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  1. sometimes it doesn't matter how patient you are, if you have chosen the wrong coin or some spammy coins you may just lose your money, before buying such coins do a deep research
  2. When you want to invest a big money you should only go for coin with a great background, I would invest 60 percent of the money on BTC and 30 percent on doge and 10 on ETH
  3. Mohs3n71

    Trust wallet

    in my opinion Trust wallet is the safest out there yet easy to use and have a great UI too, I recommend it to anyone who wants to manage ether wallet and ether tokens
  4. has lite coin added a new feature or something, LTC is a good coin but I dont see specific future for that as it has nothing new to offer
  5. only scammers and liars will guarantee the %100 profit, as you said there is no way to guarantee %100 of what will happen in future
  6. yeah this is the right way to do that, BTC most be the biggest part of your investment and have some other alts beside BTC
  7. there is no hope in those dead coins, and while you can you most sell and run before you lost every cent of your money
  8. We cant say what happens in short time but almost everyone is sure that in long term we can see good prices in BTC maybe a new ATH is coming but no one knows exactly when
  9. currently I'm just holding DOGE but I'm going to buy some BNB too, doge at this price is really a good bye I think, my target for DOGE is 80 satoshis, and then I will sell
  10. you should be patient about getting paid as it takes a few hours to receive the payment, yobit will update the number of posts in every few hours but you will be paid so dont worry at all, every thing is good and working
  11. the dominance is one thing the price is something else, if alt coins start to grow it doesn't mean that bitcoin should be dumped at all
  12. yeah exactly, you are right both doge and ltc are great for daily basis uses and btc with this fee's for transaction is not really usable in such cases
  13. I like to add this, almost every coin with a HYIP program is a scam, if you have seen any of this type just avoid and dont invest at all
  14. The only problem about their website is they dont have much bounties to hunt, only one or two at the moment
  15. nice, Its really good to see that we can do things like this with crypto,I hope we can see all of the mobile providers accept ETN soon
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