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  1. You are right, but one must be careful investing in Yobit invest box, because there are so many coins that falls down 50 percent in just one day.
  2. Freebitco is a very good site to earn free bitcoin but the fact is you don't get much out of it, except you have so many persons you referred
  3. Personally l see no reason why government should banned crypto currency in any country because we are not using their money to invest
  4. When l joined the crypto currency world, l started with faucet so l could earn a lot of bitcoin, but a time came and l realized l am wasting my time, so from that time till now l don't like any thing called faucet. So they should end if they want to
  5. kingsbtc

    Crypto future

    Yes you are very correct l strongly believe what you just said, l am so sure that crypto will take over from fiat currency very soon.
  6. Like l will always say that crypto currency has come to stay and nothing can wipe crypto from the internet, crypto has come to solve different economical problems
  7. I think that will be nice, for government to get involved in crypto currency, but the thing there is no other coin can be like bitcoin, bitcoin is just a father
  8. That is your imagination, and that's not true Yobit exchange is capable of the payment because this campaign did not start today. Yobit exchange has been paying people that post in bitcointalk before cryptotalk was developed
  9. First of all l thank you for this great opportunity given to us to ask questions. Please SIR/ MA l have some warning points in my account, Please is there any way you can help me to remove it l am very sorry for what so ever thing l have done please forgive me
  10. When ever we talk of my first online wallet l don't like discussing it because it was bad experience. When l joined crypto currency the first online wallet l used was where they charge me 0.0005btc plus bitcoin transaction fee before l can withdraw
  11. I will not tell lies, l have two Major reasons to joining crypto talk first is to earn money because l really need money. Second is to get more information about the crypto world
  12. Bitcoin has come to stay I don't think any other development can take over from bitcoin or crypto currency in general, this is because crypto is busy employing the unemployed
  13. No l don't think so because it is not advice able to do so, you can only do that if all of them gave useful comments, and we all know that is not possible
  14. Yes you are very correct, for one to make good profits in crypto trading the person must invest in old coins that has been in the market for a very long time now
  15. Well l can't wait for that day to come, but come to think of it how possible will it be to earn 1 bitcoin in two weeks, not to talk of one week, though it all depends on the amount of btc you are trading with
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