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  1. Same applies to most exchange sites, even yobit, it is what i do with my withdrawals all the time, no matter how high the fees are.
  2. Next time you want to learn if a coins is a scam or legit start by googling it up, here is what i found; it is a scam, read more here; https://www.beermoneyforum.com/threads/nominex-io-reviews-scam-or-legit.61850/
  3. Physiological control is different from psychological analysis, psychological analysis is an actual analysis without using indicators.
  4. i know what it is but i could not explain it myself, so i google a definition for you;
  5. It is a great idea, mos of us can finally start trading without having to know technical analysis. But id this happen it should never stop us from learning these stuffs for ourselves.
  6. You got to be investing a lot of money to get profit in BTC at the investbox, last time i checked the interest was 1% a month.
  7. I think skills are made from experience, they could also be called strategies, while knowledge is just what we read from the books and those YouTube videos.
  8. Those could work best on forex, but in crypto, the market is too unpredictable for that, bots are predictable.
  9. Forex does respect technical analysis, but in crypto fundamentals analysis is more respected.
  10. If you make more than 5 orders a day, i don't think you can end up losing all, if so then trading is nit for you.
  11. learning is what i need and is what i do and i have gained much knowledge, but going back t trading, i do nit feel so different from how i was when i was a total noob.
  12. I think planting such virus is a for small time hackers, those malwares does nit have much effect, does nit profit them much and they are easier to make, i can make one too, I'm a programmer, real hackers goes for bigger stuffs, like hacking an exchange.
  13. That means you can never buy direct with bitcoin, at least not this time around, but the question s why they are not considering it.
  14. I did nit know bitcoin has reached that stage, but that will only make the yet to be affected countries more cautious and thus making more restrictions.
  15. But someday in the the financial sector, only one coins can fit., there can never be two kings.
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