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  1. And that's everything about Yobit. It is a very good exchange site. Simple to use and it's user friendly. The exchange site is among the best exchange sites out there.
  2. Because of hackers. Hackers are the cause of these. When you hear about crypto, the news about scammers and hackers often comes with it. So the newbies who are hearing about it will always think it's all a scam. I thought the same way before I really got to know about it.
  3. Fadimah

    Atomic Swaps

    I have never used it before. How do they work even. Are they like exchange sites or they are free of charge while swapping from one cryptocurrency to another.
  4. Yes, games are one of the few companies that support crypto. It's really a nice development. I hope many more companies will start accepting payment through cryptocurrency.
  5. There is no official cryptotalk app currently. Any app you see is not the official cryptotalk app. So be very careful with it as you might be giving your information to a hacker.
  6. Buying a coin that had a low volume and immediately after buying it, its price started falling and I wanted to hold it for just short term. I guess I will have to hold it for long term now.
  7. Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency and most people make use of it, that's why it is being pumped I guess.
  8. Yobit is a good exchange site wih low transaction fee except that of BTC. All other cryptocurrencies have a low transaction rate.
  9. These are the kind of posts we need to see. Tutorials on how to make more money on yobit should be given also. Posts like that are what I look forward to seeing.
  10. I think it is. Real crypto websites are like the most trusted website one would ever see. They are very secured and they are always working and updating their security mechanisms to keep their site free from hackers. So I can say our data is secured in crypto sites.
  11. Wow..... That's avery big achievement. If only it can be accepted by the government, I think it will even become among the best 10 currencies in the world.
  12. That should be the final amount you have in your account after performing your transactions.
  13. Yes, we have to look into the investment site you are trying to go into. Make research about them and try your best to know everything you need to know.
  14. I don't know if cryptotalk will still be available in 10 years time. But if they are still available, then I'll like to hear how many people have been successful from crypto.
  15. I heard youtube don't allow crypto users to upload videos on youtube anymore. So I'm not sure about that. Maybe youtube are part of the people who don't want crypto to progress.
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