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  1. If i got you rightly it's similar to podcasts in which ceo of user choosen company is interviewed. And as i love to listen podcast and we could get rewarded too sure i sm willing to be part of it. Could you guide me through to join the event and how much will we get rewarded?
  2. I don't think it's appropriate to compare PayPal and yobit. As PayPal is for fiat currency and makes online transaction easier where as YoBit is an exchange with different perspective. And talking personally about mine favourite one , yobit is mine favourite and i don't use PayPal though i have Account on it.
  3. Ridam

    Wallet Wombat??

    I have also joined this wallet for Ecoin AirDrop but I'm not sure about it so i hadn't made any deposits into it and Don't recommend anyone about it too. So if you are creating wallet to receive Ecoin, you can download Coolx wallet and create telos account there to receive your E-coin.
  4. Well Samsung is doing really great with already built in Crypto wallet and i guess they have continued it on s20 and note20 too. And it would help Crypto to launch among huge new people as Samsung is one of the most selling smartphone and I'm hoping for other companies like Apple and Huwaei to integrate the same wallet options in their smartphone.
  5. I would like to appreciate your friend for finding out and reporting forum abd talking about negative reputation he got ,it would be back and the user who uses reputation as spam he/she would got banned for sure. And i think you should also send message to moderator about the issue in briefly.
  6. Well bro i don't think its good to increase for current rewards as they are paying is still great. And talking about low post and activity maybe it's due to those who were posting here just for profit only have fade away. And as we are growing sure in coming days activity would start increasing. Talking about post approval, it would be great but for moderator the works increased so it maynot be practical.
  7. I am also big fan of Blockchain games and i am playing Cropbytes currently and i am earning tron with it. And as many of we are interested in games it would be great if your idea is listened by admins and make separate section for Blockchain games and I'm waiting for the big launch from Unisoft and it would be based on blockchain. If they are able to produce games like Watch Dogs sure it would get a great popularity.
  8. Well for those who were active at that time may have got good amount profit and as the volatility is continuing and price is now at around 11k day trader are earning decent and if the prediction in this article is right and Bitcoin breaks its 13800$ resistance sure another uptrend maybe seen.
  9. In this type of act I don't think it's an appropriate to fine such small amount as it involved many inappropriate laundering. And all the money that they have scammed from their customers should be turned back. And the punishment should be increased so that we don't see such scheme in coming future.
  10. If the topics hasn't been closed and information need to be added in that thread you could do add your relevant comments there. But if you have already commented on it and doing again for not different reasons sure it won't be right.
  11. At first i like to correct you, it's "Patience" not patient and yes as for selling talk and getting profit, still we have a lot of time but if we do post good content now and managed minimum post then sure our rewards would be higher at September 1 and later too. So keep patience for a while.
  12. Well international transaction for Investment seems to completely impossible in mine country, that's why I'm Earnings from Crypto and again investing it on Crypto platform. Now i had managed mine portfolio and i have put some % in staking and i do trade for some % and im Earnings and gaining deep knowledge about blockchain and sure slowly i will grow mine portfolio and income through it.
  13. Such acts surely pusses the mass adoption more upward and increase the rate of global adoption. And as it's in starting they are accepting Bitcoin, sure after some experience with Crypto they will add more coins in mine opinion. And as it's the tourist location it's become easy for local to accept Crypto as they could use it locally and no need for exchange it. Actions like this should be encouraged and supported so that it reaches all global slowly.
  14. Well i would be ok even if i got low payment doing survey, but sadly they aren't available in mine country. I have tried different platforms like reward portal, Google survey and other many but after i complet mine information it says sorry no survey available which is absolutely disappointing for mine experience with survey. Please suggest me if any platform that provides survey from people all around the world and actually provide survey too.
  15. Well i prefer xrp or Litecoin for the withdrawal purpose and talking about trading i amnot a full time trader but I do trade and i prefer ltc pair or eth pair while trading. And if you do withdraw in btc sure it would take huge fee for transaction which can be decreased just by doing a trade against xrp or ltc.
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