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  1. Boss yes i agree i with you that crypto talk is best forum of the world that it give the joy for all member that they earn free bitcoins with out any investment. Here i tell you if any person complete own job and earn bitcoins. I am happy because this is easiest crypto forum.
  2. Boss every person have different goal. Boss but my first goal is earning free bitcoins, and second goal is learning new information that how i earn free bitcoins or other crypto currency. In my opinion this is best sites here you learn and earn with in same time.
  3. Boss in the crypto world you seen different way for bitcoins earning. Here you earn bitcoins without in investment. Boss you can earn bitcoins with crypto trading or crypto selling or purchasing bitcoins. There are a lot of way bitcoins earning in the world but crypto talk is the best way for free bitcoins earning.
  4. Boss now we are in the crypto planet and crypto wallet is not made of leather. It is soft-shape wallet and work with internet and electricity power. But you can store only crypto coins for short time period and long time period. This is completely difference between physical wallet.
  5. Yes boss this is the reality that most developed countries accept the crypto currency and give the permission to the native people that they work for crypto without any restriction. But you can see that only under-developed countries cannot accept the crypto currency, while it is state crypto is illegal. But we all see that crypto future is very bright.
  6. Yes in my opinion the year 2020 is best year for all crypto coins, and specially best for bitcoins due to bitcoins halving May 2020. This things bring a big change in the bitcoins price and more new investor join the crypto coins. In my opinion bitcoin price more high and bitcoin holder earn more profit. This is best time for us that we hold the bitcoins and wait the bitcoin halving 2020.
  7. Yes i believe that one day 1 satoshi is equal to 1 dollars. You know that bitcoins is limited quantity and when all bitcoins mined then its price break the all price record and touch the sky. In this way more people hold bitcoins for long term benefited.
  8. pakjobhelp

    BTC and future

    Yes boss more crypto trader work with this strategy and earn profit due to price changes mechanism. According to the principle of economics purchase purchase and seller sale which point , this point called price mechanism. Here i told you that all the person believe that bitcoins is future in this way they adopt its trading as business.
  9. Yes i agree with you that this thing create a risk diversification plan for you. In my opinion if your crypto wallet account password strong and enable all security function then you don't need new bitcoins address. This is for those person who has more bitcoins transaction.
  10. Yes boss i agree with you that don't make fun and guide any member with proper method. This thing create a good reputation in the market. Be sincere and consideration on your work. Make strong and useful post for all crypto member.
  11. I know so for as that crypto currency developed due to make secrecy and fully controlled by its user and in this way i cannot say more. If this is possible then the aim of Naka Mote fail because he wants developed more secure and user anonymity.
  12. Yes Boss i know that more then 90% scam sites work. In my opinion only greedy person become victim easily. I invest in 2018 a investing company which name is AWS MINING but i lost my all investment because i wait double amount but company kick off and close websites.
  13. This is best for those who's work with Zcash and Monera. I know that Zcash and Monera is good crypto currency but i work with bitcoins and collect the Bitcoins for long time profit. Can any same software is available for bitcoins.
  14. Boss those person who don't know and become victim of fake sites and lost own crypto coins, then he consider that every thing is fake at internet. You know that more then 90% here we found fake and scam sites which work for collection money making fool. This is best for you work here and don't take withdraw again and again.
  15. I don't experience with scammers but i always follow some rules which is i share here if you follow this rules then you secure from scammers. Don't trust new person, Don't open your crypto wallet and other account at public place and don't use public WIFI.
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