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  1. Hello my community I have some time without posting here and I would like to share good information about a programming job that I have done, Keith700 is still active! Hyip Script 2020 By Goldcoders (Newest Script with autentic code) Hey everyone, I sell the updated Goldcoders Script with a unique code that certifies it original in addition to having the original elements, I sell it at 0.0074 Btc since it was easy to update it to be used maximum 15 times. If you have any questions, write to me at this email and I will be able to give you full support on your programming or any questions, only if you have bought it! Link to buy: Support email: or writte me here on PM. Note: It is not a pirated version and it is not badly cracked, this script does not have backdoors, it is well armed. Use it at your discretion.
  2. It is rotary, maybe they are busy in other areas, but we are sure to see them back at some point. The good thing about it is to keep in mind how responsible such people can be with respect to their final reputation in the forum, keep in mind that you cannot always be online, there are days that I am not in the forum but when I I take my dedication I do the best job possible in my publications! ❤️
  3. Very good post!!, really never and invested in the investbox but I will take your recommendations on that small investment box that Yobit puts us at our good disposal. In addition, I would like to tell you that you are right, because the campaign is about Yobit, in order to attract more clientele and yet make the forum "Cryptotalk", a reference and exemplary site in their expectations.
  4. I have really made very few friends or acquaintances in the forum, because I am more than interacting with certain personalities on the topics of debate, your good experience catches my attention so far!, The forum offers that kind of ways to be able to relate in a way more dynamic, I will be encouraged to create a good group on one of these days.
  5. This idea should really be raised so that we have a more dynamic incentive for creating a bit more eloquent posts, it is also a way to add seasoning and joy to the good content that we have been able to create in the forum. There are endless good posts in the forum that if it were to be to compete, those posts I would have been winners.
  6. This feeling is shared by many normal buying people as it is a phenomenon of society such constant reactions to such prevailing trends. However, even if compulsive sellers exist, Nervish buyers also offer a way of losing by noticing that euphoria is against them.
  7. I have taken a look at the page and it has a semi-professional design but very friendly in itself, I could even check some evidence of how the page works and if it gives me the details I was looking for, it exceeds contribution, I think the most drastic changes are With the cryptos rate, however the site offers good features.
  8. Really, each news wants us to see a new perspective of what is happening in the current market, it can be a FOMO or FUD mnaera, it depends on how the news is structured and the indole to which the subject raised refers. The various cases you raised are relevant and very informative, excellent article.
  9. Yobit has more than two ways to obtain essential profits, one of them is the investobox as many colleagues have mentioned in the forum, the current cryptotalk campaign, referring to your acquaintances and also being able to do simple trading in new currencies, you can also Keep track of the new IEO's offered by Yobit.
  10. The campaign already has a couple of months running successfully, with adjustments, more inclusion of writing members and evading spammers. Yobit is making a difference in the world of exchanges making it a site with better feautres and more diversifications so that investors arrive with good expectations.
  11. Speaking from the point of view of learning, if my life has changed in the aspect of learning new concepts and better perspectives of seeing the economy, then, there are also negative points in which cryptocurrencies can influence young people, such as Addiction to money or addiction to always want to depend on cryptos, it is better to be conscious and diversify this type of economy-evolution/learning.
  12. I do both, I make my own posts and I also comment some other necessary and good posts in the forum, it is essential for me to maintain a good and positive balance, it must be necessary for all members too, that way you create a more dynamic heal with the other members of the forum which is the idea, debate and create original content.
  13. The capitulation is already happening, it is a matter of time for bitcoin to touch the 5500, but the 4500 I still doubt it, it depends too much on the intention of the large buyers of the currency, even in the area of the 4500 it is very prone to be below the last support average that was 3100.
  14. Blockchain is just in a beta phase, it will be like this for at least two more years so that this new technological way is seen in a more serious way, there are still many mistakes to correct so that it looks more formal, having many liberal characteristics makes Adaptation process is much longer than usual.
  15. Keith700

    Born trader

    The trader is not born, the trader is made to measure that he himself is self-disciplined in all the necessary branches, the best traders in the world are trained in their necessary timing, none is born learned you see ?, you have to be very careful with that so as not to confuse the ego with the learning capacity we acquire.
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