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  1. We are in need of income sources as some of us have a lot of time at home and in fact except Cryptotalk I have only found and testing read.cash. I haven't seen there was a post about that, so I had created one too, which was deleted. But I feel that a good organized post like the one I made which would have had updates for new and upcoming websites would have helped all in the forum.
  2. There are many buyers and while many will ask for very lower prices and make offers lower from your set price, you can count that you will find offers for anything you sell. The big problem is the fees you will have to pay to buy and sell items. This can go up to hundreds of dollars for the time being.
  3. The price of Talk has been dragged very low since it was traded for the first time and it is not looking to have found a bottom. It can go down more to four satoshi, three and even one satoshi. It is already very low and considering the amount we can earn, it is not an incentive. However, I still think that it will have a comeback and a new introduction.
  4. Why are you all people obsessed with working in this forum? There is no work here, it is not paying you a wage, you earn some crypto from your posts, but that is that. There is no guarantee it will continue paying and you are just posting many useless new articles about working and doing hard work but your work is terrible and you aren't helping anyone with all this kind of posts.
  5. No picture is loading for me. I suggest to edit the post and insert pictures in the format the forum has, as probably you have made a mistake in the way you inserted your pictures and we only see a filename right now.
  6. Two hours is very fine, but three hours will help you a lot. The time we spend is directly correlated with the information and our education. Even with just a few hours, after some months we reach into levels of understanding that will be a lot higher from what others are doing by following youtube and non important influencers in social media.
  7. I don't think this is a good idea. An images we put should be important and on topic. Anything else except that it will make a bad post, it will also be a good reason for deletion. Why would you put a hallucinatory image, this forum is not about that, if you don't have something about the topic, it will be unnecessary.
  8. Another landmark moment for Bitcoin as today it passed the mark of one trillion dollars in market cap. Bitcoin is one of the top assets in the world right now and made it so in just eleven years of existence. Price of Bitcoin looks that it is not stopping and maybe even reach two trillion in market cap before this rally ends. companiesmarketcap.com has a list of the top assets by market capitulation and Bitcoin is right now at 8th position, behind Google and Silver! Let's see how long this bull run will go on, and if Bitcoin will dare to challenge Gold's dominance at the level of 11 trillion dollars.
  9. I read about that too. It was someone else having the private key and not the Silk Road founder, who is in jail at the moment. The other person that had access to this wallet, cooperated with the agents and probably given the stash to avoid having problems with the law. But this is just what we are being told, there can be a lot more that we don't know and probably covered up.
  10. When asking this question, shouldn't you also say to us first how much have you made? You have given a perfect description that the forum is helping by giving a few Satoshi to members, however you ask other members about something, while you don't say anything about your profit in the way you describe.
  11. The price of talk was even higher at release of trading on Yobit, but then it gradually dropped to where it is today. From 200 satoshi, down to 6 satoshi is a major decline, one the left most of us sad. For those that were only for the campaign in the forum, this means they are out now, however those of us that still stay, we still have hopes for change and recovery, but it will be a very tough one, with many changes required, like reduction in investbox interest and for talk to have uses in the forum or in Yobit.
  12. Tether is stablecoin, you can only use it to sell and hold your position in a pegged to the USD token and wait for prices to go down to buy more of Bitcoin or altcoins you are trading. Tether is also has the name USDT. Except from USDT there are more stablecoins. By the way, Tether is constantly accused of manipulating the market by creating fake volumes, and buying Bitcoin with money not backed by assets. I don't know if this is real or not, however, if it just happens by 5% it will have terrible consequences for the whole market and there is big risk of collapse. It is not safe and pegged to USD currencies will have high risk especially when they are centralized.
  13. We don't know when the cycle will end. I read a lot about the previous two bull runs in 2013 and 2017 and I see the similarities between all. In any case, it is now in a state of fomo but it may have some more to rise before crypto winter appears. From what I have seen it could happen any day, it may take months more but the end of the bull run will happen and it will be fierce and make many people lose all their money with a huge crash, which will be around 80% from the top, as it was in both 2013 and 2017. I would say that it can last until the end of this year and price can keep rising, perhaps until a moment where macroeconomic events change and reduce the appeal of high risk investments to institutions. Pay attention to government bond yields. It is very important to remember that they went negative during the spring of 2020 and this event led funds to invest in high risk investments, pump stocks, and buy crypto. A rise of bond yields will happen and it could change the course of the crypto market acceptance. A secondary macro indicator according to my research could be the value of USD to EUR. If USD start rising it could bring Bitcoin price down and may mean the beginning of a long bear market is closer.
  14. I am watching carefully developments on Monero. It is a fact that the investors fear regulations and possible ban of Monero by governments. It is also a fact that Monero has unique technology and has been seen as an anonymous way to transfer money around the world. This is the main reason that Monero could be put into severe regulations and placed in list of banned currencies. The support of the cryptocurrency community on Monero is strong always, but if governments decide it is some kind of threat, then it will lose a lot of the price it holds today.
  15. When I withdraw from Yobit, this is done in just seconds. Processing means the transaction went in a que which is automated process and can't be reversed as far as I know. But it should be just seconds of time, unless there was an error from the part of the user, perhaps having been disconnected and doesn't have access to the actual condition of the transaction.
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