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  1. This HEX is a good compaign that is too far us to earn a big chance.
  2. I do not think that your prediction will work. This is working for only a specific time.
  3. I do not think that it is being affordable for me to buy the Antminer. So I will not use this.
  4. This is because block reward has been reduced too much low and Also people were using these too.
  5. It is always been changing and more upsetting. And I have no idea.
  6. Coinmarketcap is a far more greater website. And has been good to me in analyzing the data.
  7. They are always been pretending like this. And we should be honest about that.
  8. I have been using the exchange and also the money to buy. If you have an idea than tell me about this.
  9. I have been looking for the apps. Can someone also helps me what to do.
  10. Vova is a new wallet. Has somebody downloaded this wallet yet. And it could a decent option.
  11. Raouf99

    Ebates App

    Looking new wallet in the market right now. So I am too happy that it has been discussed.
  12. There are alot of wallets. Some are scam and some are not as a scam. So be careful.
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