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Found 13 results

  1. Всем привет, хотел бы поинтересоваться если ли смысл в покупке майнеров на бирже Yobit и какие есть подводные камни, ибо все выглядит слишком просто
  2. The word " Miner " may seem easy at first look but it can have two very different meanings. It can be used to refer to the following concepts: 1 - Miner can be used to refer to a device that is specifically designed for mining cryptocurrency like GPU rigs. 2 - Miner can refer to a person (human) who does the mining to earn reward. I have seen people using both meanings in crypto world. So, whenever you came across this word, pay attention to its meaning in particular context.
  3. Cloud mining rental contract from 250 Th/s to 100 Ph/s. bitcoin (sha-256) 1 hour, 6 hours, 12 hours, day, week! price: 0.33 usd / Th/s. min. order 0.015 BTC. Payment on BTC wallet waiting your message 😃
  4. Dear Buddies, I have somthing for you. The Bitcoin Miner is an app in Windows 10 Store. Which is 100 % paying. If your Computer has GPU and you can earn with very high rate. Go install it and thanks me later. The Screenshots are attached for Reference. Thank you and Good Luck.
  5. That BITCOIN is the most valued currency we already know, but we know that its mining today requires cutting-edge equipment, as it is difficult to compete with so many ASICS in the market. But aside from the BTC, can anyone tell me what other currency is being profitable for mining with CPU and GPU, ie mining with a computer? I already tried some alternatives but ended up stopping at Nicehash, because I can still mine some satoshis, few but already some. If anyone has a more profitable tip I am grateful. My configuration I use for mining is an I5 3330 along with an AMD RX 470 asus mining 4gb. Hugs!!
  6. The virtual mining contracts in the leading yobit platform are the best among all mining contracts on the scene in terms of the value of the appropriate contracts within the reach of everyone and on the other hand in terms of the total profits that he obtains daily and monthly, where the daily profit value ranges from the largest contract (Vip Miner) so far to USD : $ 3729.43 The value of the monthly profit ranges USD: $ 115612.33 Do you imagine my friends with me this giant platform and the opportunity it offers is irreplaceable I advise everyone to take advantage of this treasure that will not be repeated again and my greetings and my support for the great platform
  7. Hi i was just curious to know is mining still that profitable as it was 3 years ago and will it yield good income if we purchase the best miner available right now? P.S I had an antminer s9 14th bought back in 2017 and it was doing quite good until the bitcoin went straight down from its ATH, after that i was not able to recover even my electricity cost associated with the miner At that time i was earning around $30 Per Day and i almost had a break even but suddenly everything went upside down so i was just curious to know if anyone out here is using a miner and is it making him enough money to cover his costs
  8. Good afternoon friends ! DMJ_group has developed software for miners, which allows you to increase the performance of the models presented below. Firmware by SSH (Remote) If you need, we can come, quality guarantee @MiningSoft - Telegram there you can get video evidence and details. the performance of these models rises by 25-30%
  9. Page to mine dollars, rubles or bitcoin, requires investment, planting tea plants in exchange for gold, which is interchangeable to dollars, rubles or bitcoin, different payment methods…. Note: To withdraw you need energy, and the energy must be equal to the amount of gold you have, the energy is obtained in the game in the energy market, this is obtained by your deposits, or investments in the game, or by the exchanges of tea leaves with energy daily that you make or for the deposits of your referred to the game. The daily withdrawal limit depends on your daily energy market limit, tea leaves buy energy; gold is worth your withdrawals. Your goal in the game is to increase the energy exchange limit as much as you can and so you can withdraw higher amounts daily. It is a long-term, stable and paying investment platform. But remember, to withdraw you need to have gold and energy, and the levels of gold and energy at the time of withdrawal must be equal or at least your amount of gold is equal to the energy levels you have. Sign up and if it convinces you, invest and multiply your money.
  10. Mining is expensive and not at all economical, since you have to invest a large amount of money, because you will need enough material to be able to get results and it is not something you simply want to do, you have to take into account the place where it will be, the speed of the internet , spending energy without resting and clear the mining cards.
  12. on1k3n

