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  1. It is just his first growth process, so it is very normal for the community to behave like this, as time goes by we will see a more fresh and responsible community, more durable and strong. In this first cycle, only good foundations are founded so that bitcoin does not decline in the future, keep that in mind.
  2. I think that has been because of the filter that has been applied, something similar happened to me but it does not have to be very serious, I think the administrators are doing a constant and strong work to prevent certain things from getting out of control as As time goes by, you still have to support Cryptotalk.
  3. So far there have been no very official announcements, only the ADS of Yobit (Banners), have been the recurring advertising methods of the moment and yet many users have used the banners to promote the good campaign of the forum in short term, maybe if Yobit will implement a campaign based on ads could be via Instagram or Twitter.
  4. It is rotary, maybe they are busy in other areas, but we are sure to see them back at some point. The good thing about it is to keep in mind how responsible such people can be with respect to their final reputation in the forum, keep in mind that you cannot always be online, there are days that I am not in the forum but when I I take my dedication I do the best job possible in my publications! ❤️
  5. Very good post!!, really never and invested in the investbox but I will take your recommendations on that small investment box that Yobit puts us at our good disposal. In addition, I would like to tell you that you are right, because the campaign is about Yobit, in order to attract more clientele and yet make the forum "Cryptotalk", a reference and exemplary site in their expectations.
  6. That only administrators know. The program is long-term to be able to encourage the best writers in the world of the internet and the best thing is that each post has its rule, that is, it has to be constructive, positive and informative to be valid, so there good of everything!
  7. The bases from which the cryptocurrencies come, their data, communities and ideals are on the internet, this is how you can know if it is safe to invest in any cryptocurrency in general. The question can be answered in multiple ways, these types of new currencies have too much volatility that really makes us look like an elective hype but due to their economic nature these are left to serve for coherent investments.
  8. I have really made very few friends or acquaintances in the forum, because I am more than interacting with certain personalities on the topics of debate, your good experience catches my attention so far!, The forum offers that kind of ways to be able to relate in a way more dynamic, I will be encouraged to create a good group on one of these days.
  9. I am not very fan of using "erc20" model token wallets, I prefer to use a broader save service such as coinbase or the Blockchain itself. I have used MEW about 4 times but I had setbacks to use my private key, last time I asked the support to validate my er20 tokens via my private key and the process was not expected, in the end I left that for the bad support, You can deal with MEW anyway.
  10. This idea should really be raised so that we have a more dynamic incentive for creating a bit more eloquent posts, it is also a way to add seasoning and joy to the good content that we have been able to create in the forum. There are endless good posts in the forum that if it were to be to compete, those posts I would have been winners.
  11. This feeling is shared by many normal buying people as it is a phenomenon of society such constant reactions to such prevailing trends. However, even if compulsive sellers exist, Nervish buyers also offer a way of losing by noticing that euphoria is against them.
  12. I have taken a look at the page and it has a semi-professional design but very friendly in itself, I could even check some evidence of how the page works and if it gives me the details I was looking for, it exceeds contribution, I think the most drastic changes are With the cryptos rate, however the site offers good features.
  13. There are many, such a cryptocurrency called CelCoin by Fabian Ojeda has been mocked and even investigated for being based on a pyramid scheme proposed on a large scale by this character, you have to be very careful with all these thingsp orque a project of that magnitude You can put at risk any type of capital invested.
  14. Really, each news wants us to see a new perspective of what is happening in the current market, it can be a FOMO or FUD mnaera, it depends on how the news is structured and the indole to which the subject raised refers. The various cases you raised are relevant and very informative, excellent article.
  15. The systems currently implemented for bitcoon to be seen as a way of digital gold have been very scandalous, first of all bitcoin uses its own word, I would not like to call it digital gold because bitcoin is something else, it is something A new step, it is evolution, it is a new step for society and its culture.
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