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  1. It is not that that difficult, people makes fake coins and exchanges everyday and if it is not you who would fall to those there are thousands of newbies who would, there is no full escape at least not for everyone.
  2. But just like any other high paying jobs, crypto trading must be learned, that is the only way around becoming a real trader, and considering many people do not like schools many traders does not want to learn and for that they are not real traders.
  3. Bitcoin would reach the price of 15k, for that we do not need to worry, but giving up on bitcoin because of price is not fair, how many times it has lowed and then risen you could have gotten the profit from those movements.
  4. And it is working, that is why some people needs evidence, they need to see you actually succeeded in order for them to follow you.
  5. Much fair for you that you did not get much money from it, on my case i did not get anything from these campaigns at all until i gave up.
  6. But your money would not be completely useless they will be used as a bitcoin marketcap that is fixed, which is much better.
  7. But we can never say that it is low or high for sure all that we can do is assume that it is low or high sometimes if there is some kind of manipulation is where you can make false anticipation.
  8. Those who understands the market better they actually knows the fate of bitcoin, what can happen if what happens and everything else, there are few things they do not know, but what they know is enough.
  9. How did you earn that much only from collection or you are doing trading with a very big capital, how much is your capital anyway??
  10. At least if they promised us that they will eliminate scammers and make the crypto world clean i would have agreed to it a bit, but we get nothing from those regulations.
  11. It is unfair to us but it was unfair to the governments in the first place, because they provide us with services that we must pay taxes on, they just claim what was rightful theirs.
  12. This is very legit i have used it myself, but you can also go tot the trustpilot website to verify how legit it is, but on the matter of the fees they are back because the offer is over, but the fees are not that high anyway.
  13. Trading without experience is something about more than half of the people do in crypto market, and because it is not that hard they never bother to improve their knowledge.
  14. And once you sell the coin might keep going up, some people would buy back so that they do not miss out, never let those rises full you, a sell off is a must.
  15. Then it is this humanity we have that we should be dealing with, if it makes us make messed up decisions then we need to limit what our humanity makes us do.
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