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Found 13 results

  1. Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse claimed in a new prediction that, only 1% of today's Crypto currencies will survive and 99% will likely go to zero. Behind of this hints he told that, among 3000 digital assets very few will be able to meet customer needs. He also stated, "Anytime there is a new market, there are a lot of people that run into that market and try to show that they can solve a problem, they can deliver a customer need." Source: What do your mind thinks about this prediction? Will it really happen?
  2. Holla my brothers and sisters to day I'm going to show you guys a site where you can get daily rates of bitcoin price forecast for the whole month. This site is called 30rates and here is the link Just check the site and give your comment about, If you have any other site like this one I would appreciate if you share, and once you share tag my name and I will include that site on the list, i will update in this topic.
  3. The main part of any trade is prediction but there are many prediction tools out there that confuse traders about which one to choose. Of all the charts and graphs available for predicting prices, candlestick pattern is a reliable method that has been used before crypto in stock trading and proved to be successful. I think the best way to predict prices is to use the charts inside the exchange in which we are performing our trades. Most of us here choose Yobit for our trades, so it is better to use candlestick chart inside Yobit because it is based on buy and sell orders that are happening inside Yobit exchange. This is a more accurate prediction. How many of you have used this chart and do you find it useful in your trades?
  4. For first time in years has Bitcoin been this high. In fact it was almost three years ago and only in January 2018 when we had prices of Bitcoin so high. Price is on the rise for months now and as we can see in the monthly chart from tradingview and the Bitstamp exchange it looks very bullish. Also it seems to be following the same pattern from 2014-2016 when the previous consolidation and accumulation period for Bitcoin was happening. In July 2016 it was the 2nd Bitcoin halving and in May 2020 it was the third. We are observing similar movement and I bring you the weekly chart for 2016 period and you can make comparisons. Both charts are almost identical, perhaps 90% of the movements were the same for the years between 2014-2016 and 2018-2020. Now all that remains is to make a new all time high soon and a repeat of 2017 in the next year, and price of Bitcoin can reach up to $200,000.
  5. Bitcoin Support Levels (4H Timeframe) Here we have BTCUSD on the 4H timeframe and the bearish bias is gaining a bit of momentum now, still developing. Prices broke below EMA10 with the next target sitting at $8334 or EMA50. It is still early on this drop and the trading volume is still low but, this is likely to go below EMA50 or even lower. We remain open to seeing the markets/charts change at any and all times, that is why we always have a plan/strategy in place BEFORE we decide to trade. What do you think about that?
  6. Did you know? bitcoin critical support level was $8,000, meaning going below this point the support level is weak so it might go down more and more from this point, probably not below 7k but point is from here it's not going up anytime soon unless you want to wait for 2022 McAfee's prediction be my guest So i bet if bitcoin goes back to 8k anyway this month, I WILL PUT MY WEBSITE OFFLINE FOR 30 DAYS Anyway that's just my thought, after a little research, what you guys think.
  7. I want to give you some information about the GAPS project.. First of all i want you to check their slogan.. "For a good decision" I haven't heard that effective short slogan before.. It is short but it means a lot.. I believe it means the chasing perfection.. Their system brings Artifical Intelligence and Collective Intelligence together for the perfect solutions.. Actually GAPS is a prediction and discussing platform. In this platform Blockchain meets with the Communities and Artificial Intelligence. The system collects the informations from the users and storing this datas in the AI system. The systems analsys the data and try to create the perfect predictions.. We could call the system like Super Computer! There will be community meetings in GAPS and members will discuss and predict. They also should explain their thoughts.. I like this system a lot because with this process you can catch the pure idea.. So we can say in this way; community meets, collects ideas between each others, discuss the ideas together and gets the best idea. And then this ideas meets with the super computer (AI) and then we would have the pure prediction.. Collecting ideas.. I would call it Unique! This system would use in any kind of business that's why they aim to stay on top! Thank you for reading.. You can check GAPS' social media accounts below: GAPS Website: GAPS Facebook: GAPS Twitter: GAPS Medium: GAPS Instagram: GAPS Telegram: GAPS Kakao: GAPS Youtube:
  8. In this post, I am going to tell you a simple method in trading which I experienced in my trades in Yobit. Predicting prices based on charts is always difficult. Most traders will lose because they enter in wrong positions. As you see on the graph below, there are red bodies which are different in height. Some of them are long and the others are short. According to my observations, when the red bodies are short, they are more likely to be followed by another red body or a Doji sign which means uncertainty. However, when red bodies are long in height, the possibility of being followed by a GREEN body is higher because after long red bodies, the market will usually react with more buys which will increase the prices. I usually set my enter points at the end of these long bodies to make a small profit with the next green body. This method may not be effective 100% in all situations but I think it works most of the times. Please note that this is just a suggestion and I don't guarantee anything.
  9. There is no perfect, this is just prediction but i am sure to the 90 percent! @Growcoin - did you bet on the team I said? CLOUDBET PBA (Philippine Basketball League) Magnolia hotshots Vs Alaska Aces (+10.5) 95 vs 90 (+10.5) Meralco Bolts Vs PhoenixFuel Masters (+3.5) 111 vs 94 (+3.5) Successful Prediction 100%
  10. Most of us here, knows about the McAfee's prediction for Bitcoin price to hit 1M at the end of 2020, Well, I have done my own analyisis and started top think that, the prediction was all calculated. Here is why; There are Big event's that will happen in 2020 such as; The halving; this is an event that will boost the bitcoin price to all time high (ATH) and change the price of bitcoin forever. Xi's speech; the speech of president of china will have big effect on other countries to start considering Acceptance of bitcoin, meaning more investors. All the above qill lead to more people buying and holding, this itself will increase the bitcoin price. So we see, the above events and others to come will impact the rise of bitcoin price to ATH and we're we're talking about 1M is possibility I join McAfee. you?
  11. Where I'm from here it is evening and I bet before 00:1 tonight we will see 8k again this is my personal prediction based on the current movement of the markets. Make your prediction in the comment below.
  12. We just went through $7000 again, and I expect we'll touch $6000 as well ... but do you think we'll hit $5000 this month? I have a buy target there, but I wonder if we're really getting there. Or do you think $6000 ~ $6500 will be a strong enough support zone? The batteries in my crystal ball ran out, so I literally have no idea ... I'm tempted to say we won't go down that much, but I would not be surprised if we touch it briefly. Anyway, below $6500 definitely is a strong buy area for me.
  13. Bitcoin in recent hours has shown a slight drop in prices. Is it possible for Bitcoin to start a downward trend again? Many comments that the bitcoin bubble may explode in the coming months, but this remains to be seen. Everything seemed to indicate that Bitcoin was already stable and with many possibilities of an increase in its value, but apparently this seems not to happen, apparently at the end of the year it will be very important to see what will be the trend that bitcoin will have during the next year.
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