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  1. You need to choose the right site to pay you Cryptocurrency, there's a lot of site that they're not paying you waste your time and effort but if you choose yobit platform this is a legit site if you want to earn Cryptocurrency you can invest and trade in Yobit, It's profitable site to used.
  2. It's true you need to know this two Cryptocurrency is in the top of market high demands. But Bitcoin is ahead than ETH we to know that Bitcoin is the highest value and popular in market. The king of Crypto is always on the top of Cryptocurrency market.
  3. It's true you can sell your bikes right now but if you invest in Cryptocurrency the value will be doubled. You can buy two bikes if you used Cryptocurrency in trading and Investing. But if you're begginers study first all Cryptocurrency market or coins.
  4. You need to turn off the world's internet network and electricity it's true so that no operation in Cryptocurrency but i didn't think so that will turn off the internet and electricity because we need both of them in our daily lives like Cryptocurrency we need it.
  5. Top 3 coins it's so profitable like what I used is Bitcoin. He also never disappointed me, Bitcoin help me a lot if you invest in Bitcoin or ETH you can earn surely you need to wait. When the value of Bitcoins increased you need to check the value of Cryptocurrency.
  6. Yes, I'm a browser user in cryptotalk but i suggest to have a application in cryptotalk so that you can easily use your phone and open your application and post 30 daily. But right now fixed the bug in browser if you didn't know the problem in browser.
  7. It's true never pay for an airdrops and you never gave your private keys to others. There's a lot of scammers in Cryptocurrency market you have to protect your account secure your private keys and never use the same password like in Yobit password same in Cryptotalk password you need to change your password.
  8. Yes, Bitcoins legalized first in Japan used as a payment for their bills, Food and stuff. But not all people will used Bitcoins because it's fluctuates because of volatility and decentralized Digital currency.
  9. It's true you will never get hack by knowing or giving your wallet address. But they can hack you in your private keys, So that you need to secured your own private keys, Never share or give to anyone.
  10. I'm waiting for the big bull comes again, it's true that there's a risks in Investing in Cryptocurrency it's unpredictable but we will see in the future but i think it will increase again the value of Cryptocurrency next year 2020 the price of Bitcoin goes up in the market.
  11. You're right you can trade or invest in other coins so that you can earn through other coins. You don't need to concentrate to one coins i advice that you invest in Bitcoins and Ethereum the 2 most highest value in Cryptocurrency market.
  12. You can earn in Yobit using cryptotalk campaigns is $30 but you can in Investing Bitcoins in investbox 1% daily income if you invest in Yobit. Or you can used faucets so that your $30 can earn $40 if you used faucets to earn Cryptocurrency.
  13. That website is fake they created this website to create a bad news. Satoshi Nakamoto is the creator of Bitcoins, but other say bitcointalk is the website of Satoshi for me it's not true other moderator or administrator is the owner of Bitcointalk.
  14. There's a Big future in Cryptocurrency. A digital or virtual currency as a payment this is what we need in the future. We need to adopt Bitcoins in all over the world even though it's volatile goes up and down you can earn through his volatility.
  15. Bitcoin is decentralized digital currency there's a no administrator or peer to peer transactions. Government not controlled Bitcoins and any institution because it's is decentralized without a central bank. But many investors in Bitcoins when the price goes up you know that many people invest in Bitcoins.
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