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  1. Thank you sir. I have got the reward for the winning this week competition through yobi codes and successfully redeemed my rewards. I really appreciate for the prize. Thank you again
  2. Yes, the innovative nature of the Chia project is really awesome and I am fond of these innovation in the blockchain world. You know , they increase the reach and make more people aware about the project and in overall help in promotion of the decentralized ecosystem. And as the rewards are given randomly, it is really good to give it a try. Hard Disk have the low Read and write speed and it is the reason for laptops going crazy while running.
  3. Well that is true and we can't raise any question for that but if we see the statement of the Elon Musk regarding the sell of btc, his reasons clearly seems vague. Also, the crypto bull run this time is being driven by many factors and Elon and Tesla are part of them, their move will definitely create panic in the market and as they are company investing for the profit we should be aware about their move is the reason for creating this thread. We have to be clear that we may see such profit booking from tesla at different levels of the bull market. Currently, tesla ain't accepting the BTC payment and we may see a bit longer for it to happen. If it may start sooner, technoking may have already started talking about in his tweets, and he hasn't done that means we may see a delay in tesla accepting the bitcoin.
  4. That is great steps if you have a good one and there is also a selection of luck winners by the forum for posting the daily screenshot of mining chia, so it would be even more profitable if you get listed on that. Good luck for that. Yes, I also read that and I think this is made to avoid the big users from getting more tokens than the small investor but, they can create more plot and simply increase their probability which doesn't make any sense of doing that in my view.
  5. I think you should trade them in the pair with more liquidity because some tokens have more liquidity in btc pair than the usd pair. So, you can buy btc with that and exchange it to the usd or any fiat you like to have. In some time there are no buy orders at the current price, but if you place your order then it would just take a matter of second to fill them. So in person, I don't have any issue with the liquidity. There are many features which are not available in other exchanges but they need to promote that to the big audience by giving a sponsorship to a youtuber just like other exchanges, and also organize a trading competition during that time in my view to increase the overall exchange performance and liquidity.
  6. This was the same scenario for me. I have tried once while creating the topics because I like to have my own experience before sharing the information. But my laptop couldn't handle the process and I had to forcefully restart the laptop to cancel the overall process. This doesn't mean it is bad, but I do also recommend having a decent amount of power in the pc before starting mining. If you like to continue on your laptop, I think you should add one more 8Gb Ram as the parallel processing would increase the performance as your RAM and CPU are mostly utilized during the process of creating plots. i7-7 gen seems good one for getting started. And have you selected SSD in temporary directory?
  7. The 108 Gb space for downloading the plot. All the information and files about the plot will be downloaded in that space. The additional files are at first stored in the temporary folder you have chosen before creating the plot and later merged into the permanent folder. After that you can start mining the farm of chia. I am not sure about the internet bandwidth, so I can't say about the precise bandwidth. But I do recommend to join a unlimited WIFI so that you don't get issue while farming also. As you are probably going to mine 24 hours and you don't want your plan to run out.
  8. Yes I am hearing the news about the shortage of HDD and SDD and the price has already spiked in my country and many tech medias are covering about the Chia miner and it's effect on shortage. We arw facing this issue more because in my country almost all electrical devices are imported from China being neighbour country. Talking about my personal experience, I have tried Chia mining before creating this post but my laptop went crazy while creating the plot, so I stopped as my laptop is low end and I think for temporary storage of plot, you must have SSD , and processor if i5-10 gen or i7 should be there for smooth mining.
  9. If you get clue of the address be sure to share with me too. If we get that then sure it would be easy for us and we can be awarw about the next correction earlier and be safe from exiting before it hit our SL. I am also doing my research about their wallets,if I get any hit I will share in the forum.
  10. So what do you mean by this? You have already posted the screenshot of the information of the person name Bram Cohen and still asking who is he? In short, he is the founder of the Bittorent protocol and I know him for a long period of time because Bit torrent has been one of the platform that I am using for a longevity. And I am sure everyone has used this platform once in a while in their life. And now he is the founder of the platform named as CHIA. So, we can expect a good performance of the CHIA project looking his past performance.
  11. Exactly, I am also thinking the same. And we know about it only after three months of selling it because the only way to know about is looking at the quarterly report and we have to wait three months for this. So, they may take benefit of this and start booking their profit at 65k or 70k level and we know Elon Musk would made another reason for the sell like he did last time. Now, retail people have to strictly monitor the activities of big institution to sustain in this journey. The 24 hour volume of btc is above 50Billions. So the reason of checking the liquidity seems illogical. And as I aforementioned that if a company sold 10% of their holdings, yes they have started booking profit because these are institution and they have the strategy of booking the profit and risk management. And from the result I have seen that the company has already returned 18% of their fund by selling just 10% of holding. It means they have sold that portion at 80% profit so yes they are booking the profit and trying to create less panic in the market as we know they still have the big bag to sell further.
  12. 100K would be the start of intense level for the bitcoin but there are many big holders who are targeting the price to be more than 100K so we can say that 50% seems alot. I expect like 30-35% correction at that level before going further and how much above that we can go is unknown. Bake has been my one of the favorite project and I am holding bags of BAKE in my portfolio. I had booked my profit at 2X from my entry . And now I am holding more in Bake/usd pair in the bakeryswap AMM. I am now at 4X from my entry but I am waiting for further move because of Binance integrating the NFT cex and there is increase of nft activities in Bakeryswap.
  13. Well, I did a research about the whole project in detail. And SSD's are way better at the time of creating plot as the read and write speed of the SSD is many fold higher than the traditional HDD. In the process of creating Plot and saving temporary files before starting the mining process, the software also recommends for SSD. But this concept is only pragmatic, when we are able to extract the energy from the particular mass. HDD are becoming waste these days because I see everyone are shifting to SSD and now if you go to buy a new PC or build a new one or buy a laptop then you will find that all will have SSD. Eventually all those old HDD are now becoming futile. So, I think it is better at some extent because CHIA is making the project to utilize those thing so we can consider it as good effort for utilizing those devices. But now the competition has been raised for that making the shortage of the HDD which seems not fair.
  14. Oh, does it means you started the mining of the CHIA? Is your Plot already created or still ongoing? I think you should update your information so that other also get inspired to start mining the farm. Yes chia is popular but new project so there are less number of quality content in the internet. So I give it a try myself so that I could understand and if you have any issue in the process, you can let me know. I will try to help you in the process.
  15. HELLO! ADMINISTARTION SPAMMER PROFILE LINK: REASON FOR REPORT: This user is copying post from someone else comment and posting in the same thread. EVIDENCE: ORIGINAL POST: COPIED POST:
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