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  1. Wow, thanks for sharing this information with us. Now we have an idea of what might happen after halving is over.
  2. Yes, I have heard from so many places that dark web is a place you go to get any illegal things you need. And cryptocurrency is the best way to purchase something from dark web as the payment can't be monitored.
  3. Both your login and password? How can you forget your email address. That's a very serious case. I don't know if yobit will be able to help without providing your login.
  4. That is actually the best part of cryptotalk. You get to earn even while learning and posting stuffs.
  5. No one knows. He might be hiding in plain sight even. Maybe he's someone we all know but don't know he's the face behind the name.
  6. Well, your prediction is kinda coming true. ETH is rising but very slowly. Maybe before the end of the year, it might rise to around $2,000 and before 2022, around $7,000. That would be really nice.
  7. Currently, I prefer gaining free coins together with trading and investment.
  8. This is a great information for beginners. It will be really helpful to them. I suggest you list the top 30 coins for them here so it'll be easier for them.
  9. I have been on this forum since January. Everything I know about Crypto, I learnt from this site. I have made over 100 posts and I have started earning from this site. I also get to learn new things everyday from this site.
  10. You're right. But all these can only be possible if the government can accept crypto. Else. we will still be waiting till they decide to accept it.
  11. Thanks for sharing. Bitcoin isn't as fast as ETH, so it is easier for you to cancel compared to when transacting in Ethereum.
  12. Wow, that's great. I am sure those currently in Switzerland will be very happy to see this info as they will benefit from crypto since their government is accepting it.
  13. Of course, if you know how to trade and invest very well, you currently don't have anything doing. I guess you can do that as a full time job.
  14. Of course it's safe to invest in cryptocurrency. If it wasn't safe, would there be investment in crypto? People invest in cryptocurrency and make a lot from it.
  15. This is really helpful. Especially for those who are scared of taking risks. This should be the perfect plan for them to use while trading.
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