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  1. Yes boss i agree with you that stable coins give you chance for earning good profit due to price changes time to time. But for this you need to watch out full time crypto world and make transaction when you found good price of the crypto price. Stable coins reduce your risk.
  2. Hello boss you work on crypto talk forum and your useful post count for payment in Yobit exchnage. Yes i know that Yobit exchange is good place of storing crypto coins here you transfer your coins one coins to another and earn profit due to price changes.
  3. Boss ripple is best coin for trading i know so for as that ripple is the 3rd biggest crypto currency. Don't worry make good investment in ripple, because ripple is the best crypto currency. In my opinion if you hold these coins you earn good due to price changes. Best of luck.
  4. Hello boss this problem is face every member i also face this issue but wait for good time when solve this issue. I hope this problem solve with in few hours. I know so for as this problem come last day but all member hope that it solve soon. Best of luck..
  5. Boss no doubt that may be possible because the crypto currency take a big change in the financial sector of every country and these country is coerce for making own digital currency. In my opinion this is best step if India launch own digital currency. I read in article where i found different country make a group and want launch own crypto currency for beating bitcoins.
  6. I have no information about this report but in my opinion how is possible that a large amount of Ripple (XRP) transferred. If this report is true then its mean create a difference between demand and supply for making price ups and down.
  7. Boss i read in the crypto world that those coins which use another coins blcokchain it is called token not coins. Like as ASIMI token, Coenx token and various examples are available. But in my opinion this coins/token not supported all exchanges. I suggest all friends that they must be use a coins not a token.
  8. Boss there are several ways for generating bitcoins address. Suppose that you use different crypto wallet and you want to transfer your bitcoin in all wallet then you need wallet address and go to every wallet and generate bitcoins deposit address you can see all the bitcoins address is different. This is bitcoins address in my opinion.
  9. Yes best this is best gift for valentines day. But i have little amount bitcoins in this way currently i collect the bitcoins and trade and earn profit then i have more bitcoins then i give it for special person on the valentine day.
  10. Boss i hold some bitcoins for future price prediction. I want to hold more bitcoins for future trading. In my opion the bitcoin is more high value able crypto coins and in future its price goes up and bitcoins holder earn more heavy profit. I suggest all crypto investor that invest in bitcoins and hold the bitcoins for future benefit.
  11. Good boss your post is based on crypto talk rules. In my opinion if any one follow your post guideline then it don't need to banned account. You express with detail and i suggest all new crypto talk user that must be read your post and follow golden tips.
  12. Hello boss in my opinion this is best for you if you work direct crypto talk site, because i used direct crypto talk site and don't bear any problem during crypto talk using, and i don't know that crypto talk application is present on store.
  13. This is very simple boss. Here i tell you about add a signature on your comment end. You go to the crypto talk account setting and in the last you found a tab signature, you click on this tab and write your signature. Best of luck boss.
  14. Yes boss i listen about this trick. But we know that in the crypto world success rules is that no believe on any one. In my opinion this is best for all that they don't believe to any one because we know that crypto world is more risky.
  15. Boss you need to learn new thing daily basis on crypto blogs or crypto channels and learn new things or information post here. You need to increase your crypto knowledge. I suggest you that you follow some crypto news sites for crypto information. Make new post which you read on crypto sites. This is best for you.
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