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  1. We shouldn't be concerned about the pump or dump of the talk token. If the coins get its utility in different spaces then sure it would be helpful for pushing the price of coin much higher price without any concerns. And the assurance the adminstartion have made is still there and I am certain in recent future the development they are making for talk token uses will be announced and we will see again green days of talk token.
  2. You can get basis of the trading specially through the videos. We can learn through video more easily like charts, candle sticks and patterns, and indicators information about how they works and what they are showing. For real market knowledge we must use TA and FA combined and practise in real market for gaining experenice. This is why rule of thumb says that experience is required fot the trading and for that you can start with making prediction using charts and without investing in real, just be hypothetical and if you feel good you are ready you can go for trading.
  3. Passowrds are used in almost all of the sites we use these days so its better to go with the precautions you have mentioned. I do prefer making passwords lengthy and containing characters like, small and big alphabet, special signs ,number and as you have mentioned the most importantly spaces. It will make difficult for anyone to get that and even if something bad happen it seems our pasword will be difficult to access. Also never store passwords in any third party sites or pasword saver found on the internet, all are centralised and we must use paper and a notebook to store than such sites.
  4. Well, in simple confirmation means in how many blocks your transaction is recorded. And most of the exhanges requires more number of confirmation so that the transactions don't get reversed which is seen only rarely but they do prefer precautions for that. And I also do suggest that if you are doing any escrow with anyone using crypto currencies, you should wait for at least 4-5 confirmation so you don't need to worry after that.
  5. If we are into the future then the liquidation price will one of the major thing we need to see and set carefully before taking any long or short position. And most of the time price reach to the level where the liquidation price volume is significantly higher. I always track this using the website that provides the heatmap and it is one of the major indicator I am using now for the spot trading too as we can say easily where the price will go most likely in the short term.
  6. If I tell you in general. Except Bitcoin there are coin with own Blockchains like, ETH,ADA,DOT,XRP,BNB,TRX, are the most common and that you will see in most of the part. If you see any project working on any Blockchains it means that they don't have their own Blockchain and are relying others Blockchain for storage of the transactions details and all other write task. if you like to deep dive into all of them You can use the link given by @rekterand see them in the coinmarketcap official website.
  7. Its good to see that ripple is working on a update and development for the new stable coins. But I think there will be more problems for them in the future as we know the Facebook stable coin has faced really big problems in the paste matter of time wit their development of the stable coins. And right now as ripple is facing a major concerns, it seems the stable coin will develop another issue for them. I think its better for them to solve the issue they are enduring right now and make some corrections to the network that are possible right now and will help them to fight a case against the SEC.
  8. To be honest the feature of the crypto currencies are becoming the major areas in which government is targeting and are trying to regulate them as much as possible. so there will be some pullback in this feature . But in all other features like no inflation(There is inflation but total supply is fixed), Transparncy, decentralised Blockchain based servies either its crypto or other assest, they wins with no issues in compare with the fiat and traditional financial services. Also the major benefits, I see is borderless and if we compare the current foreign exchange fee with crypto they are pretty cheaper and way much faster and accessible with one click.
  9. Well if we see the recent announcement of the FINCEN, we can conclude that governements are positive towards the development of finance and shiftment towards the DE-FI but I can say that the anonymity that De-FI posses right now is becoming the major concerns and this will be reduced to some. And talking about succesor of Bitcoin, I think its better to call it the best futility of Blockchain and Smart contracts. Also DE-FI will be with us in coming future there is no doubt on that.
  10. Well, for the economy to recover from such big impact of the global pandemic, it would take a bit longer. Talking particularly about the ,United states we can clearly see the impact economy is facing. If the possible crisis you are referring come down , the dollar index or purchasing power of dollar will improve and from that we btc will get affected at some extent, if we see btc/usd but the bullishness will remain the same becuse of Other bullish factors that are currently ongoing at institutional level.
  11. The major thing Bitcoin or most Blockchains are supposed to be vulnerable of is 51% attack but if we look to the current Bitcoin network growth its impossible for 51% attack in practical way. The network has grown such a huge and there is no way for it to happen. And talking about Quatntum computers affect, its likely possible but if the are made to really work not for showing as prototype, then every encryptiom will likely to be break , it won't be only the Bitcoin that gets affected from it.
  12. I don't think there are any other bullish news than this and I appreciate your effort for the update about it. Lastly when I had read about pakistan, Crypto weren't regulated there and nlw the same country is mining Bitcoin. It clearly shows that, the FOMO is reaching the next level which is offcourse, governmental level or national level. Imagine the neighbour country seeing the profit and try to implement same in their nations.
  13. Stock market is basically a secondary market for stocks trade and the the way stock market is correalted with economy is the thing thst diverseify it from thr crypto exchanges. Furthermore, the potential risk you are mentioniong will be becuase of the price volatility and theft seems unusal in my view unless you go for a broker that is completely devoted to lure you to invest there and fade away. Also, now you csn buy stocks in a tokenized form in exchanges like FTX which seems a great revolution in Erc-20 tokens futility.
  14. Well, Reading blogs and good resources is always a real idea and I suggest the forum members to share the knowledge after you read the blogs to other forum members by making a topics about it. By this way it helps others to also get informed about it and makes forum a better place for learning too. And talking particularly, I would suggest Binance Academy for learning about crypto and Blockchains.
  15. Ridam

    The DeFi boom

    In my view, De-Fi isn't just a boom that's supposed to be fade away like the ICO trend. Its getting regulation and interest from government. The last announcement from the FINCEN shows that though some sort of regulation would be happening , overall they are positive towards the development. And talking about Uniswap its the one of the examplary De-Fi Products and the increase in the volume shows the interest of people over De-FI than Ce-Fi Apps and Products.
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