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  1. Yes everybody needs an extra income and everybody wants. Thats why everybody works and earn free bitcoin. If anyone have other sites to work then mention me. I want to work more.
  2. If you protect your wallet and keep your privet key safe then your account isn't hacked. And then you keep your account from hackers. If you don't click any physing link then you are safe from spamming.
  3. Yes brothers. Don't get rich from crypto in a very short time. If you getting rich then you have to wait and ne a good traders. If you are a good traders and then you earn and then you are getting rich in very soon. So first you have to learn and earn.
  4. Today Cryptocurriencies are very popular and we can't deny crypto at all. It can change the world and it will be next payment system. Crypto has many advantage also be disadvantage. On the other hand fiat money is acceptable al over the world. And also its has some advantage and disadvantage
  5. One day usa will accept the crypto and also every country will accept the crypto. When they can realize crypto market is a big and future changing market then all country also accept the crypto curriency.
  6. There is two types of money or Currency in vertual and real life. First one is Fiat currency that we use everyday in our real life and other is vertual currency such as crypto Currency. We use crypto in many ways and many platform. So crypto also be a money. But it'sinly vertual money.
  7. I don't find any website like cryptotalk for earn bitcoin. But i am sesrching this. I found a website named oxpublish or something like that. That websites pay just reading any artical after 10 minutes. And also earn for publish a article some terms and condition can be applicable.
  8. My one day heights earning is 30$. I earn from in a crypto airdrops. I earn many time from airdrop 20$,10$ is available earning that i earn every month but my heights was 30$. I'm so happy when i was earn it.
  9. I want to know that how to withdraw money from bitcoin to Skrill. In which exchange website accept skrill withdraw. Can anyone know that? If anyone know then tell me the name of the website. It will help me to withdraw money.
  10. I always like Ripple coin. Already i hold some ripple for future profit. I believe that ripple will be 1$ or more at the end of 2020. and thats why i'm holding ripple coin for long time investment.
  11. Few days ago i search for this topic and i find the coin that's name is "Namecoin" . But i don't know the truth. I read a artical and know that, Name coin was created in 2011 and created for supporting bitcoin.
  12. Thank you for sharing good ripple wallet. But personally i use coinbase wallet for holding ripple. Since three year i use coinbase. It's very safe and secure. But i want to try those three wallet.
  13. I'm using Coinbase wallet for holding the popular coin such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin and Ethereum Classic. I don't hold any new coin thats why i use coinbase for holding those coin. also i use trust wallet. This wallet can cointain all crypto coin.
  14. Block chain changed rules and regulations. Thats why now i'm not using blockchain right now. Now i'm using Coinbase there is no need to Kyc to deposit or wirhdraw coins. And users interface is very easy.
  15. You can compare wallet as some condition. Such as Security, User interface, supported coins and some other reason. Or you can conpare by types of wallets . Thats include web wallet, software wallet, paper wallet, and hardware wallet. Compare and research to chose best wallet.
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