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  1. I would like to try that someday. But I am still collecting information on doing that and still thinking of something that would click. Maybe If I will make a coin of mine I will name it as character coin. I will accompany it with an online game and that coin will be use to buy items or as load on the game. And also to buy exclusive souvenir items from a shop. That I will be made. The coin should always be use in transactions. We should think of a coin that could be use on transaction often so that it won't die. And it's value will rise. Maybe my concept is too complex because I will be needing two companies for that one is for the coin company and other is for the game. A lot of programming will be needed.
  2. That is correct. Actually that is happening right now. A lot of establishments allows or accept payments from digital currency. Usually you should just scan the QR code and then it's done. The transaction is cash less. I think it is effective and can reduce crime in some country because it will be safer if you don't have a lot of cash on hand because it will be a temptation to the robbers and other people. And it will be a lot harder to to lost the money on digital type.
  3. I want to apply please send me a personal message if you are interested on my service.
  4. My opinion to this is that you can convert it to dollar first before paying . Or just declare it on BTC and then pay it on BTC and your friend will decide when to convert it on USD. But if you like don't pay it at all and run with his money. But that is very bad because your credibility is on the line with that. The best thing is that we should always have an extra amount on our wallet for our payment in case there will be a change on the value of bitcoin. Then if you have an extra amount of bitcoin you can still pay him.
  5. I think it depends on the point of view of the people. Though it is just use for trade. Just like money it is illegal in a sense that it is not registered on any bank in the world. In that case it is not accepted by any country as a payment to them. We don't know the real stories maybe countries have their own alt coins and bitcoin. But at the reality or on our daily life cryptos are not accepted by any government in the world as payment on the transactions we are doing with them.
  6. I think there is because they always delete post even if it is informative and constructive. I don't know what is happening but it seems that they don't want to pay for the post the we are posting any way a lot of post here are just redundancy. No wonder it is being deleted.
  7. For me being practiced in the English language is just a bonus. Because I can clearly understand English and can fluently speak in English when I want. Because people on our country knows to speak and write in English. Some people can speak English more fluently than our national language. Some people only speak english and the dialect but don't speak our national language. That is why the people on our country is good in english and I think we should change our national language to English. Now this is a good training if you want to be good on writing in English. because you will say and express what you want to say in english and it is quite hard if you don't usually use english but you will be trained here. Other thing is that you will be train to understand english and to read english here. Maybe you can became fluent in english while using this platform. But the real thing here is not to train english. It is to gather information about crypto currency. We should help each other to gain advantage on this growing industry. Buy posting new trends and news about cryptos. And answering questions that can help other users on being in this industry.
  8. I have bee here from 2017 but I not very active about this industry. Just 2019 I earned a good amount of money from here. For me it is not a waste of time because you learn a lot from here. I see it as additional source of information. We can earn good and clean money here by using the information we can gather here on our advantage. Just be industrious here on the site and I know we can earn good amount of money from this industry. Let's help each other achieve each other's goals and objective and with that I thank you every one on making this possible.
  9. It depends on how industrious you are. And how lucky you are. But if you just post here and will just get bitcoin from 1k satoshi per post. It will take you a very long time to have that 1 bitcoin you have. But if you will participate on airdrop and collect faucets. Mine bitcoin trade bitcoin. Maybe you can do it on less than 1 year if you are lucky. Just be very industrious on this industry. And you can have what you want. But for me it is just a past time and an additional source of income so I don't mind if I just earn a small amount of coin per day. But if you want this to be your source of income. Then be very industrious so that you can earn a lot from this site. You should participate on the bounties. Airdrops and campaign. Use faucets use mining. Read a lot to have other info. And trade some if you are risk taker. And with that you can have this as source of income.
  10. That really gives me a good information. And a better understanding of thereum and ther. I thought that Ethereum is the currency Eth. But I was wrong. Thank you for giving that information. And it was a good help because I was planning to have my own currency and it is good to know about that Ethereum maybe I could use that platform or I could learn about it so that I can have my good launch on the future.
  11. First is what are the advantage and dis advantage of each other. Let's start on the Gold. Gold is that it is something that you can hold and can be seen with your own eyes. Can be molded into other object can be used in electronics and commonly on jewelry and some other things. Gold can be back up value on a certain currency even in bitcoin. It can literally be mined. On the other hand on bitcoin Bitcoin is a crypto currency so it has no form you can only see your account and can see the number of bitcoin you hold. It is use to trade and in other transaction basically it is money. It can be store on wallet that is also IT based. The advantage of it is that it is not that bulky and you can easily access it. You can have some of it in small amount. The disadvantage of it is that you can't use it without internet. And it has only one use and it is just for trade. Just like money. All in all they have their own advantage and dis advantage. But for me I will choose gold because gold has a lot more use than bitcoin. Other thing is that gold is that much harder to acquire than bitcoin. And that means it has more potential to have higher value than bitcoin. And lastly Gold is something that are used on ancient times up to now and still don't loose it's value and as a matter of fact it became higher and higher. It is proven that can hold value. Unlike bitcoin is just 10 years and still very volatile and we don't know if it will loose it's value or not. The only thing that backed up it's value are the investment of the people on it. What if the people stop investing on it it will loose it's value while gold is gold. It holds it's own value. It even used as a back up to hold the value of a certain property.
  12. I think it is good to have that kind of self moderation. Because if you post something specially if you are asking something. You could be use or you could learn something. There will be so many replies and some are not reading the thread and just post and post. And there would have redundancy of the post. Or the idea being said. And it will be hard for you to see the reply that would benefit you or the other users as well. But if you can self moderate your post you can delete replies that you don't need or that is spam on your point of view.
  13. We are the same I also use that site. Because I have some freetime and it is not very time consuming. other thing is that if you got lucky you can roll a good roll. And earn big amount of money in an instant. I think it is good using that site. We can earn some extra income from that sites but it is so small. But at-least it is legit.
  14. Is that true? What is your basis about that? You should have included your source before posting that. Please give the source of information on posting that so that we have basis about your post. But if it is true. That is good for the country. The country like Indonesia need a lot of improvement and development. Maybe cryptocurrency and technology can be a lot of help for developing country like Indonesia.
  15. I think Satoshi is still alive using other name. I also think he still have the volume of bitcoins. And he or his team still have control on the price and volume of Bitcoin. We all still don't know a lot. We should continue researching to learn more. And to gain high income. Because this time is the time of the information. And the more information you have the more chances to earn some amount of money. Just needed a lot of good information. And less toxic post on the social media. I hope this could help everyone., Just a friendly reminder.
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