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  1. Well this is a good response from the European continent, hopefully our country can also be like a German country because this is a new world of innovation challenges that must be adopted immediately.
  2. Well, you really are with the number of crypto adopters, so prices and purchases will be positive in the crypto world, let's fight for this digital asset.
  3. Well India gave new crypto innovations such as blockchain that was a positive response to the crypto world meaning India accepted this new innovation. best regards.
  4. Well you can get extra with a browser, for example you can mine bitcoin with cryptotab browsers and other faucet sites. good luck and success in the crypto world.
  5. I first started the world of Crypto confused with this new innovation How concepts, goals, history. finally I understood that this was truly digital based.
  6. The positive world of cryptocurrency is tax exempt if it is realized for the future, then a strong security system such as blockchain. the negative is if you fail don't make yourself depressed and because of failure then money laundering says most people. I see that crypto is a good future in person.
  7. Well surely the LTC ride will be soon because bitcoin from the predictions of people who will go up in 2020 will be given at Christmas time there will definitely be a lot of buying and selling that's where you are strategic to sell LTC coins>
  8. Well, I'll collect XRP coins, friends in this forum, don't be late for this info, buy XRP coins when the prices are cheap, sell at high prices to get coins.
  9. Well it's true that crypto is a rising world or this fluctuation is playing in the crypto world, I think this can produce if you buy and buy at any time going up in the crypto market, hopefully we can win.
  10. well ico and airdrops pile up every day, then how do we do it safely that actually makes me profitable and save the waterfall. Well, I felt that was amazing, a drop of air appeared in the crypto world, I have already repaired it many times, only a drop of the original water drop.
  11. From the current cryptro's prediction many people say that crypto is a virtual future-based money then crypto is safe in a sophisticated blockchain if there is a hacker who wants to hack them they have to solve all the puzzles of all the user server networks in it that oversee the coin. truly an extraordinary security system.
  12. Well I have never fixed a thing called the web, but my friend told me that the dark web is a place where scammers work, fearing security there, so don't ever do that. the XMR coin he was using at the time.
  13. Well surely the United States will not be interested in new coins, maybe they will be processed by American dollar coins, then China will also certainly discuss this and increase the world of crypto.
  14. Well let's move together to eradicate the scammers from the telegram by reporting it to the relevant parties, if you visit a large offer with a small capital in the telegram immediately block your account and report it so that nothing propagates.
  15. Well, I think that yobit knows a lot in the crypto world, I get conversations from here, pretty well for my personal needs, then you have to know what an investment box on yobit is because there you can get a percentage of our deposit.
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