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  1. You should take review of the project before joining the bounty program and good number of followers is also required as it's basis for getting into the Bounties. Also you should participate in legit Bounties only as nowadays we have seen many bounties just waste of time. And you should keep patience if you are getting paid in their token as it will take time to get listed on exchange and for payment procedure.
  2. For getting good number of followers on Twitter which will help in getting good payment from Bounties. You should target the Crypto based audience and you should make your tweet relevant to the audience. If you tweet helpful and Crypto based thread sure it will help in getting good number of followers. Additionally you can Promote your Twitter account in Cryptotalk signature for getting good attention from the forum members too.
  3. Great post @Whited35 for all information regarding the Blockchain network. Until now I was only aware of Public Blockchain and I was seeing Blockchain as a public ledger but it's changed now as Private Blockchain are also there. I'm also waiting for the explanation about the Sybil Attack on a Blockchain as it's new for me.
  4. You can easily spot the fake trading volume in an exchange and it happens mostly with the the pair that the exchange want to play with. You can use DEX if you really like to avoid the fake volume as I see it on most of the platform.
  5. @Calvinpriva All is good but they have said we won't be able to Send Crypto from one PayPal account to another (Currently) which seems a downside. But as the userbase of PayPal is huge and new people who haven't known Crypto yet will be introduced to Bitcoin and Crypto world that's why I see this news as bullish. How do you take it?
  6. Ridam

    Blockchain Wallet

    Electrum is non-custodial wallet that's why there is no risk of attack on the funds unless you share your private keys with others. And talking about Coinbase and Blockchain they offer custodial service and you can't hold your keys on own. You just need to pay network fee for moving your assets and if you like coinbase then coinbase wallet is also available. You can check that too as it offer non-custodial services.
  7. @Calvinpriva Some time back PayPal was hiring Blockchain Engineers and I believe sure they will come with strong security measures and aware of possible Crypto attacks. As the service will be custodial, we won't get private keys but I believe PayPal so there would be no issues at least for me.
  8. I don't think it's good to follow and completely rely on trading signals. Most of the trading signals are forwarded through many groups and may cause huge loss. Also some ask for premium membership plan which we should avoid as they are worth nothing. Instead of that if we work on improving FA and TA skills it will be helpful for us in our trading journey.
  9. @Seyeumi You are right, Escrow should be done strictly with the verified and trusted platform only. As in internet there are many fake brokers, who will try to lure you to do escrow and fade away. But if there are verified admins available in forum it would be a great feature here in the forum.
  10. On the Q2 of this year, there were 346M active users of PayPal worldwide (Source). It clearly shows how big Crypto currency will get benefits from this update. And @Calvinpriva Those who weren't using PayPal for Crypto transaction will start using PayPal so the userbase will increase significantly. Also there will be Learn Crypto feature for those who are new to the Crypto field.
  11. I will also wait for third week and as the campaign will run upto 5th week we have many opportunity to grab and selected for the spot in coming week. @Dorjoy12I also didn't get selected for this week but I don't have any issue regarding that.😊 @Honny143 There has been other bounties on the forum too. Yo-Bounty had also happened so stick with the bounties section to get informed about them.
  12. Exactly @Whited35 The Decentralized features of Bitcoin is only possible because of POW algorithm. And as the usecases of Bitcoin is increasing day by day and mass adoption is happening the Bitcoin will be at peek position for investment options in future.
  13. @Calvinpriva Sure the territory of Crypto access through PayPal will increased. Soonee US will be the leading example and other countries will also be added to the list. They have also said pay with Crypto options is being Available probably on 2021. After that we won't need to exchange Crypto to fiat anymore.
  14. @Dorjoy12 Same here I'm also waiting for getting the Rewards of a first week. Though I didn't get selected for second week I'm good with the profit from first week. Are you selected for second week?
  15. @Calvinpriva Exactly I have also seen many brokers claiming to exchange Btc- PayPal in higher price. We must avoid them and now as PayPal has announced they will Launch buy/sell/hodl option to their PayPal users the difficulty that people were facing will be gone sooner.
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