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  1. let me know how much you want to pay
  2. SIFLES This is my code, thanks for the air drop yobit
  3. no I never encouraged anyone to enter this market and crypto world because I was afraid that they will blame me if they lose money in this market and I have no specific reason to invite other to use bitcoin at all
  4. I'm sure most of the people using crypto currency actually don't know anything about how blockchain actually works, they just know how to use coins and do a transaction with it learning about blockchain needs lots of knowledge in math and computer science and you can't just make everyone to learn about it
  5. why we should even worry ? why do you think that in every business people should use crypto currencies ? I really prefer to buy and pay my bill with FIAT and I see no reason to do that with crypto
  6. actually I don't see a reason that why everyone should like crypto, It has many benefits but it has also lots of difficulties too, many people are just fine with normal cash and FIAT
  7. how investing is the quickest may to make income ? maybe you don't know what investing is, investing is buying and holding for long term and it's completely opposite of what you are saying
  8. I charged my microsoft account many times with BTC also I used to buy VPN services with BTC many times
  9. no the pay per post campaign is going to be a long term based on what moderators said before and it won't end today but the top 10 competition is going to be finished today
  10. the best way is to add a field in this page that actually shows us the number of posts that they actually counted until now, maybe they add it later
  11. I just stated a fact, I don't care what it will make members to do, I'm just a member like others
  12. using crypto is not really a hard job to do, but if you mean how the blockchain works it's not really understandable for everyone because you need to know some knowledge about data structures and algorithms that you may learn in a collage
  13. I won't touch them never, you may get a percentage in daily basis but the price drops much than you actually receive
  14. let me ask the question again, think you find out about crypto just today in the october of 2019, can you still use it to kill poverty ? I don't think so
  15. many topics are moving to off topic section, for those posts in that section you will not get payment. if you had 100 posts and got payment for all them and now 50 of them moved to off topics, you won't get paid until you post 50 more after that everything will come back to normal
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