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  1. You need to give a few copies to your family members too.Because you can lose the keys any time.If so they would give the keys to you
  2. Bitcoin will be known by a lot of people in the future.This is really good! I think almost all countries will accept bitcoin in the future.
  3. You can at least buy digital files from the internet.You should not wait for a local market to pay it with bitcoin! Just try it!!
  4. But i think some of them should be in the market in the future.I am not talking about scam coins but some centralized coins are good
  5. And if you have faith with it then you should have a faith with altcoins too.They will be awesome in the future.But first of all bitcoin has to go up!
  6. Unfortunately a lot of people use Paypal.Instead of using paypal i would rather to use facebook's libra because at least it is a crypto currency too! And everyone has a phone so everyone could buy all crypto currencies too!
  7. Governments would not allow that ? I think they would allow in the future.Of course we have to wait and see what will happen.But they will surely give permissions
  8. What price do you think will nxt hit ? I think it will hit 1 USD again like it did before! Because there are less than 1B coins and if nxt can get 1B usd investment then it means it's price would be 1 USD again
  9. alicenora

    Trading Tips

    And do not trade with the money that you cant risk.Because if you do i believe you will lose that money.Just trade safely and read all news about crypto world!
  10. They are profitable too but i think there are better coins out there! You should make more researches about them.For example one of them is NXT ! I think nxt is more profitable from them
  11. I dont have problem with it but they cant even keep our files safe.I see on the internet a lot of users' information got hacked.And hackers took that pics from Binance's website.That is so bad....
  12. Yes they are good but you cant make a lot of money with them.I have tried all of them and i just liked brave browser because they support publishers.
  13. Yes,They wont be able to steal our money anymore.I think they are afraid because if this technolohy could be used worldwide their things will be appeared
  14. And if bitcoin goes to 50k USD i think for your safety you should sell it and stay at usdt.Even you can invest your dollars instead of taking risks.After bticoin goes to 10k USD again you can buy more bitcoin.
  15. That is good.Do they trade bitcoin everyday ? Whenever they trade it,I guess you would make a lot of money.I saw a man on twitter.He made 20 Bitcoin with affiliate on bitmex
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