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  1. Yes, it's hard to earn bitcoin because this coin is a number one crypto and popular it's hard to mined but other sites giving crypto or satoshi everytime they view adds or watch some videos in app or sites. There's a lot of way to get bitcoins you can use faucets there's a lot faucets choose legit sites.
  2. I'm learn from my mistake, i have been greedy to earn and get more bitcoins some i invest it and dice in yobit platform it's like gambling my bitcoins it's hard to be greed but it's in yourselves you can train your mind to have self control and patience to earn slowly but surely to get bitcoins but not easily.
  3. Yes, i'm sad to your situation it's hard to had spammers in your own country but this is the warning of cryptotalk that you need to post good content and don't spam and post non sense post. They need good content because they pay you bitcoins, This forum is best forum they need a quality member and post.
  4. Why your account is banned because you disobey the rules and regulations of this forum like if you create multiple accounts and post non sense post or spam in this forum. You to post good content helpful and useful post everyday and don't copy paste their content they will banned because moderator knows everything in this forum.
  5. Welcome to this forum a lot of problems i face in this forum like you can't withdraw your bitcoins, and loose bitcoins in dice i did not know how to use that and i bet 0.0001 satoshi and i lose it. But all the all problems you face is just a beginning you can't learn if you don't do wrong as a beginner. Just continue to post good and useful post and learn from your mistake.
  6. Yes, it's possible that the value of bitcoin increase in $12,000, I recognize and saw that last december 2017 the price of bitcoin $19,000 it's so huge and it's possible that price will go higher or more right now the price of bitcoin is $9,100 if people buy bitcoins and invest more investors the price will increased again.
  7. If i post 30 useful and helpful post and get 30,000 satoshi i'll transfer or convert my bitcoins into Ripple or XRP coins because xrp has a lower value and can transfer or withdraw instantly into my wallet. It's profitable and great value of crypto and i believe it will increased huge like bitcoins.
  8. If you earn a lot of bitcoins in your balance in yobit you can withdraw your bitcoins and have a withdrawal fee 0.0012 Satoshi. But you can convert your coins into other crypto that has lower withdrawal fee, so that you can get more coins and profit and continue to post good and helpful post.
  9. The one you facing problem is just the same problem of other people feeling right now. I think Yobit will fixed soon and it will work smooth again the site of Yobit. Wait until the platform fixed don't worry your hard work will never be prevailed it's profitable and beneficial to use Yobit you can invest and exchange your coins.
  10. My first wallet since last December 2017, When bitcoin increased $19,000 i saw that and it will happen again soon. Coinbase is my wallet yes, it's popular in my country and my friends said to me that i will use this wallet and until now i used this wallet it's profitable and legit wallet i've ever used in my crypto journey.
  11. Cryptocurrencies are volatile it goes up and down you said money maker it's true but you need knowledge in trading, investing, mining bitcoins. If you lack of knowledge you will scammed or easily hacked your wallet or bitcoins. Read some articles and watch youtube videos to have ideas to make money using crypto.
  12. I don't know how to know if my wallet is legit because there's a lot of fake wallet in crypto world.
  13. Self control is from ourselves or in yourselves, Our character in it you need to have an self control to trade, invest. You can easily scammed if you have lack of knowledge in crypto world. We can protect ourselves through our wisdom, You can report to the site if you already scammed or not.
  14. If i have an time machine i'll back in 2009 when bitcoin started in January i'll buy a lot of bitcoins and wait until December 2017 and sell your coins and you will be millionaire it's profitable and beneficial. But i believe the bull run comes again and earn into my holding my bitcoins.
  15. Right now the value of crypto or bitcoin is increasing right now. There's a lot people buy bitcoins and want to trade, invest, hold to earned money it's profitable and i really expect that bull run comes in this year so i'm ready for that season i wait for that happen again in bitcoin it increasingly huge value or amount of crypto.
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