is useless accept your fault and keep learning from your faults.
  6. I think this will disappoint millions of people working on this forum and some who are looking to join a forum who will give them opportunity to earn money and valuable knowledge about crypto world but i think we should think positive we will survive and this forum will also survive for a long time. Always be positive
  7. It is a good idea but i am thinking about it yet because i haven't even good knowledge about investment yet i am learning through this forum and definitely i will invest my capital on yobit platform to earn profit when i feel i have some knowledge about yobit investment or exchange as well.
  8. You are absolutely thinking good but i think cryptocurrency is not just based on this topic just you shared it is more wide and it is not easily understandable it requires much time experience and knowledge about crypto world.
  9. Yeah obviously we should make prediction but i think I can't make prediction yet because these aren't reliable and i am just learning about coins prices and i guess it requires much knowledge,skills, information and experience to predict.
  10. Thanks a lot i was facing many problem to be added in spams group on telegram even I don't know anyone who else added me. Thanks for sharing this topic which will make to be release from this spammer by setting up my account as you share.
  11. Yeah obviously everyone have the right to criticize anything but in the instructions of this forum's rules and regulations if you disagree with an argument you can criticize and give a solution or suggestion to make this better or best.
  12. Date: Week 4: 17 November - 23 November Cryptotalk username: @Sallujam Link to Cryptotalk: Telegram username: @Sallujam143 BetFury nickname: Sallujam Links to your posts/reposts:
  13. You are absolutely right about your topics that there is no more best forum than cryptotalk because this forum is offering money on making useful posts and paying to their users and more than paying this forum is giving unique knowledge about crypto currency to their members. That's the reason cryptotalk is the best forum to earn and learn about cryptocurrency.
  14. Yeah obviously this is a valid argument and yeah same like to your argument i have no craze to increase my followers i also follow the experienced and the Sr members of this forum who posts useful, informative and full of knowledge topics to get knowledge about crypto currency.
  15. Yeah you are absolutely right and i strongly agree with you that don't run for the reputation go steady and slowly and collect your thoughts and keep posting on daily basis don't worry about reputation if you will follow the instructions of the forum and keep struggling and working you will get reputation and learn about cryptocurrency
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