    USB Miner

    Recently I was online and I came across a USB miner, and I was curious how much you can make with it. Has anyone used one of these before, and if so did it work? I don't want to spend money on something that won't perform very well. This could be the answer to my electricity problem I'm having right now. Are USB miners any good? if not, can you suggest an alternative.
  13. GMiner v1.96GMiner - High-performance miner for AMD/Nvidia GPUs.Download: algoritms:- Ethash (Nvidia only)- Ethash+Eaglesong (Nvidia only)- Ethash+Blake2s (Nvidia only)- Eaglesong (Nvidia/Amd)- Cuckarood29/Cuckaroom29 (Grin) (Nvidia only)- Cuckatoo31 (Grin) (Nvidia only)- Cuckoo29 (Aeternity) (Nvidia/Amd)- CryptoNightBBC (BBC) (Nvidia only)- BFC (Nvidia/Amd)- Cortex (Nvidia only)- Cuckaroo29s (Swap) (Nvidia/Amd)- Cuckarood29v (MoneroV) (Nvidia only)- Blake2s(KDA) (Nvidia/Amd)- Eaglesong (CKB) (Nvidia/Amd)- Equihash 96,5 (MinexCoin) (Nvidia only)- Equihash+Scrypt (Vollar) (Nvidia only)- Equihash 125,4 (ZelCash) (Nvidia only)- Equihash 144,5 (Bitcoin Gold, BitcoinZ, SnowGem, ZelCash) (Nvidia/Amd)- Beam Hash (BEAM) (Nvidia/Amd)- Equihash 192,7 (Zero, Genesis) (Nvidia/Amd)- Equihash 210,9 (Aion) (Nvidia only)Features:- Watchdog (Automatically restart miner on GPU failure, loss of connection to pool, miner crashes)- Failover pools (Automatically connect to failover pool when main pool unavailable, support unlimited number of failover pools)- Power efficiency calculator (Show power consuming for each GPU, Sol/W)- SSL stratum connection (optional) Fee is 0.65% for Ethash, 5% for BBC, 5% for Cortex, 3% for Cuckaroom29, 3% for BFC, 2% for all other algorithmsPerformance on stock GPU settings:ALGO COIN UNIT 1060 1660Ti 1070 1070Ti 1080 1080Ti 2060 2070 2080 RX570 RX580 VEGA56 VEGA64Equihash 96,5 MNX KSol/s 15.3 24.7 28 39.5Equihash 125,4 ZEL Sol/s 22.3 26.1 32.9 40.1 42.3 56.9 35.5 45.3 58.9Equihash 144,5 BTG, BTCZ Sol/s 37.5 55.5 65 69 96 65.6 68 24 27 43BeamHashII BEAM Sol/s 22.5 26.8 34.7 41.4 39.9 58.9 37.2 50 62.5 16Equihash 192,7 YEC, ZCL Sol/s 21 30 37 39 54 36 52 14 17 26Equihash 210,9 AION Sol/s 147 209 227 347Cuckarood29 GRIN G/s 3.65 5.26 5.26 5.82 5.82 9.17 6.75 8.4 10Cuckaroo29(s) XWP, XBG G/s 3.2 4.55 4.65 5.25 5.5 8 6 7.6 8.8 1.6 1.8 3.2 3.85Cuckatoo31 GRIN G/s 0.86 0.96 1.64 1.33Cuckoo29 AE G/s 3.53 4.75 5.22 5.65 5.75 8.66 6.53 8.12 9.5 1.88 2.07 3.2 4.4BFC BFC H/s 84.04 133.09 124.28 134.52 136.90 206.19 155.47 193.33 226.19Equihash+Scrypt VDS KSol/s 14 19.5 19.7 23.1 27 37.3 24 28.5 36.5Cortex CTXC G/s 1.53 3.13Ethash ETH MH/s 27.13 27.95 37.22Eaglesong CKB MH/s 778 755 1150 300Requirements:- CUDA compute compability 5.0+- Cuckaroo29 ~ 3.8GB VRAM- Cuckatoo31 ~ 7.68GB VRAM- Cuckoo29 ~ 3.8GB VRAM- Equihash 96,5 ~0.75GB VRAM- Equihash 144,5 ~1.75GB VRAM- Beam Hash ~2.9GB VRAM- Equihash 192,7 ~2.75GB VRAM- Equihash 210,9 ~1GB VRAM- CUDA 9.0+v1.96+ improved cuckaroom29 performance(up to +5-6% dependent on GPU)+ display devfee on startup
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