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  1. I think he is right that, the new top members are the once to unlock new features, so they are thew ones who would discover more Easter eggs, but Easter eggs are not just normal features by the way.
  2. Yes I believe these ranks gives people special privilege and respect, so it is good and will make your life here smoother.
  3. Yes, but also in many case, I see people, write/paste random text from anywhere that does don't have any relation to the topic in question, this is very disturbing.
  4. I see how much you hate whales, But that would never happen, miners would never let that happen, Bitcoin can never fall below miners cost.
  5. I think Bitcoin being used in the dark market is just the side effect, but there is much bigger bright side of Bitcoin.
  6. I could create a script to test random emails and collect all the active emails during the process, then I would send a message to all the emails.
  7. I just learned that if Bitcoin n price goes higher and it will every 4 years after the halving, the more difficult in mining and the more time to ever finish all the coins.
  8. There are still number of spams hiding in replies, I think admins should hire more mods like they do in Bitcointalk.
  9. I'm currec;y doing investment on investbox with QQQ, but I'm afraid to invest too much money on it as anything could happen, a dump maybe. But if I do in 3 weeks I could get my RIO.
  10. You are right in a way, the halving results into price rise, prediction is only based on history alone. But here is how the halving will pump the price, after the halving, mining will become not profitable, because the reward will be cut into a half, So miners will have to do what they can to pump the price. like they did last time. But the most suspicious part is; how would the miners do it to pump the price of Bitcoin, how? Why don't do it now if they can do that?
  11. I checked micro investment it is similar to QQQ, I'm currently investing QQQ and seems like a stable investment for now. Between the two, which one d you think is more stable.
  12. Oh! thanks for the appreciation, I juts like to help new people and to also help reduce spams on the site in my own way. The best part on creating my topics in when they actually get to help others, so i'm glad you read my topic and there are more coming, good one.
  13. I'm glad you get to read the rules ad now you are with us, do not mind me though I was trying to help you as a new member.
  14. You do not have to pay anything to download a movie, no Bitcoin no nothing its all free, it is the script of the movie that I'm selling with Bitcoins.
  15. Yes my order was conformed two hours later, so it is all good, and I also noticed that there is no way to cancel the order, but the good thing is the time is fixed to within two hours, it can not go longer.
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