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  1. I am also very grateful to him because here there was a very extraordinary revolution by changing tax havens towards a prosperous society, not the people above who are under oppression with the current financial system.
  2. I don't think of leaving cryptocurrency, I'm just like you will increase the strength in the crypto world because the crypto potential has been growing in many developed countries.
  3. It's true that growth in this forum has greatly increased once they will become the crypto dinosaurs as you said.
  4. It is true that it is better to anticipate first in transacting crypto using public Wi-Fi, don't do it because they will easily know that you hackers will be able to easily penetrate. It's better to use your own internet network to be safer.
  5. It is very true that Crypto matches many supply demand, the price will increase, so far with the oil and gold price cycle where supply is needed, the price will increase.
  6. Maybe XRP will still be in demand because the price is pretty stable in my opinion personally as it drops by only 20% is very small. I am a penny for XRP coins.
  7. Anticipation must be done not as rash as do not receive e-mail on behalf of the exchange and tell you to deposit a large amount, then do not do your account identity to social media is very dangerous.
  8. Well, in my country just like you that very few investors have looked at the crypto world without further thought that this is the best opportunity in the world economy.
  9. It is very true that this has happened very well. That the Bitcoin ATM is present in Venezuela, meaning that the crypto world has been recognized by several countries that adopted it.
  10. That needs to be provoked by big investors so the market can experience an increase in buying and selling volumes, the question is will they be willing to do that?
  11. We know that there has been a lot happening in fake Airdrop telegraphs and bot investment fraud is very unpleasant at all, it still happens, friend.
  12. Speaking of taxes if that happens every transaction on the Blockchain then the government will definitely like it. But in the world of crypto, it is not like that because there is a fee that is paid only a very small amount according to the number of how we deal for the miners' wages.
  13. Most likely if the cryptocurrency market is dead is a reduction in people who want to adopt crypto and low prices. But that is not possible, friend, because it is predicted that many have made digital money and Blockchain in various countries.
  14. Already listed for sale and purchase you can do it automatically or you set the price to your liking.
  15. It was only while I heard that he forbade it and had reopened the crypto world channels that were blocked by the creators there.
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