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  1. Hi...i donot know befor that some countries would be banned from investing...but i think.that is not one comment that he canot have you another information?
  2. That because you use your desktop to write comment ..most member here and i am one of them..use mobile to comment...and some use vpn that is bad..and may you will be it is the reasone
  3. Wow...i think also like you...i try very hard to gain btc and collect i donot want to make dangerous adventures..i want to be safe..and hold them to use in my graduate project
  4. I advice you to read more comments ..and collect enough information to make good view for you...then you will find your self answering and writing comments..and few days later you will write topics
  5. Some one ask me ..why do not you write topic evry day?i answer that i want to write unique one wriite them that i think alot about different cases we face on this forum
  6. I have right now i donot know how i will comment to reach the level i want ..i have no enough time because of my university and i hope gain more in the future
  7. I think that is not good idea to teach kids about this forum...that will make them follow thing higher than thier age level..but in is sooooo great...we all need to learn alot about digital currency tech
  8. I donot actually know if i want to make my currency more...but i want to stay at the safe side...i have not enough time to i will just write. Comments and gain few is better for me
  9. Yes...that is so important to keep your account's pass word in not tell any one about this will keep your balance ..and donot forget to comment evry day..
  10. I actually follow the rules..because i want to continue my journy here and earn alot..that give me powerful to stay up to date with this forum..and stay at the safe side, follow rules and make usefull comments
  11. You give me hope...and make me confidence about this forum..that is is useful to stay up to date with all news here...evry thing became better day by day
  12. No one give us the right information about that..evry one say different thing..and i sure that it will be good if they work together i mean. Face book and btc forum
  13. I have no reason to avoid writing topics...just i try to think alot about a useful topic ..and be sure about my i want evry one to take advantage of my topics..good luck
  14. are really right..i read your comment..we decide which is value or not...i think this forum is goid to gain..and earn currency..i will always follow them
  15. I donot know why your account cannot open...but as i know , that if you use wil be banned from writing comments...because the manager will conceder them like cheating..try to improve your net connection
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