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  1. Same with my country. Owning of cryptocurrency is still regarded as illegal as the central bank has not recognize it yet. But things are gradually changing. We are gradually moving towards adoption. With time the country will come to terms with cryptocurrency as the blockchain industry is a moving train.
  2. Dice is a great feature in Yobit. It has been there for very long time. It is just like a game and you play it with your coin in your Yobit wallet. So it a game of win or loss. You can make profit and also loss. It is advisable you do your due diligence before you play.
  3. This is a good question. I didn't start cryptocurrency trading or usage when I first had about it. This is one of my greatest regret now. If I have started cryptocurrency trading when I first had of it, I would have made it big in cryptocurrency trading. But it is never too late to start. Thank God I am still taking step.
  4. This is a nice write-up. For one to be successful in cryptocurrency trading one have to be patient. Cryptocurrency trading comes with a lot of patient, because many a time market can be in consolidation form. It takes patient for you to gain.
  5. The same way we have scam in other sector, there is scam in cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. There is no way we are going to wipe out scam completely but we can reduce it drastically and also guide against been scam by scammers. So to stop being scam, we have to always ensure we secure our private keys
  6. Blockchain is really the future. Everyone that is not learning blockchain now will be left behind. Many multi-national institutions and companies will still come and adopt this technology. Cryptocurrency and blockchain are here to stay and nothing can stop it.
  7. Yes, in the world of investment generally, greed kills and causes alot of loss. We must learn to overcome greed. This is applicable to me also. I just lost about $100 recently due to greed and over trading. Please I am advising newbie to be careful. Learn to trade with care and study well.
  8. This is a good news. Many bank will follow suit as some banks are already adopting xrp. We will all get to that point were we can make transactions in the bank with our different cryptocurrencies. This is the road to adoption. Blockchain is a moving train that cannot be stopped. So if you cannot beat it, you just have to join.
  9. Bitcoin is never a bubble. Many financial analyst predicted that Bitcoin will fail and never rise again. But it has consistently risen each time it falls. A bubble is a kind of market that is inflated when when it falls that will make the end. But Bitcoin has stood the test of time. This technology is here to stay and it will outperform other markets in years to come.
  10. Waoh that is great. But to me the best site that I have ever come across is this forum, cryptotalk. I have never seen a forum that is so easy to collect Bitcoin like this before. You comment and post quality and relevant posts and you earn 1000 Satoshi. This forum is the best.
  11. You are not the only one in this kind of situation. Many people that are not technology savvy still believe that Bitcoin is scam because of many scam projects that have existed before and they later die off. So it was always very difficult to convince them to believe on anything online. So you have to start by introducing them to Bitcoin wallet and explain to them on how it works. Also many scam projects were using Bitcoin and many fell for it.
  12. I think we had a similar discussion like this before. My submission was that one should be have a confidant, either you wife or husband, children or close relatives that you can show your private keys and always inform about your transactions online. This will help greatly.
  13. I have always be in love with the internet and always wanted to learn new things. So in my quest to discover more ways to earn money I came across Bitcoin and in my quest to know more about Bitcoin, I came across ethereum. I was so much in love with ethereum. I started making plans to buy ethereum but I failed to buy. That was one of my greatest regret because ethereum was just around $8 then.
  14. This is all about adoption. Whosoever thinks that cryptocurrency and blockchain industry will collapse should have a rethink. Blockchain is here to stay. Many industries and organization will follow suit. Binance coin is on of the most used coin in the world right now. The cryptocurrency exchange has really established its self as the best. Definitely their coin will also do well.
  15. This is the way to go for any companies operating browser and search engine website. Gone are the days when we do this things for free. With time the companies that are not complying we be left behind. No wonder Google has been fighting blockchain. They will succumb just as Facebook did. When you are rewarded by what you do, you will be happy.
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